Ted Carpenter Appointed to Deputy Superintendent

Ted Carpenter

Monday, former state legislator, Ted Carpenter, was named  to the position of Deputy Superintendent of Maricopa County Schools. Carpenter, a former four-term legislator known as one of the most mild-mannered and even-handed Republicans will step in to assist Superintendent Sandra Dowling who has been locked in a legal battle for months. In November, Dr. Dowling was indicted on 25 counts while she awaits her day in court.

Some believe that by naming Carpenter as her Chief Deputy, Dowling hopes to temper critics and restore lines of communication with other Maricopa County officials who have labeled her a firebrand.

Carpenter takes the new post only after having to resign from his position on the governing board of the Deer Valley School Unified District where he served for 14 years. This came on the advise of Colleen Connor, Deputy County Attorney in County Attorney Andrew Thomas’ office in order to avoid the appearance of incompatability of offices.

Prior to taking this new position, Ted Carpenter sought the senate seat in legislative district six against Pamela Gorman in a two-way primary when former Senator Dean Martin made his bid for State Treasurer.


  1. Ted has been a steady ally to Dr. Dowling throughout her ordeal. He is a very thoughtful person who will be able to raise questions in a way that will not stir debate but rather stimulate conversation toward solutions. He will take this position with earnest regard toward the purpose.

  2. Ted is in the right place at the right time and has been with Dr. Dowling from the beginning. He will definitely be an asset to the Superintendent’s office.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    With the possible/probable exception of Clancy Jayne, I’ve never seen a legislator lose without seeing them go on to make a lot more money than they would have made had they have won!

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