That pesky border check-point.

     Let’s see – The open borders crowd is against a real fence, the “virtual” fence virtually doesn’t work, and the checkpoints are a nuisance. What do they want instead? More cocaine and marijuana for sale on the street?

     Because of where I live and my work I have driven north through the Amado checkpoint about once a month for the past several years. The wait is usually a few minutes or less. The agents are very professional. The drug dogs are walked up and down the line of cars. Anyone trying to smuggle would be sweating profusely by the time they got to the front of the line under those conditions.

     A big thanks you to the brave men and women of the Border Patrol for doing their job.


  1. Iris Lynch says

    Good work! I’ll bet that two minute stop is lest pesky than home invasion, identity theft or the third highest ‘illegal’ incident of a sex crime. But, then again, it might not be you who is targeted, just your neighbor. Oh, well.

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