The Democratic Corp Comm Team: “Very Costly to Arizona Ratepayers”

The so-called Solar Team of Sam George, Paul Newman and Sandra Kennedy is finding itself increasingly at odds with its Democrat base.

First, Democrats are remembering that Sam “George” – once known as Sam Vagenas – was investigated for forging documents in the 2002 governor’s race, in an attempt to smear then-Attorney General Janet Napolitano. They are recalling his efforts to get pro-marijuana initiatives on the ballot – proposals which would have required DPS to hand out pot for free and would have allowed dealers to give pot to our kids. Yes, our kids.

Amazingly, Gabrielle Giffords and Harry Mitchell have endorsed Sam “George” for the Corporation Commission. “George” has contributed thousands of dollars to their campaigns, but we’re sure that has nothing to do with the endorsement (he also donated $25,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, in 2007, and oodles of cash to other Democrats in Arizona and elsewhere).

Democrats will also not easily forget the “Team’s” attempt to knock off the ballot fellow Democrat Kara Kelty with intimidating phone calls to voters who signed her petition, and an army of high-powered attorneys.

Kennedy and George are, moreover, embarrassing the party by dodging subpoenas, as the Phoenix New Times documents here:


To make matters worse, Newman and Kennedy have stated their support for carbon taxes – even as our utility bills are on the rise.

The Left is recognizing that carbon taxes hurt the poor and are hardly “pro-consumer,” as the “Solar Team” falsely claims to be. Recently, Niger Innis, National Spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, blasted carbon taxes as “immoral”: “Virtually every study done by virtually every economist has found the same thing: Raising the cost of energy by putting a tax on carbon will raise the cost of energy, of food, of almost all goods and services by a huge amount. In the U.S., energy bills for the average citizen may easily double. Some studies show costs going up two, three, four times what they are now.”

But that’s the ultimate goal of the “Solar Team”: Make carbon-based sources of energy so expensive that we are forced to use renewable energy almost exclusively. As Kennedy told the Arizona Daily Star, a carbon tax “will help solar and renewables while hurting coal and natural gas.” Yep, “hurting” the cheapest form of energy – coal – is her goal. A goal which would dramatically hurt the poor, the elderly, and all consumers in Arizona.

The “Solar Team” wants most, if not all, of our energy to be derived from solar power – right now (as Kennedy put it, “We should do nothing but solar”). Never mind the costs to consumers or the technological challenges or the immense transition costs. Never mind that coal produces the majority of our energy in Arizona and shutting down coal-fire power plants would mean a huge spike in our electricity bills. Robert Robb has rightly called them the “Solar Only Team.” Robb has said that “the Democrats’ hostility toward other sources and their faith-based belief in the rapidly declining relative cost of solar might prove very costly to Arizona ratepayers.”

Of course, if you believe that climate change is worse than the Civil War, World War I, and World War II, as Sam George does, then no price is too small to pay. You will recall George’s comment in the East Valley Tribune on September 15, 2008. Climate change, he said, is “a real crisis which is greater than any war.”

The radicalism of the “Solar Team” cannot be overstated. Sonoran Alliance will continue to update its readers on their latest ideas on raising the cost of energy, even as the mainstream media fails to do so. After all, the “Solar Team” would agree that sunlight is a great antiseptic.


  1. Trivia: What humourous last name did Capitol pundits give to Sam Vagenas (“George”) when he worked as the Deputy Secretary of State?

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