Team Gibbons/Court

Court GibbonsThey may not officially be a team but anyone who drives through legislative district 18 will detect a defacto team effort by Senate candidate, Kevin Gibbons and House candidate, Steve Court.

It seems that most of the yards which sport Gibbons’ signs have also welcomed Steve Court’s signs. At the same time, one may be quick to notice that Russell Pearce’s yard sign shortage is over with much of the same turf being shared by House candidate, Ron Middlebrook. Russell has even been heard to say that he’s given Middlebrook his blessing as his replacement in the State House.

Of course, this begs the question whether or not there are two unofficial teams in the LD-18 race. In an earlier post, Sonoran Alliance  noted how Gibbons and Court appeared to be running as a team. They were sharing sign poles (although Court responded and denied it), appearing at the same events and Court was overheard encouraging hosts to invite Gibbons to some of the same events. But in recent weeks, Gibbons has become more politically radioactive to the point that Court has put some distance between himself and Gibbons.

However, in a recent survey sent out to the four house candidates by LD-18 Chairman, Matt Tolman, each candidate was asked who they were supporting in the Senate race. The answers came back as follows:

Cecil Ash:
I am supporting Russell Pearce for the Senate. The fact that you endorse candidates does not mean that you agree with them on every issue. Notwithstanding that, I have supported Russell in the past and intend   to do so this election, as I see no reason to change. I believe he genuinely tries to do what’s best for Arizona and I agree with him on most of the issues. He has been a catalyst in getting the illegal immigration issue recognized, and dealt with, and he has also fought hard for a balanced budget and reduced spending. These are my positions as well. Any one who talks to him personally would know that he is very knowledgeable on many issues, more so than most legislators. I do not always agree on the way he approaches some things, and I’m sure he may not agree with the way I approach some things. Nevertheless, I believe I can work well with Russell.

I have many good friends who have indicated to me that they are not supporting Russell for various reasons. If so, I hope it will not be because they believe the distortions and false statements being promulgated by those who wish to oust Russell. Let his opponents object to his positions on issues or his temperament. Let them argue that he doesn’t listen or advocate that it is merely time for someone else with new ideas.

But the politics of personal destruction, the distortions and exaggerations of the truth do a disservice to the political process, and show a lack of respect for either the voter, or the promulgator’s position on the issues. Let’s win our arguments by the power of reason and the strength of our positions, without name calling or vilifying our opponents.

I believe that I could get along with Kevin Gibbons. He appears to be a good family man and I trust that he feels that he would be best for Arizona. However, I hope that he would take the high road in this campaign and elevate the debate to a discussion of the issues. I hope that in the future he will avoid disparaging Russell personally, and distance himself as well from those who do.

We get what we vote for. And we deserve what we get. There is a cause and effect in the political process. Those who vote based on lies and distortions will reap a government that is administered by liars and distorters of the truth.

Kanani Henderson:
I am supporting Russell for the Senate. I believe in his experience and track record. He allowed me to shadow him at the capital this past session and I was able to see first hand how much he cares about doing what is right and protecting the rights of the people he serves. I also appreciate his hard stance on fiscal issues and the way he has not allowed himself to fall into the negativity of the current election cycle.

Ron Middlebrook:
I will be voting for Russell Pearce.

Steve Court:
For the first time in a while, our district has some choices for Republican candidates for both the House and Senate. I am not a big fan of politicians endorsing other politicians. I have not sought endorsements from other politicians, nor have I given endorsements.

It is the endorsement of the voters that we need to be seeking. We have good candidates in both races and I think that the best thing that the district and precincts can do is to encourage the voters to study each candidate and vote for that person that best represents their views and opinions.
I believe that any of the House candidates could work with either of the Senate candidates to represents district 18 well.

As you can see, Court refused to answer the question which obviously puts him in a difficult position. In fact, Court’s response almost sounds like something Gibbons would have said. Despite Court’s politically finessed answer, there is no evidence that he has changed his hidden allegiance. He and Gibbons are still sharing sign poles and, as the photos demonstrate, the same voters.


  1. Like It Is says

    Ash’s literature says that he has been endorsed by Russell Pearce and just about anybody who is anybody in Mesa. So forget about overheard blessings, we know who Russell is backing! Although there are two seats, so maybe he’s backing both of them? Could be.

  2. A closer look a Courts last finacial disclosure statement will also show that he shares many of the same supporters as Gibbons.

  3. The Shadow says

    You left this one out. “I will be voting for Russell Pearce because he hates Mexicans as much as I do.” – Typical Pearce Voter

  4. Who is Pearce, the godfather? Seems like the other canditates are frothing at the mouth to get behind him. Why? So Tolman and his goons don’t get sent out after them? Seems like Court and Ash had reasonable answers. Court hasn’t been seeking endorsements, so why should he endorse some other candidate?

  5. Shadow and DajaVu,

    You really should cut down on the irrational invective.

    You are painting yourselves into a corner!

  6. David John says

    I don’t usually agree with the Arizona Republic, but they made some strong points today on why Russell should not be elected.

    A house divided will fall, and our party is crumbling as we all watch. Goldwater said you could disagree without being disagreeable. Reagan had his 11th commandment to not criticized fellow Republicans (at least publicly). Russell is the most divisive person in the legislature, bar none.

    Some of you may say that there has been some negative and offensive campaign tactics used against Russell this year, but don’t aim your furor at Kevin Gibbons, who denounced those mailers. Gibbons had nothing to do with those, nothing at all. If he is elected he will be a conservative legislator and a healing influence on the Republican party, at a time when we need this so much.

    I know many of my fellow conservative bloggers will disagree with me, but that is my food for thought for the day. I am trying to look at the big picture here. It just doesn’t bode well for the GOP when you have a state legislator who at one time or another has called every Arizona member of Congress a traitor because they don’t agree exactly with him. We all have our differences with our Congressmen, but that doesn’t make them traitors.

  7. Economy First says

    I stumbled onto this site looking for Republican views of the political race and all I see is lobbying for basically one candidate, and anyone that has decided to try to mold themselves into a carbon copy of said “Great One”.

    Why are you creating conspiracy theories on one of our own?

    Everything I’ve heard from Steve Court is sound conservative views and sharp financial sense. Grow up and make an informed decision rather than blindly follow.

  8. Good point, David John. We all love when politicians speak their mind, but it goes to far when the party suffers. Pearce is too divisive, too extreme. If SA and others were honest, they would stop bashing Gibbons and realize he is as qualified as anyone.

  9. David,

    Why did Gibbons refuse to answer the candidate questionaire in the Clean Elections Phamphlet?

    The truth is, he has no real positions except his support for open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, more and more and more “guest workers,” and opposition to enforcement of laws currently on the books against employing illegal aliens.

  10. Team Pearce/Gibbons! says

    Funny, just the other day, I drove past a sign pole shared by Pearce & Gibbons. Are they working together too?

  11. Deja Vu

    This Matt, I’m not going to hide behind a name as you are doing. You want to have an open debate let’s have it but in the open.

    I make no beef about who I’m supporting in the Senate race and why. Until now I’ve said nothing in public about who I will not support in the House race.

    So to set the record straight, I will not be supporting Steve Court or Kevin Gibbons.

    I hold no ill will against Mr. Court or Mr. Gibbons, in fact I admire both men for getting into the race, it takes a lot of self confidence to jump in and go through the kind of scrutiny that both have and will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks.

    With that being said I don’t believe that either of them fully understands the issues we facing as a state. Immigration is not the only issue, although it would seem that it is.

    There are budgeting crisis, law enforcement, economic development, school choice, taxes, CPS, DES and the list goes on.

    Do they have an understanding of these issues, I don’t know? Are they attempting to understand these issues, maybe so?

    All that we have heard from these people is rhetoric; I can give as much rhetoric as the next person and make it sound good. I would ask that all candidates in the next couple of weeks tell us where they stand for, truthfully, honestly and not be concerned about if it will cost them vote a vote or two. I would much rather hear an honest answer than a made up one.

    Leave political grand standing to those in Washington. If you want my vote truly tell me what you stand fore and how you will represent me the citizen of Arizona and resident of Mesa.

    For me, until that happens I will vote and support those whose position and candidates I know. There are still just too many unanswered question for me to support either Steve Court or Kevin Gibbons.

  12. For give the errors, you see I speak Spanish also and English was neve my strong hold

  13. Matt,

    I think that Pearce’s grandstanding on the issue of immigration is the type of thing that is stopping us from finding a real solution to the problem.

  14. David John,
    You said it best. This is about seeing the big picture. The Republican brand is so tarnished that for the first time, Democrats have a candidate in every legislative race. They’re not stupid. They see that the politics being pushed by the current leadership is not selling. It’s divisive and corrosive. Let’s dump the baggage and move on.

  15. N. Dors Ment says

    Cecil Ash is just returning a favor. I seriously doubt that he really sides with Pearce. Their temperaments are polar opposites. His neighbor says that Cecil no longer has a Pearce sign in his front yard.

  16. Deja Vu,

    I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I can see your point of view.

    I believe that if it wasn’t for Russell Pearce we wouldn’t be having this conversation here and across the nation. In states all across this nation, illegal immigrations is a big issue, it is costing us the tax payers a ton of money and is bankrupting state’s budgets

    While I can’t speak for Russell Pearce, I firmly believe that Russell Pearce will be the leader that will lead us to the next level of discussion beyond the rhetoric.

  17. David John says

    No doubt the Dems have momentum, and Russell Pearce deserves some credit for that. Why else do you think Gov. Napolitano would publicly stick up for Pearce? It is because she is politically saavy and she knows that Russell Pearce is the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party in AZ!!! She is playing us!! And the Democratic party continues to grow and raise money at a pace that crushes the State GOP.

  18. gop probs? says

    Read David John’s 17 post. Is the current state of the GOP true, as he explains it? If so, are you concerned with the Democractic party advances? Do we just ignore it? Do we just deny it? If Pearce is part of the problem, how can he also be part of the solution? How do we stem the tide?

  19. Mike Court says

    Hey! I put up one of those signs! Does that mean I’m famous now?

    I may be biased (go figure), but my take on this post is that whoever wrote it is trying to link Steve to a faulty campaign by Gibbons (my opinion), or trying to pump up Middlebrook.

    The bottom line is Steve Court is not linked to any other candidate, which he has stated many times (and he’s an honest guy.)

    AND, he is the best candidate for the job (again, my opinion). Go Court!

  20. gop probs

    The Dems don’t have momentum. The Dems have raised more money, so what. They have also spent more money and for what gain, none that I can see. Have we raised as much money as in years past probably not, but we haven’t had a Senator who is running for President of the United States either, who has and will continue to draw money from the state.

    On a local level and when I say local level I mean state, I don’t see us loosing any seats and in all actuality I believe that we will pick up seats throughout the state that are held by Democrats.

    On a national level that may be a different story. Is it just one person alone who has caused the Republican Party to look bad, I don’t think so? It is a combination of bad publicity from Republican official. How many Republicans have been caught up in crimes, prostitution, lies, and voter fraud? This is what is causing us to look bad.

    A house divided will fall, but whose fault is that? I believe there is fault on both sides. Some fault lies with the delegations for not listening to the grassroots people, some fault with the grassroots people for trying to make our delegation look bad.

    As an example only and nothing more, did the 3 congressman have to send a letter to the papers questioning why nothing has been done about JT Ready? Could they just as easily have called me up and asked what has been done and what is being done? Yes but did they NO. For the record I did email them and told them what I knew and what is attempting to be done.

    Is it right to call our elected officials names or for that matter is it right to call anybody names NO. But do we all do it, yes. Are there hard feelings afterward you better believe it.

    Now because of the hard feelings on both side of the party it’s even harder to come together on the matters we can all agree upon. Can the gap be closed, I believe so. Will it take time, yes. Each side needs to reach out it just can’t be one sided.

    As I was once told “you can’t make politics personal because tomorrow you may be working with that same person to get something else accomplished.”

  21. Three Kings says

    Matt, I like the conciliatory tone of your closing words. Given the possibility of a Gibbons victory and your open criticism of him, will you “reach out” to him prior to the Primary? Wouldn’t it be prudent to ditch the tainted PC and reconcile with your potential next state senator? He may well be that “same person.”

  22. Campaign 101
    Rule #2: Never apologize during a campaign.

  23. Steve Court says

    As I drive around town, and I do that a lot, to try and set up new signs, I see just as many of my signs in yards with Pearce as I do with Gibbons. I see my signs in yards with Ash, and I see my signs in yards with Middlebrook. I don’t dictate who my supporters vote for, I am just pleased when they support me. To set the record straight, I am not running with Pearce, Gibbons, Ash or Middlebrook.

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