The Loathsome Phoenix New Times – 6,690 Hate-Filled Articles Against Russell Pearce

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Friday,  September 26th, 2014  

There is far more that the public needs to know than has been reported about Russell Pearce’s so-called “insensitive comments,” and I intend to report it.  Then, and only then, will I “move on.”  

It wasn’t the “mainstream” media that originally published the misleading story about Russell Pearce’s comments.  It was Stephen Lemons of the tabloid Phoenix New Times.  It’s important that Republicans know about Lemons, who calls himself the “feathered bastard,” and about the Phoenix New Times.  Both are infamous for their venomous articles against Republicans and, in particular, conservatives.  Stephen Lemons has made a career out of stalking Russell Pearce, trolling for anything that can be turned into dirt, attaching a lurid title and publishing it.  To say that the man is merely obsessed with destroying Pearce and his livelihood assumes that Lemons is sane. 

Don’t you think that 6,690 hate-filled articles against one person is a tad suspect? I wouldn’t give the Phoenix New Times or any of its shiftless, creepy writers the time of day, much less an interview.  (I’d have to take a shower afterward to wash off the slime.)

Here’s a link to those (at last count) 6,690 articles.  That’s 690 pages of titles, 10 to a page.

Click HERE for Lemons’ “breaking news” original article.  Lemons bragged in a later article against Pearce: “I was the first to report Pearce’s statements. It’s safe to say that if I had not reported them, the story would not have been picked up by other outlets, such as The Raw Story, which posted a clip of the radio show on YouTube.”  Click HERE for that article.

Imagine if somebody stalked you 24/7 for the last 7 years, trolling for something, anything, and then twisting it to be used against you.

If you scratch the surface of the Phoenix New Times tabloid chanters just a little, you would discover that everything that has been published by them against Pearce is either a lie or a half-truth.  The problem with a half-truth is that, when it comes to the New Times, you most likely got the wrong half.

Why the Visceral Hatred for Russell Pearce?

Why has this bunch of low-lifes got Russell Pearce in its crosshairs?  For the same reason he was targeted for the Recall:  Senate President Russell Pearce crafted most of SB1070.   Nearly three years ago, I wrote an article which was published in American Thinker about who was behind the Recall and why.   Click HERE to read “Leftist Recall Strikes Architect of SB1070 in Arizona.”

Also, Russell Pearce was an extremely effective state legislator, which made him an equally serious threat to Arizona’s Left.  See The Russell Pearce Record.

Phoenix New Times and Sex Trafficking of Children.

Phoenix New Times is owned by the Village Voice Media, the same company that owns, which is the largest source for adult services listings on the Internet.  Its ads for “escort services,” includes selling children’s sexual services to pedophiles.   Sex trafficking is a multi-million dollar business.  The two primary share holders of Village Voice Media are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, founders of the Phoenix New Times.  See Village Voice Pimps.  See also Where Pimps Peddle their Goods.

This sleaze has gonemostly unreported locally.  In fact, you often must go to media outlets outside of the United States to find out what’s going on inside our country.  Click HERE for a link to the Daily Mail UK News article titled “Teenage girls sue as they claim controversial sex website is responsible for their trafficking.”

Here is some rare local reporting by ABC 15 News.  See “MCSO: 51 arrests include prostitution on”  Here’s a quote:  “They (MCSO) discovered the prostitute’s information came from, a website owned and operated by the Phoenix-based Village Voice Media group, which also owns Phoenix New Times.”

Republicans Go off the Rails

It pains me to say this right now when we should be exposing how far to the Left the Democrats have become in our state legislature.  However, when some of our Republican candidates went off half-cocked and started “condemning” Russell Pearce, based on the Leftist word of Stephen Lemons, it was one of the most appalling acts of disloyalty I’ve ever witnessed.  No wonder Republicans are leaving the party, when their own leaders behave like buzzards picking the bones of a comrade that their enemy just shot down.   

Republicans Who Put on their Thinking Caps

Here is the Truth about former Senator Pearce’s comments from people who bothered to do some fact checking:  Click on these links: Russell Pearce responds to Mainstream Media Frenzy, published by the Intellectual Conservative, and  “Russell Pearce Stands Tall as an American Patriot,” which was published by the Arizona Conservative.  His unforgivable mortal sin was, in his haste, to not attribute his remarks to this November 2010 letter:  “Fixing Social Security; Put me in charge of welfare, Medicare and housing grants.”

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  1. You are incorrect, Sir or Madam, about many of your statements.

    Thank you for the laughs! I can always count on you to provide a good chuckle or two.

    Just for the record, they have gone after some of your other patron saints as well. SOMEONE needs to tell the truth. Since YOU don’t, they do.

    Too bad for Russell that his show was recorded and his lies were exposed.

    Did you watch the Ducey/Duval debate Sunday night where the audience was yelling about Pearce to Ducey? He said “If he was my employee, he would be fired.” I thought you people support Ducey … ???

    Seems that you (whoever YOU are) and Hoskins are the only ones who still support Ole Rusty Nail.

    Okay. You said it. Now move on as you promised.

  2. BTW- “Why the visceral hatred for Russell Pearce?”

    Ummm… Did you actually read any of those “6000 +” articles that you claim are out there? (Let’s assume NONE of them are duplicates and none of them are just reporting on elections or the progress of BS1070.) Let’s assume that a few are about his buddy JT Ready. Let’s assume some are about his son’s infant daughter ending up with a skull fracture while in her daddy’s “care”. Let’s assume some are about another son getting away with vehicular man-slaughter. Let’s assume some are about Scottie B and his freeway brawl with his ex girlfriend. Let’s assume some are about Olivia and her lack of interest in talking to the media about her “campaign” for a Senate seat.

    If his name comes up, the search will find it. What do you EXPECT from a man who has been sucking the tax-payer teat as long as Russell has? Shall we talk about the Fiesta Bowl? DMV records? How many pensions are tax-payers funding for him?

    YOU, Sir or Madam, are delusional. That’s an issue I have with ALL extremists.

    But, again, thanks for the laughs!!

  3. Oh, I almost forgot to bring this up.

    A “man” who has a County (MCSO deputy) pension, A state (DMV) pension and a state (Senate) pension is now wanting to collect an $85,000 tax-payer funded salary and $76,000 tax-payer funded pension working for Charles Hoskins in a job that was shelved for more than 5 years and revived “just for Russ” (who LIED ON HIS APPLICATION).

    And all the while he WHINES about tax-payers footing the bill for the poor.

    As a tax-payer, I would MUCH RATHER PAY TO HELP THE POOR than pay for this piece of crap to live high on the hog on MY hard-earned money when he clearly does NOT speak for me. And, Mr. Or Me. “American Post Gazette”, you might be very surprised at HOW MANY PEOPLE agree with me. (Hint: Lewis won the recall. WORSLEY WON against Russ. Then Worsley won against Russell’s sock puppet Heap… writing on the wall?)

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