The Headlines on McCain’s Fundraising Problems

From the Politico

Money Figures Trouble For McCain, GOP

From the Arizona Republic

Sen. McCain loses ground vs. rivals in fundraising

From the Arizona Daily Star

McCain trails GOP rivals in fundraising

From Time Magazine

Can McCain Solve His Money Problem?

We could go on forever, but you get the point. McCain’s failure to meet expectations on fundraising has quickly changed the perception about the McCain campaign from one of “leading contender” to one of “a campaign with problems.”

Even more problematic for McCain will be when the cash on hand numbers come in. It looks like a good chunk of McCain’s money came from small donations. This is a good thing for a campaign long term, but it tends to hurt your cash on hand numbers because raising small donations cost more money. I know in the PoliticalHack household, Mrs. PoliticalHack received upwards of ten phone calls from McCain solicitors in the last two weeks trying to get a donation. This costs a lot of money.

Of course this doesn’t take into account the perceived high burn rate that the McCain campaign is reported to have.

April 15th (the day FEC reports become public) should be interesting for McCain.

Update: In 1999 when McCain first ran for President, his burn rate during the same period was 85% of money raised that quarter.  If McCain has the same burn rate this time around then he will likely report having less than $2 million cash on hand.  Ouch!


  1. kralmajales says

    Well said, I had seen a number of the headlines on expectations and this is going to have quite an effect on fundraising here-after.

    It will be interesting to see if Republicans respond to Romney and his money or if they will take a closer look at Rudy.

    McCain is not by any means dead. He had organization and the other candidates do not, but we shall see.

  2. Organization beats dollars but the message must resonate or it will fall on deaf ears. Phil Gramm is taking over McCain’s finances and he is famous for his success at raising money. If he succeeds, and there is organization and money…look for a Lazarus sighting.

    As for message; look for the Second Amendment to play a big role in the conservative vote as time goes by. The gay rights and right to life issues can be divisive among fiscal conservatives but the right to own a gun, now it’s personal.

  3. Observer says


    If McCain is hanging his hat on winning over conservatives with the 2nd Amendment vote, then he has problems. The NRA despises McCain over McCain-Feingold. Couple that with the fact that McCain has appeared in TV commercials for the anti-2nd amendment group Americans for Gun Safety, and I tend to think that the 2nd amendment probably ain’t gonna be McCain’s strong suit. The problem McCain has is that he has basically screwed over nearly every conservative constituency in the last 7 years with his liberal initiatives and they aren’t going to forget it.

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    He also went after the gun shows… McCain isn’t going to heal if gun owners are the cure!

  5. All of which goes back to my point about the need for the message to resonate or fall on deaf ears making the money of no importance. The implication that money in itself is the end all is just not accurate. While he may recover with help, he will need a message and a caring crowd to carry it to the people. Gotta have deep Grassroots!

    It is my opinion that the second amendment will be much more important than in previous campaigns. In speaking to conservative friends from around the country, no matter what they believe about gays or abortion, the thing that most separates the candidates is gun rights and the definite desire to NOT limit the Second Amendment. Figure in the exponential affect of unhappiness over pro-life and/or gay rights, and voila…. No clear leader.

    To quote our ol’ friend Ross, “when the rubber meets the road”… see Rudy take a tumble over guns and Milt over everything else. McCain, well, he has angered so many over so much, it leaves plenty of room for the newcomer. Run Fred run!

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    The pro-gun candidate this round is on the Democrat side. Bill Richardson received a strong NRA-ILA endorsement in his recent re-election as governor in NM.

    I know lots of people think this is a Republican blog but it’s not so we a are free to point out that the strongest pro-gun candidate is on “the other side.” The Republican presidential line-up is a sad collection of half-hearted conservatives. Lucky for the Republicans the Democrats would never be smart enough to nominate someone like Richardson. He would win a large chunk of western states (the GOP could kiss Colorado goodbye) and would actually be competitive in the south. Ohio and Pennsylvania could easily be Democrat wins. But the Democrats will probably nominate a Northeastern liberal and the GOP will have a good chance even without a strong conservative on the ticket.

  7. Right now the only D front runners are northeastern liberals; so what if the Dems put Richardson on the ticket in 2nd chair against a shaky conservative from the northeast and a more strict conservative in the veep postion on the R side?

  8. kralmajales says

    A pro-gun Democrat can also win in the mid-atlantic states as evidences by Mark Warner in Virginia and folks like Mark Manchin (Gov. of West Virginia). I think people greatly underestimate this issue in Appalachia and any other hunting area of America.

    People may not want armor piercing bullets, machine guns, and saturday night specials everywhere, but they also do not think it the least bit reasonable to take guns away from hunters and good, law-abiding citizens.

    Warner struck gold and won the Governorship in Virginia by taking a strong pro-sport hunting and gun right stance. He won Western Virginia and won the state.

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