The Kris Mayes rate increase

Kris.jpgACC member Kris Mayes loves to spout off about her support for “renewable” energy. The problem with mandates like the ones that Mayes supports is that they make no economic sense and have to be subsidized. So coming to a meter near you is, you guessed it, a rate increase to prop up an energy source more expensive than current methods. Thanks for looking out for the ratepayer Kris.

The myth about solar and wind is that they are the only renewable sources. Some have speculated that oil is a renewable fuel created by the pressure of tectonic plate movement on earth. Interesting theory and more plausible than a bunch of rotting dinosaurs and plant matter.


  1. Antifederalist says

    She was Janet’s communications director when the pink gorilla ran for office the first time! She’s a Dummycrat who switched parties so Janet could circumvent the law and nominate a Dem to the ACC. Mayes and Napolitano should both *. At the least, Mayes shoud be kicked out of the R party and any R who votes for her should be disenfranchised permanently.

    *Please watch what you say. We do not allow comments that could in any way be construed as a threat.

  2. FreeAdvice says

    Factcheck: Mayes did not switch parties. Napolitano had to nominate an R to replace the R (Jim Irvin) that resigned. She said 30 elected R’s endorsed her bid for Congress. Anyone have that list?

    And I don’t know much about dinosaurs, but how exactly does “oil” appear without carbon from life forms forming it?

    The cost of solar is like the cost of cell phones. Years ago it was hundreds of dollars to make a call and now that the market has grown, they are pretty cheap and everyone has one. Was the cell industry subsidized? How about by the billions put into the land lines that carry cell calls?

    Technology has not changed much, it’s just using plain old radio waves.

    I don’t like expensive regulation any more than anyone else, but there is a historical reality that discriminates pricewise against all new energy forms. So just take away the subsidies for gas, coal, oil, and nuclear retroactively and we’ll have ourselves an open market!

  3. It isn’t just Mayes’ increase. This tax hike was also approved by Jeff Hatch-Miller (wants to be in Congress), Bill Mundell (wants to be AG), Barry Wong (wants to get elected to the ACC again this year). Only Mike Gleason opposed it.

    Other than Wong voting for it, does anyone know where the current crop of ACC candidates stand on it?

  4. In conversations I’ve had with Joe Hobbs I asked him specifically where he, Rick Fowlkes and Keith Swapp stood on the renewable energy mandate and he said that they were opposed to it.

    From their campaign site:

    “Protecting both ratepayers and our environment by repealing the renewable energy mandate and replacing it with incentives for companies to provide renewable energy to Arizona consumers at competitive rates.”

  5. John Allen seems against it, Wong is “proud of his vote” for it and the Fowlkes, Hobbs, Swapp trio is opposed to it according to their website. Not sure about the McClure, Stump, Robson team. Robson has said he likes it and it sure sounds like something a leftie like McClure would like, but it is tough to imagine Stump going for it. Maybe they won’t take one single position on it?

    The Dems all love it and probably want to make it even bigger.

  6. Once again, you ask a question on SA and you get answers. Gotta love the interactive world!

  7. Well, and here we have it with Gabbilosi who is pushing solar here in CD8. So it’s such a great idea that we all have to pay higher taxes AAAAAND higher utility bills for it. Ethanol and solar, while good ideas, are still too expensive. Yet the whole world is falling for the “green” game. Folks, our beloved Charlton Heston said it best: Soylent GREEN is peoplllle…peeeoplllllle!

    Keep drinkin that soylent green kool-aid.

    Hopefully we can get some adult supervision in Congress. Better yet, how about some real representation and leadership.

    Meanwhile, keep enjoying the screwing from TEP and the utilities with Gabbilosi cheering the way.

  8. Meant to say …from the ACC and the utilities…

  9. Hobbs is a former registered Democrat and Fowlkes switched to the Republican Party just a year ago after taking pro-illegal, pro-gay marriage, anti-life, and pro doctor assisted suicide positions on candidate questionnaires. (He says now that he has changed his mind on every single position). He also made several failed bids for the Corporation Commission dating back to 1988. They are running for an important statewide office without ever holding any office or proving their commitment to conservatism or the Republican Party. Can anyone say “Slade Mead”?

  10. Oh geez Sue, “a former registered Democrat” is your attack on Hobbs? The guy has been a Republican since the ’70s. Can anyone say “Ronald Reagan”? I don’t know which campaign you’re shilling for, but you’re going to need more than that. So who are you helping? Wong the leftie, or Robson, Stump and McClure? Let’s see, the pro-choice, pro-illegal guy? Or the team with the pro-choice, pro-illegal lady? Wouldn’t that be something, given your attacks on these three guys? I’ve met ’em, and I’m gonna vote for them.

    By the way, I met them because Senator Karen Johnson and Rep. Russell Pearce were saying such good things about them. I’m thinking that if Johnson and Pearce like them, I can trust them on issues like life and immigration. More than you, Sue, in any case! Want to know their stands on the issues? Visit their website at

  11. Karen Johnson has said “good things” about Ken Cheuvront too. Does that mean she supports his election? No. I do not see her endorsement (or Pearce) on this “team’s” website – because they haven’t endorsed them. From what I know about Sen. Johnson, I seriously doubt she would ever support a candidate who favors the matricula consular card as a form of ID, or who opposes making it a felony to be in the U.S. illegally, or who opposes informed consent for abortions, or who opposes amending the US Constitution to define marriage as the union of one man/one woman, or who is in favor of euthanasia, and who opposes banning human cloning. These were Fowlkes’ positions until recently. Then he changed his party registration and all of these positions. There is no reason conservatives should support three unknowns and a candidate who was the candidate for the same office from a different party three times. There are already good conservatives running.

  12. I recall Rick Fowlkes responding to these exact allegations on a previous thread. I don’t know if he’s reading this blog these days, but if he is, he ought to repost his earlier post. It was well written. Obviously, his opponents are going to keep trotting out this same old line because they can’t beat him on actual ACC issues. I never realized how many people visited the Catholic Diocese’s candidates webpage from 2006 until I starting hanging around these ACC threads. I’m not fooled and I don’t think anyone else is either. These posts are done by Rick’s opponents… That said, I think that is fair. Those were his answers/comments and he can answer for them. The fact is that he has though, and trotting them out with links to the same old same old everytime his name is mentioned is getting tired.

  13. What Mayes lacks is good honest beliefs. She is proud of her voting

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