The Decline of Detroit

Looks like Detroit’s auto teams are not the only teams in decline.

The Detroit Lions finished their season 0-16 today losing to the Green Bay Packers, 31-21, and making it the only NFL team to lose the greatest number of games in a season. They have also been outscored 551-281.

What this says about Detroit is only symbolic but it may inspire the owner of the Lions to ask Congress for a bailout.


  1. Duke the Dog says

    We should make an offer to both the auto industry and the Detriot Lions to move to Tucson.

    We’re a right to work state so that will deal with the unions and we could have the lions play in the U of A stadium until the new “General Motors” Stadium Complex is built downtown!

  2. If the Detroit Lions didn’t exist, you would have to invent them.

    Jay Leno would have no one to make jokes about besides the LA Clippers.

  3. The Lions are owned by the Ford family, of course.

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