The 90% Myth

Sen. Dianne Feinstein said at a Senate hearing: “It is unacceptable to have 90 percent of the guns that are picked up in Mexico and used to shoot judges, police officers and mayors … come from the United States.”  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeated it to reporters on a flight to Mexico City.  There’s just one problem with the 90 percent “statistic” and it’s a big one:  It’s just not true.

In fact, it’s not even close. The fact is, only 17 percent of guns found at Mexican crime scenes have been traced to the U.S.


  1. This is AWESOME! Thanks for the research!!

    I do get tired though of other gun people who point to Arizona when referring to different gun cases and conspiracies. Its like “Dude, you realize your talking about Arizona”. This is a state that takes pride that concealed weapons is practically un-restricted. THIS IS ARIZONA. Do people outside of our state not really understand how much we value freedom and the 2nd amendment? Its an aside sure, but I mean C’MON, THIS IS ARIZONA. It would be like saying Taxacussets is adverse to a tax increase or that North Carolina is adverse to Tobacco. Arizona= unabridged freedoms when it comes to most things. Sure we gotta fight for it sometimes, but for gods sake THIS IS ARIZONA. Arizona=freedom.

    /end rant

  2. The logic in the fox news article is horrible…. I am not saying I agree that 90% of them come from the US at all but their logic doesnt make sense.

    They say, “In 2007-2008, according to ATF Special Agent William Newell, Mexico submitted 11,000 guns to the ATF for tracing. Close to 6,000 were successfully traced — and of those, 90 percent — 5,114 to be exact, according to testimony in Congress by William Hoover — were found to have come from the U.S.

    But in those same two years, according to the Mexican government, 29,000 guns were recovered at crime scenes.

    In other words, 68 percent of the guns that were recovered were never submitted for tracing. And when you weed out the roughly 6,000 guns that could not be traced from the remaining 32 percent, it means 83 percent of the guns found at crime scenes in Mexico could not be traced to the U.S.”

    So basically they are saying only about 5114 of the 29,000 came from the US so that is 17%. BUT just because 18,000 guns weren’t submitted for tracing does not mean that none of those came from US. To say because none of them were sent for tracing and therefore they are not doesn’t make ANY SENSE!

    What they should do is take the sample of 11k that were submitted and only 5114 of those were US guns so using LOGIC a little less than half of the 18,000 that were never traced would also be from the US.

    So to me the number is not 17% its not 90% its more like 46%.

  3. Veritas Vincit says

    They weren’t submitted for tracing because it was obvious their serial numbers weren’t US. Believe me, if BATF could’of they would’of

    17% is a pretty solid number.

  4. But Veritas it says there were never submitted and no explanation. You have to admit the way Fox News explains it does not work without the explanation you just gave. I guess why has no one said what you just said in article I read?

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Johnny, good point. Maybe the reporter just thought it was obvious? Maybe they’re just not that well seasoned to have included it? Or maybe they were simply lazy?

    Or maybe I’m wrong and there isn’t any reason those guns weren’t submitted for trace? Wouldn’t be the first time.


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