The Entitlement Generation Demands Rights

This is what happens when you condition a generation to think, believe and depend on the federal government for everything. Notice that Ted Kennedy has been invoked in the name of a “right.” This gentleman was one of 30 protesters who participated in a protest in the Green Valley area on Friday.

What really irks me about this is that there are millions of Americans who know that Social Security and every other federal social welfare program is collapsing our system and won’t be there especially as the baby boomers begin consuming more and more services. Many of us want out of the system and the ability to take care of ourselves without being penalized by big government.

The irony in this specific situation is that the program that this gentleman is demanding will probably be the same program that tells him that his “quality of life” or “personal health quotient” is not high enough to warrant spending federal health care dollars on him. He may experience first hand denial of the so-called “right” to health care when they tell him his body is too old and worn out.

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