The Cisco Kid.

     In his gotcha piece on voting records Jim Nintzel went as far back as 1994 to knock a candidate for missing the primary. But you do not have to go back 14 years to find this years worst offender for election participation. Juan Ciscomani never voted in an election prior to November 2006. In fact Juan did not even bother registering to vote before Fall of that year. Now he wants to serve in the legislature. In Juan’s case it is a good thing that he did not register to vote prior to September 2006 because that is the month when he became a U.S. citizen.

     In a year when Republicans were suppose to lose the Hispanic vote they have two Hispanics running for the legislature, Juan Ciscomani in District 29 and Steve Montenegro in District 12. Two candidates may pale in comparison to the number of Hispanics on the Democrat side of the aisle but it does show that no voting bloc is monolithic. But Ciscomani may be the only legislative candidate actually born in Mexico. He moved here (yes, legally) in 1994 when he was in the 7th grade and hasn’t looked back since. After graduating from Rincon High he enrolled at Pima Community College, serving as the Student Body President. Next he attended the University of Arizona and graduated Cum Laude in 2005.

     When Juan became a citizen he signed up to vote right then and there as a Republican. Although there was pressure to register as a Democrat, Juan decided that his views of personally accountability, self reliance, and moral values were a better fit with the Republican Party. Juan’s three main issues of improving education, strengthening the economy, and bolstering public safety would play well in most any district in Arizona. But Juan is not running in just any district in Arizona, he is running in LD 29. The area is heavily Democrat and Republicans normally do not expect to win there. Just as Juan is running for one of the two Republican primary slots the Democrats have decided to field 7 (seven) candidates! Depending on who wins the Democrat Primary (my two favorites would be Matt Heinz and Daniel Patterson) Juan may have an excellent chance of being sworn in to the house come January 2009. One of the other LD 29 Democrat candidates, Ephraim Cruz, has become Nintzel’s favorite candidate to write about this season. We are not holding our breath for him to make it out of the primary.

     We could not resist the reference the 1950’s TV series as a way of helping people pronounce and remember Juan’s last name, Ciscomani. Instead or Pancho, his sidekick is the more attractive Laura Ciscomani. But don’t let looks fool you, she holds her own within the campaign’s brain trust. If that were not enough Laura is pregnant with their first child, a baby girl, and is expecting this Fall. Talk about a race to watch. We do not yet know if the campaign is planning on releasing updated sonograms.

     Either way the Republicans have an excellent candidate who would do well in any district in the state but who makes the election for LD 29 House very interesting. Game On!


  1. Juan is an excellent candidate. He is a great person and very involved in the community already. Most people can see a quality candidate across party lines and hopefully this will be the case in LD29. Best wishes to Juan and I’m thankful that he’s taken the challenge to run for public office.

  2. Kralmajales says

    I dont know Juan, but Laura is class. Very intelligent, hard working, and ethical. I would like to see her run for office.

  3. Juan Ciscomani is a comer. Bright, articulate and super ideas. What a worker.

    The GOP is proud to claim him as their own.

    We have 2 great candidates running in LD 29.

    This will be a good year for the Republican Party when we begin shaking up otherwise “safe” districts for the other guys. Don’t get too comfortable Tommy ………. the patter of feet you hear behind you in Juan & Pat.

    Bruce Ash
    GOP National Committeeman

  4. I know of Juan (and Laura) through their community service activities during the past several years and have been very impressed. He will make an excellent candidate and would represent LD 29 extremely well. Best wishes Juan!


  1. […] there is a very interesting Republican candidate running this year in LD 29, Juan Ciscomani. We wrote about his campaign in early July. My two favorite Democrats for Juan to face would be Heinz and Patterson but that is […]

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