The “F” You Senator Who Could Become The “F” You President

John McCain

Not that I believe that Senator John McCain has a chance of becoming President of the United States but is this really the man we could trust to become the leader of the Free World?

Here’s what the Washington Post reported yesterday in a story about John McCain and fellow Republican John Cornyn from Texas:

At a bipartisan gathering in an ornate meeting room just off the Senate floor, McCain complained that Cornyn was raising petty objections to a compromise plan being worked out between Senate Republicans and Democrats and the White House. He used a curse word associated with chickens and accused Cornyn of raising the issue just to torpedo a deal.

Things got really heated when Cornyn accused McCain of being too busy campaigning for president to take part in the negotiations, which have gone on for months behind closed doors. “Wait a second here,” Cornyn said to McCain. “I’ve been sitting in here for all of these negotiations and you just parachute in here on the last day. You’re out of line.”

McCain, a former Navy pilot, then used language more accustomed to sailors (not to mention the current vice president, who made news a few years back after a verbal encounter with Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont).

“[Expletive] you! I know more about this than anyone else in the room,” shouted McCain at Cornyn. McCain helped craft a bill in 2006 that passed the Senate but couldn’t be compromised with a House bill that was much tougher on illegal immigrants.

 Can you imagine a President McCain in trade negotiations with the President of China, Hu Jintao?

What about a heated exchange with Russian President Vladimir Putin or other world leaders.

God forbid the conversation would turn sour and McCain would let loose a round of “F” you’s on other world leaders!

God forbid a man of this temperament would become President of the free world.


  1. I’m an Arizona Republican.
    I would vote for Hillary Clinton (holding my nose, of course) before I would vote for John McCain for POTUS.

    Kyl’s in hot water with me, too. He has abandoned Arizonans with his flip-flop to support amnesty for illegal aliens. Unless he flip-flops again and does not vote to support this bill I will be working against him in any future election. If he wins the primary I will NOT vote for him in the general election.

    If it’s close, I’ll go ahead and vote for the Democrat. How about them apples?!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    My guess is that Kyl saw the writing on the wall on this one. His own president is against him on immigration as is his fellow supposed Republican Senator from Arizona.

    Kyl could have voted against it at the end of the secret meetings but it would have had no binding effect. I bet Kyl does not lift a finger to help the current plan and already knows that it will fail of it’s own weight. He is correctly saving his political capital, which he has always done.

    Go to McCain’s web site and he is very proud of the immigration compromise. Go to Kyl’s web site and he is talking about a bill that would add lands to the Las Cienegas Conservation Area.

  3. Call me a skeptic.

    I’ll bet my paycheck the Sahaurita land is extremely ripe for development.

    Pima County gets more water – the most precious natural resource in Arizona – something which should be at the top of the list to preserve.

    from the 2nd link:
    “The land exchange is conditioned on Las Cienegas Conservation, LLC conveying a 98-acre well site to Pima County and relinquishing the water rights it controls.”

    from a BLM link:

    “the intent of these provisions is to transfer approximately 98 acres of the 2,490 acres of the Simonson property to Pima County rather than the Federal government. Pima County would then administer a water right connected with those 98 acres (approximately 550 acre feet of ground water).”

    But then, with all that new development, and all those “new citizens” Kyl is helping to legalize in Arizona, Pima County is going to need more water.

    Conservation? I think not.
    Politics? Absolutely.

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