The Humbling of Randy Pullen (an opinion piece.)


     I know you are thinking; But Pullen won. Randy did not so much win as receive the responsibility of watching over the state party for 2 years, a big task to be sure. He should take a deep breath and pray for the party to come together, we all should. Early reports are that he is working closely with the executive committee and building consensus, a good sign.

     Sonoran Alliance would like to congratulate Lisa James on a well-run and hard fought campaign. We hope that Lisa and all of her supporters will stay involved and help move the party forward. We have some city council elections in 2007 but the main focus is getting Republicans elected in 2008.

     This was my first state convention. I did not realize how long the speeches went and how brief the voting was. The main attraction was the election for Chairman. Things were going fine for Randy until Trent Franks spoke for Lisa. For a conservative, leaving the auditorium and walking over to vote for Pullen after hearing Trent was like having lead weights around your ankles. It was tough to fill in the arrow for Randy with Trent’s words still fresh in my mind. Also tough was trying to remind others why they had planned on voting for Randy after Munsil and Franks spoke.  

     When they announced the final vote I was stunned. The party was split down the middle. I hope that some of the dire predictions made before the elections do not come true. I think some people will be surprised at how well Pullen actually does as chairman. We certainly wish him all the best.

The final vote count was:

Pullen – 408
James – 404

Lee – 635
Kraus – 166

Members-at-Large (please correct my spelling if in error.)

CD 2
Phil Corbell
Debbie Lesko
(First Name) Rohn-Nelson

CD 3
Rob Haney
Marne Haney
Mark Zemel

CD 4
Milton Wheat
Constantin Querard
Charlotte Reed

CD 5
Chris Dahm
Tom Morrissey
Donna Reagan

CD 6
Web Crockett
Steve Johnson
Leo Mahoney 

CD 7
Gene Chewning
Phil Townson
C.R. Waters

CD 8
Cyndi Collins
Randy Graf
Stephanie Johnson

Sunday 1-28-07, 9:15 pm

I do apologize if this post is too reflective. If you need something a little stronger here is some real red meet to read (see Jury Still out on Shadegg, Jan. 28, 2007.)

Framer at Arizona 8th was not a voting delegate to the convention but he wrote a nice piece about what it was like to be there.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    For a guy who won his national committeeman’s race by the same kind of margin, also in the face of tremendous opposition, this kind of victory is anything but humbling. Sure, Randy was humble in victory, and that modesty is to his credit. After all, he does have a party to rebuild (note on that at the end of this post).

    But his good behaviour wasn’t the result of a humbling win. On the contrary, when you can take on the entire establishment, avoid the negative attacks that he was targeted by, and still keep your winning coalition together through all of that arm-twisting and the impassioned speeches of folks like Munsil and Franks, you’ve just done something truly remarkable. It was exciting for those who supported him and thrilling for Randy and his wife.

    He’ll behave humbly, and that’s great, but your column detracts from how significant and meaningful his victory really was.

    My note on having a party to rebuild is to point out that the party was not undone by this chairman’s race, but rather by the way the party has been run for the last several election cycles and by the way the top of the party has treated the bottom of the party. That is an important distinction because while Randy could have borne some of the responsibility for any damage done from a race he was a part of, he was the lone bright spot in leadership for those of us working in the trenches. He’ll do us proud!

    How about somebody posting the rest of the CD at large members so we can see how the conservatives did overall? I heard we have an actual majority on the state board now?

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    I did not mean to take away the significance of the victory. The post was just my view of the event.

    I do not know exactly why the word Humbling came to mind. Maybe it is not so much the election as Monday morning when it really sinks in and the fun begins. Don’t get me wrong, I voted for and support Randy. There is just a lot of work ahead, for all of us.

  3. Members at large in CD 3:

    Rob Haney
    Marne Haney
    Mark Zemel

    The Haney’s are tireless workers for the party. Rob has single-handedly recruited hundreds of Republican precinct committeemen. Marne is the former First Vice Chair of the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee.

    Mark Zemel is new to the political scene, but recently ran for District Chair in LD6. Although he jumped into the race the very day of the election, he tied with David Braswell–who won only by virtue of a coin toss.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    CD 2:

    Phil Corbell
    Debbie Lesko
    (First Name) Rohn-Nelson

    All are supposed to be very strong conservatives.

    CD 4:

    Milton Wheat
    Constantin Querard
    Charlotte Reed

    Again, all strong conservatives.

    CD 5:

    Donna Reagan and two others. None are known as strong conservatives, but they might get on board for the occasional issue…

    Does anyone have a total breakdown for the new state committee?

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    That “red meat” article on AZ Conservative makes a great point. The same people that Shadegg now battles are the folks we wanted support from when he had his primary in 1994. Back then we were “his kind of people.” 12 years in D.C. and now we owe him? Wow…

  6. So Shadegg being one of the lone voices for reform in Congress, taking on the establishment in D.C. in running for leadership twice, becoming a champion of conservatives across the nation for his strong stance on cleaning up Washington, fiscal control, cutting taxes, making our health care system more market oriented, strengthening the border, etc. – somehow he is “battling” conservatives? What in the world are you talking about STS?

    Shadegg is the most conservative member of the delegation – voted against NCLB and Medicare prescription drugs (even Franks voted for that), has the highest career grade in the delegation from Americans for Better Immigration (A-) (Hayworth was at a B and Franks is at a B+).

    So explain to me why we should be unhappy with Shadegg? Explain to me how is voting record isn’t sufficient? As far as I can tell, Shadegg has had strong grassroots support in each of his elections…

  7. Oro Valley Dad says

    Shaegg’s voting record is great. Since the election for state chair was over John should have found something a little nicer and more supportive to say about Pullen. After all they are both from the same party.

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Relax Crawdad… No one has a problem with Shadegg’s voting record or how he behaves in DC. It is some of his actions back home in Arizona that cause concern. When he gives quotes to newspapers saying that Randy Graf is too extreme or conservative to win we wonder why he’s reading from the NRCC’s playbook and why he is saying what the media hopes to hear? When he is part of the group beating on Randy Pullen and Randy wins, his post-convention comments reinforce what the media wants Arizona to think, and that is that we have a divided party. He ought to be smarter than that, and I believe he is, so why is he giving the press and our opponents the sound bite they crave? When he opposes Prop 200 because that’s what the national boys want him to do, yet he “worries” that there might be amnesty in the new Congress, there is an inherent contradiction in his actions and his words, and he finds himself at odds with the people whose support he once sought.

    Contrary to Shadegg’s belief that that is somehow the party’s problem to fix, it is his. He will be coming back to us in the next few years to support him for Senate. It would be easier for him to make things right now, rather than later.

  9. The other two members from district 5 are Chris Dahm and Tom Morrissey.

    I know for a fact that Mr. Dahm is very conservative. He worked on the Yes on 107 campaign this past fall and is a strong defender of the rights of the unborn.

  10. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Cool! Thanks AJ for the update… Morrissey is basically a mod… Good on some stuff… So overall, another good CD for the conservatives.

  11. I’m not sure about Morrissey, but Chris Dahm is definately a true conservative.

    I don’t think that he has served in this kind of role before with the Republican Party before, but he will be an excellent addition. He was a huge part of the Protect Marriage campaign.

  12. az_conservative_all_the_way says

    I don’t know the Morissey fellow, but Chris Dahm is a pro-lifer. I saw him doing signs once for the Marriage amendment last fall.

  13. Dahm is a great guy and true grassroots party guy. His company does sign work for campaigns. He is from LD17, not necessarily a Republican stronghold.

    Morrisey is the chair from LD20, this District needs a lot of work. Huppenthal barely won against a political unknown and JD lost this once safe Republican district.

  14. This past year I’ve gotten to know Chris Dahm, and I’m very impressed with his family values. His vigor for 107 was matched by few people in the party, with the exception of the young lady who worked as a field representative in the state HQ. Melissa, I think her name was. I hope to see her serving on the state committee one day.

  15. honest abe says

    For the record…..
    Well, it’s been just 48 hours since I posted my remarks about Randy. Predictably, the entire staff has now resigned, there is no money left in the bank and Randy was visibly shaken when he met with his now departed staff this morning.

    Let’s just see how Randy, Rob, Phil, Marni, Lyle and the rest of these insects run the state and county offices without any help from the states largest donors or support from the entire delegation.

    Make no mistake people, there won’t be any money coming from any of us. The next step in the process in exterminating this pesty swarm is now in full swing..Stay tuned..

    Honest Abe

  16. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Give it a rest Abe… If Salmon spent all the money just in case Randy won, then that tells us far more about Matt than it does about Randy. Makes it all the more meaningful when he touched Randy on the arm at the State Convention and said “good luck Randy”… If that is how abe and his friends treat fellow Republicans, then good riddance to them. We can go far without bitter losers on board. Feel free to register at there abe. They’d love to sign up someone like you.

  17. Gerry Mander says

    CD 5 is fortunate to be represented by Chris Dahm. He is a hero to the unborn.

  18. Abe,

    Did you ever think how you will manage the party if you succeed in “exterminating this pesty swarm?” If you torpedo Pullen and gain back the levers of power you will loose the grassroots. The party only functions when all factions work together. Pullen won the election in a straight up vote. Get on board or change your registration.

  19. honest abe says

    Randy is a liar, period.

    He has no money to hire anyone or resumes to review..

    The entire staff resigned today because they can’t stand him or his unethical behavior. One staff member made mention of that in a resignation letter today , while another, took offence to his passing a hat around Saturday for donations in cash to help pay for the room he rented.

    The total sum of $250.00 collected was an illegal contribution since no one accounted for who contributed what amount. Nor was it reported. Randy was told it was illegal but choose to do it anyway, this is now being reported to the FEC.

    Way to go Randy!! The ship is listing after just 48 hours .I have plenty info on you my friend and all of it will be published in the days and weeks ahead.

    Honest Abe

  20. What a sad hurting little man you are Honest Abe. We will pray for you.

  21. az gnat,
    Is it really “grassroots” that may get lost or might it just be PROXY FODDER? There is a difference ya know? Keep in mind the district that bragged having the most “grassroots” got swept by the opposition. Them kind of grassroots we can do without.

  22. Horst,

    Yes, 2006 was a tough year all over for Republicans, including but not limited to District 11. Do you really want a divided party? What is the end game to Abe’s tirade? What is the objective?

    I was not a proxy in ’06. I walked my precinct, made calls for Republican’s and volunteered on election day. I would have done the same in ’08 if Lisa had won. I guess not everyone feels the same about the party.

  23. honest abe says

    Should never assume anything I am a female just for the record.

  24. OK, Everyone out of the pool! Its time to move on. Don’t make me turn off the comments for the blog.

  25. Oh ja Shane,
    “The spirits that I called Sir, deliver me!”
    I could not help putting a little prose into the equasion.
    You may well have to shut it down for a while. There is much too much hurt lingering in our party and not enough cheeks left to turn one more time.

  26. Horst,

    I understand if there is lingering hurt. So, take a break. I admire you for running for office and for identifying yourself but what is up with honest abe. She seems to have crossed the line and is being downright hateful. Would you have wanted Randy’s supporters to have behaved the same within 2 days of Lisa being elected?

    I still want to know what is the end game of abe’s comments. What is the objective? Does the person want to destroy the party?

  27. I have been reading this blog with interest for quite a while. Seems to me that the anti-establishment just beat out the establishment. The problem is now that the anti-establishment is in they will have to become the establishment to survive. This is not acceptable since the anti-establishment will not cowtow to the establishment or anyone who does. Looks like the Party is in trouble.

  28. honest abe says


    Your perceptive!

  29. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    An interesting quote… Remind you of anyone?

    “The party is headed for the wilderness,” complained conservative publicist Craig Shirley, author of a book on Ronald Reagan’s insurgent 1976 campaign. “In some ways it’s a victim of its own successes, but it’s also been co-opted by folks from the inside with less than pure intentions: People who’ve come to party for power, money, access, celebrity.”

  30. Grassroots Girl says


    I find it interesting that once Pullen starts taking arrows, you threaten to turn off the comments section… you didn’t do that when Lisa James was taking the arrows… must be nice to have your little fifedom of control so that you can have one-way conversations… either you are FOR the free flow of ideas or your NOT. One of the trademark characteristics of conservativism is consistency… so either join the us here in conservative land, or stop calling yourself a conservative.

  31. Oro Valley Dad says

    Grassroots Girl,

    This blog has one of the most liberal policies regarding comments. DSW was just asking people to tone it down a bit.

    We all do ourselves credit but sticking to logic and reason when we try to make our points. If our policies become too restrictive for you then try posting at Espresso Pundit.

  32. Grassroots Girl says

    To STS (whose post #29 is the same as a post on another thread – so I’ll post the same answer):

    Craig Shirley is dead on… Our state party has now been co-opted by folks with less than pure intentions – power, money, access, celebrity… Haney’s intentions are to destroy McCain and get celebrity (nice way to treat another Republican), Pullen’s intentions are to get power, money and access so he can run for public office again – thanks for putting the party first, Randy.

    You doubt it? Why would Haney and Tuttle do a straw poll at the county meeting and then put out a press release (celebrity) with the results? That ain’t “party building” folks… this double standard is making me sick to my stomach.

  33. Oro Valley Dad says


    Please hold on to your lunch and give Randy a chance. A few months and we will all know what everyone’s intentions are.

    It’s not like the people running the party before didn’t want (and get) something out of the experience.

  34. I wish everyone would say who they really were. Especially Honest Abe, I can’t figure out who you are. I’ve got it down to two people. Two people who I know worked very close together during the elections. But I could be wrong.

    Your comments are all very entertaining to read. Especially when people assume others are who they are just because they worked on Prop 107.

  35. BB,

    That Dahm guy worked for Symington. Back then those guys wanted to shut down casinos- is that conservative enough for you?

  36. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Not that I’m coming out from behind my username anytime soon, but I think someone named Bumblebee just asked for us to reveal ourselves… that’s kind of funny…

    GG choses to apply the quote to the present leadership. I would apply it to those now departed and their minions whose rants on these and other pages (yup, that’s you abe) make it clear that they are not in this for ideological or otherwise healthy reasons.

  37. How about a moratorium of cross-posting the same comment across different blog entries?

  38. Oro Valley Dad says

    Joe Baby,

    I second that motion.

  39. Who is " "Honest" Abe " ? says

    To all those wondering who “”Honest” Abe” is:

    A good source informed me it is . . . Tom Liddy.

    I went back to review his entries, and it makes sense. Here are some points that support the identity:

    1. When people questioned “Abe” on his claims about party financing, “Abe” responded off the top of his head with detailed knowledge about the party’s bills two years ago, when Liddy was Maricopa County Chairman.

    2. “Abe” predicted immediate chaos if Pullen won, and, as predicted, Tim Casey led the list of people resigning days after Pullen’s election. As it happens, Tim Casey and Tom Liddy are close, so that’s how “Abe” knew what was coming.

    3. “Abe” praised Nathan Sproul’s political mind, despite Sproul’s terrible record, and Liddy and Sproul are close allies.

    4. When Liddy writes in his own name, he often mistakes “your” and “you’re,” a recurring problem that “Abe” just happens to share.

    5. “Abe” has been aggressively posting against Randy Pullen, even to the point of putting the exact same comment on multiple blogs. Of course, Liddy and Pullen hate each other. Remember Liddy’s “conservative blood in my viens” speech against Pullen in the race for national committeeman?

    “Honest” Abe’s comments wishing for the demise of the party to spite Pullen are even more disgusting when you learn Tom Liddy is behind them. Looks like Liddy can’t help but acting in ways that hurt the Republican Party, just like his daddy. The sick apple doesn’t fall far from the criminal tree.

  40. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    And Abe pretends to be a woman? Hmm…

  41. Someone sent me an email of a post guessing that I am “Honest Abe.” I have never heard of him, not have I ever read his blogs. I have never read any Sonoran Alliance blogs until five minutes ago. So there you have it.

    I have never been shy about posting my opinions under my own name.

    I supported James over Pullen, but I do not “hate” Pullen, nor does he “hate” me. I certainly did not predict the demise of the state Party under Pullen’s leadership, nor shall I. The Party will be just fine. After he won, I wished him well and he very graciously responded. He intends to make the effort to pull the 408-404 party together and he has begun that process. He assured me he knows who the real opponents are (read Democrats).

  42. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    See, that’s the problem with these usernames… Now someone “named” Tom Liddy just posted in defense of Tom Liddy… Its soooo confusing… On the plus side, we’re almost to 100 posts!

    Hey, has anyone noticed how much attention the press has given to a whopping three staffers resigning their positions at the GOP HQ? Considering one of them had his new job before the chair election ever took place, that hardly seems like a huge number of people. Somehow in the papers it sounds like a mass exodus. And one of the three is still working there for another while… Hmm, the truth looks so different in the pages of the Republic…

  43. Pullen was published 8/15 AZ Republic, in My Turn. He said Obama wants health care plan “too soon,” but he did not say how soon is ok. He said “too much,” but he did not say how much would be ok. He said “too fast,” but he did not say what speed would be okay. That is why we are intellectually bankrupt as one letter writer to the editor said, we have criticisms of specific nature, but no standards of any nature. We block anything different because we are incapable of concieving in our brains that which does not yet exist because of a lack of activity in the region of the anterior cingulate cortex. We fought them on Social Security and then we fought them on Medicare. We lost because there are more bright people than us who are brainlocked into the present and the past. We will never learn. They will shove health care reform down our throats, destroy
    Hemsley who makes 3.1 million a year by denying valid claims on cheesy grounds from his post at the head of United Healthcare-the epitome of what’s wrong with health care in the USA. God help us. We need more stupid people to believe anything we say.

  44. Meant to say that as Republicans WE are brainlocked into the present and past.

  45. Also 5 lines up strike destroy-meant destroying. Sorry for the errors.


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