Template signs are inacurate.

     NW Tucson was blanketed with deceptive template signs claiming that Pete Hershberger is a tax cutting, secure the border candidate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hershberger’s ratings from the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers are listed below.

2005 – 50% Needs Improvement
2006 – 38% Friend of Big Government
2007 – 37% Friend of Big Government

     Hershberger is a big spender and today’s spending is tomorrow’s tax. Just in case the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers ratings are not enough we also have listed his Goldwater Institute ratings:

2005 – Fiscal 36%
2006 – Fiscal 33%
2007 – Tax and Budget 33%

     The signs are a clear distortion of Hershberger’s actual record. The question is, will they be effective. Al Melvin has been vigilant in exposing Hershberger’s true record. This race is shaping up to be another LD 18 style battle.

     The signs say Paid for by Protect Arizona’s Future with major funding from Arizona’s Firefighters. Roger Wright is listed as the treasurer of Protect Arizona’s Future as well as the Arizona Professional Fire Fighters PAC. The question is why are two Phoenix based political committees so interested in a primary in NW Tucson. Could it be that Hershberger spearheaded Governor Napolitano’s budget through the house? If Melvin and Pearce win their primaries PolitickerAZ may have to revise their ranking for Bill Whitaker.


  1. Just Win Baby says

    Lying sacks. All of ’em!

  2. Funny logic though. Paint the conservatives as fringe whackos and then try to claim that you are one. Maybe Melvin can counter with an ad campaign “Be a Melvin Moderate”.

  3. SonoranSam says

    The all-out assault on Hershberger from the R blogs is actually kinda amusing.

    It leads me to believe that Cap’n All is in trouble….

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