The “Cat” in the Hat

Found this interesting photo online. Anyone want to take a guess who this cat-in-the-hat-Uncle-Sam-wannabe is?

Cat in the Hat


  1. Restore Integrity says

    Forrest Gump?

  2. Is that Jim Deakin? If so he sure has lost weight.

  3. Oh come on…. it’s Drew Carey

  4. Antifederalist says

    And the prize goes to…(dramatic pause with swelling music): Onward! The pic was taken at the United We Stand Tea Party down at the Capitol a couple of months ago.

    Tell me, are you going to send a man to the Senate who dresses like this? To be your Senator? This man belongs in the U.S. Senate? Really? Are the Senators going to take him seriously? Does anyone?

    Let me shed a little more light on this character. From a Feb 5th Arizona Repugnant article by D. Nowicki, “Deakin’s FEC report shows that the conservative small-business man accumulated just $3,532 in the final three months of 2009 and spent $2,892, leaving $1,010 on hand at the end of December.” Does this guy REALLY believe he’s going to take on McLame with $3K? Really? Really?

    Somewhere on the InterWebs, I read that Deakin understood running for office the first time for name ID, then running a second time to win. Um, Jim, the name ID you’re going to get is that you’re delusional.

    Let me give you some advice, Jim. You’ve got no name ID, no money, no political experience and no mention of your existence in any scientific poll. If I were you, I’d set your sights on something a little more obtainable, like an Arizona state House race. I’d also wager that you have NO IDEA how to run a campaign. Do you even know what an early ballot chaser is? Learn to walk before you run. It’s my understanding that you weren’t even a PC in LD 6 until just before you decided to run (same with the nut Hugh Kealer). Your wife’s quixotic fantasy that “the common man” is going to up and beat McLame is just outrageously insane.

    Word to the wise, your wife is a liability. Not only has she said things along the lines of, If Jim running means we’re going to get 6 more years of McCain, that’s just too bad because Jim’s not getting out of the race, but let me assure you, complete strangers have shared their stories with me about how crazy your wife is, Jim. Do yourself a favor, let her work for you, but rein her in. Right now, she’s more detrimental than helpful.

    Final piece of advice: do the smart thing. Drop out and endorse J.D. like Simcox did before you’re laughed at so much that you’ll never be a credible candidate. If you drop out, you’ll appear like you have a grip on reality.

  5. Antifederalist says

    J.D. just challenged McLame to a series of debates and McLame accepted (CNN story). Who’s not invited to the party because he’s background noise? Get the hint, Jim!

  6. AF–really? You have to go after his wife? Dang, I knew you all would say anything, real or imagined, about McCain but now you have decided to go after a candidate’s wife?

    JD and Shane must be so proud.

  7. Antifederalist says

    Perhaps I should just let her be an albatross, Ann? I’ve gotten more than one comment about her. And the comments I get are consistent. My personal experience with her is consistent with those comments. I assert that by campaigning for her husband, she injects herself into the public arena and makes her actions fair game for public discussion.

    Should I just remain silent? Should I let the man make a fool of himself? I think I’m being rather humane. It would be cruel not to give him a wake-up call. I’d also suggest that when subtlety doesn’t work, sometimes you need a sledgehammer.

  8. nightcrawler says


    That is low, even for you. I thought you were a gentleman.

    I had the privilege of meeting Deakin at a recent event. I found him to be good man. He and certainly not his wife deserve this abuse. By the way, what exactly did you mean by “sledgehammer” ? Do you wear sleaveless undershirts ?

    There are people out there that may not want to vote for McCain or JD. One more option is fine with me. If his finances are so low, what are you afraid of ?

    Leave the guy alone for Pete’s sake.

  9. Patriotic Clothes Lover says

    Big deal. Have you seen what that Klute guy wears?

  10. Arizona Luke says

    Anti just showed us there is no basement on how low some will go.

    I have yet to make up my mind but I’ll read the stances and who has the best ideas and support them. It’s his right to run.. and our right to choose.

  11. AF- Here’s some advice since we’re passing it around: If you want to give advice to a man about his wife and her unseemliness, you do it privately, not on a public blog.

    It’s hard to believe your intentions were honorable.

  12. I have heard the comments that Anti has written from more than one person too. Deakin’s wife is upfront and center stage in this campaign. She has been a spokesperson for him in many ways. His wife is a key player in his campaign and she should be called out on some of the things that she says.

    And seriously, Anti’s comments are mild in comparison with others I’ve read on various posts about other candidates.

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