The City of Phoenix orders a double whopper with cheese

From the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers:

There are no Friends of the Taxpayer on the Phoenix City Council. At yesterday’s meeting, the City Council voted 9-0 to pass a budget of $3.382 billion for Fiscal Year 2007-08. This fiscally irresponsible budget will increase overall spending by 12.6 percent over last year’s estimated budget, and increase department spending by 14.5 percent. If the city uses last year’s adopted budget of $3.188 billion as a baseline, it appears that the budget is growing by a mere 6.1 percent, but the bottom line is that the 2005-06 actual budget was $2.548 billion, meaning that the Phoenix budget will increase by 32 percent over two years, for an average yearly rate of increase of 15 percent. 
A new battle rages in the state legislature.  House and Senate members are under intense pressure from liberals, the media and governor to strip out tax relief for Arizona families.  Call you legislator today.  The House switchboard is 602-926-4221 and the Senate’s is 602-926-3559.  You can visit the state legislature’s website to find your legislator and their email address. 
Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Free Enterprise Club, a pro-growth advocacy group, today urged the Senate Appropriations Committee to not reject the House budget today at a 1:30pm hearing.  The hearing was scheduled to jumpstart the budget process, which has been stalled as the House and Senate negotiate the size of the tax cut package.
            By striking the House budget and replacing it with the Senate version, the Senate Appropriators will make their strongest statement yet that they are willing to forgo a tax package that includes pro-business corporate income tax relief.
            At nearly seven percent, Arizona has one of the highest corporate income tax rates in the western U.S.
            The House budget includes a 2.5 percent corporate income tax rate cut.
For full disclosure, I am the Chairman of the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers
Now this is funny.


  1. PartyGuy says

    In a related story, The Arizona Free Enterprise Club, a pro-growth advocacy group, reminded the Republican members of the caucus that they could be relied upon to give quality advice and that their stated desire to bottom out the Republican Party in order to spark a thorough cleansing should, in no way, disqualify them from advising Republican legislators how they should vote. Riiiight…

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