THANKS to everyone for your help!

S1348 is DEAD for now.  Thanks to Sen. Kyl for eventually voting against the very Amnesty provisions he campaigned against last year.  It took too long, but there is room for the Prodigal Son.  Come home and work with the citizens of Arizona to SECURE THE BORDER, eliminate SANCTUARY CITY policies, establish EMPLOYER SANCTIONS and help elect a veto-proof Arizona state legislature.



  1. Keen Observer says

    Worried, Yes!
    Listening? I’ll never believe that again.

  2. I emailed Sen. Kyle my thanks for his no vote. To say that he voted against the very bill he helped craft is not true. He voted against ending debate so there would perhaps be more time to ammend this sorry piece of legislative excrement. I wait and watch to see just how he positions himself on the issue when it gets revived in a couple of months. A small skirmish has been won, but the battle remains before us.

  3. My mother taught me, and I in turn taught my children, to be as gracious and obvious in an apology as we were ugly and open in a critcism or insult. While there may not have been an insult, there has been a serious breech in the relationship. RDH is right to take the time to also be thankful. Good work!

    When the battle rages once more, we will have made our relationship and voices stronger by living thru this one and keeping our integrity from both sides of the issue.

  4. I would agree, but Kyl’s floor speech after the vote was not an apology. It was almost a challenge to those who opposed this plan that he would be working with the same gang to bring back the bill with minor changes. Very disappointing!

    Senator, it is simple.

    Secure the Border

    Stop Sanctuary City Policies

    Stop access to social programs

    Punish employers who hire illegals

    NO Amnesty any time

  5. Battle lines within the party are clearly drawn:

    Chamber vs.people!

    Tom Buggeln

  6. Tom

    You are right.

    There is not a whole lot of love out there right now from those who profit from illegal hiring practices.

    It is interesting the difference between the Chamber and the ASBA/NFIB small businessmen. Absolutely classic.

  7. nightcrawler says

    GOP PK,

    As a former member of both the local chamber and NFIB, please note the word former, I can tell you that the differences are not that great. One group is provincial the other idealistic. They are only as good as the people who run them, many of which have an agenda that does not necessarily align itself with membership. Sound familiar ? Business is not the enemy of the Republican Party, quite the contrary it has funded many a successful election. Everyday Joes don’t have the coin to compete. Sad but true. Dance with the one that brought (not bought) you.

    Back to the original post, it was indeed the grassroots that brought this bill to a halt. Every person who exercised his/her democratic right to speak up should be commended. The bill was flawed in its current form and needed to be stopped.

  8. Raul the Illegal Alien says

    Farewell to my chance for amnesty. At least now I can stop learning English.

  9. Not DEAD enough! Did anyone else hear Kyl on Hugh Hewitt’s show? Look out!

  10. I agree and believe that we need to continue to contact his office until he does an about face on this issue.

    I was willing to give him a pass, but his speech on the floor after the vote was the first clue that he still does not “get it” and his further comments confirm that.

    It is not time to forgive and forget.

  11. Is there a web site I can go to now to hear Senator Klys speech after the vote?

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