The Few and the Brave.

     The above would make a great movie title for a film about Republicans still living inside the city limits of Tucson. Even fewer are those Republicans who dare run for the city council. Lori Oien is one of them. She is running for the seat in Ward 2. She may have a chance if she just had to win over the voters of Ward 2 but in the general election voters city-wide get to vote on the representative for Ward 2 (and the other wards in the city.)

     So Lori will have to do everything right to get out her message. Like have an effective web site up and running (Click on the Photos link to see all the pictures of Arizona’s favorite Republican Governor.) She might even want to have the local county party post a link on their web site. No, not there. Maybe the county party would send out an e-mail with a link. No, not that either. It took reading an article in a local blog that mostly supports Democrats to finally find the web page for the one Republican brave enough to try and win a seat on the Tucson City Council. We wish Lori all the best but offer one small piece of advice. A web site is not much use if it is kept a secret.

     We have it on good information that the Republican Party in the state’s second most populace county will at some point in the future have a functional web site. That would be nice. There are Republican Legislative Districts that have better web sites. There are Republican Clubs with more effective sites.


  1. The problem with the Tucson City Charter is one I am very familar with after attempting to amend it back in 1993. It really is unfair to have a ward candidate win their Primary and General in their ward but have the rest of the city elect the opposing candidate in the General. Its akin to Arizona electing its US Senate candidate but allowing the rest of the states to also vote and elect a totally different candidate that doesn’t even win within the state.

  2. Lori Oien for city council website:

    She will be officially announcing on March 26, at the Catalina Steak House, JW Marriot Golf and Spa Resort. Press releases have gone out.

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