Team Brewer: Statement Regarding Goddard on Prop 100

Jan Brewer for Governor

For Immediate Release: March 17, 2010

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer 2010 Spokesman Doug Cole Regarding Letter from Terry Goddard Re: Proposition 100

“It’s amazing that the day after the budget is passed by the Legislature, the Attorney General finally begins to talk about Arizona’s budget crisis. The Attorney General, and his political partner, Janet Napolitano, helped drive this state toward the largest budget deficit in Arizona’s history. Governor Brewer has called on him since January to offer solutions to the fiscal crisis. So far – no proposals, and no solutions, just criticism from Goddard and members of his party.

“Governor Brewer is the only one who has proposed a comprehensive, balanced solution to the state’s budget calamity. The consequences of Proposition 100 failing would be devastating – $428 million from classrooms, $120 million from higher education, $100 million from public safety, $200 million from health and human services. All told, the Governor and legislature have permanently reduced state spending over the last two years by roughly $2.2 billion. This is why Republicans and Democrats alike, labor and business together, support Proposition 100, to prevent yet another $1 billion in reductions this year. One would think that Arizona’s Attorney General would support funding for public safety.

“The Governor supports responsible, long-term, prospective tax reforms that would kick-start Arizona’s economy and grow jobs. She does not support irresponsible tax measures that would cause damage to Arizona’s current budget crisis. The Governor has not changed her long-stated belief that job creation must be the top priority, and she has had proposals on the table since March of 2009 to help small, medium, and large businesses grow jobs in Arizona. Moreover, her actions to date have already resulted in regulatory reform to provide a pro-business climate, job training support, and the attraction of $1 billion in new investment in Arizona since taking office.

“Hard times call for hard decisions, and the Attorney General’s comments once again prove that when the times call for leadership, Governor Brewer has the only comprehensive solutions to our state fiscal crisis and for job creation.

“Judging by his comments today, it appears the Attorney General is once again waiting for Governor Brewer to provide him with budget and revenue solutions before he takes a position. Does Terry Goddard support Proposition 100, or does he not?”



  1. Stephen Kohut says

    Who needs a Dem like Jayno when we have RINO like Jan to raise taxes into a recession, spend more than the state can afford, justify entitlements, justify unwarranted spending, … As a GOP PC, when I walk my precinct Jan will not be who I recommend to voters in the primary. I see no difference between Jayno and Jan.

  2. Stephen you are not looking close enough then or are blinded by stupidity. Have your opinions about the tax increase if you must but to say Janet and Jan are one in the same is absolutely ridiculous. Based on actions so far, Jan is arguably the most conservative governor in the history of the state. She signed every conservative bill that landed on her desk last year, ones that time and again were vetoed by Janet. She has cut more then any governor who has proceeded her. Just because she wants the people of Arizona to decide what level of government our state has does not undue what she has accomplished in her short time.

    We must remember we have an incumbent Republican Governor. If we don’t like her actions, we offer solutions. I personally contacted my reps who are opposed to the taxes and asked them to detail the cuts they would publicly support. When none of the three could sufficiently do so without borrowing billions of dollars over the next 30 years, I realized first hand the depth of the problem.

    I am a mother with three children in school. Two public and one charter. The last thing I want is 40 children in my kids classroom or for the charter school to close down. If it means our family spends and extra $200 this year then I am fine.

  3. So Long Gabby says

    Not to be too picky (okay, I’m being too picky), but a professional news release that starts every paragraph with quotation marks and then never closes the quotation marks shouldn’t be starting the next paragraph with another quotation mark. It really throws off the eye.

  4. Solutions says

    Terry Goddard has solutions and actually knows how to lead. He is a proven leader in Arizona, has brought millions and millions of dollars into AZ during his tenure as AG, and will lead our state to sustainable, more prosperous times. Brewer can’t lead her way out of a paper bag. She can’t even lead her own party.
    Good bye Jan….Elect Terry Goddard!

  5. Stephen Kohut says


    Couldn’t even get out one sentence without a personnal attack on the blogger. How telling.

    Jan has been adament since she took office on a massive sales tax increase. She has held the legislature hostage for that sales tax increase, delaying needed spending cuts, raised property taxes by over $250M through a line item veto, increasing spending by over $400M through line item vetos of spending cuts, … That is not a fiscal conservative. That is a tax and spend RINO.

    I’ve contacted my state Senator, Rios, you can guess how that went. I’ve contacted my state reps, one Dem and one RINO. No better there.

    As you put it, if we don’t like the Governor offer solutions. Mine is simple. Vote her out in the primary and get a true conservative in the general election.

    Regarding education. My granddaughter is at a charter school and my wife is currently a school librarian. The bottom line on K-12 spending is this. If we take the $/student in the dark ages of 1970 when we had hot lunches, AP classes, arts/sports, etc. and adjust that for inflation public schools would be spending $4000/student today. Actual public school spending per student today is $9400 and we get a crappy product. Private schools spend $5500 per student today and have a better product. In public schools the ratio of teachers to admin is 1/1. In private schools the ratio is 3/1. See the problem? It’s not money. Any good business person could take a meat cleaver to K-12 spending and provide a better product at vastly lower cost. K-12 spending is a black hole of high cost underperformance.

    The way out of spending to much is to not spend too much. This is not rocket science.

  6. Paragraph #2: Is that supposed to be a list of downsides? $428 billion dollars less of government K-12 schooling and $428 billion dollars more in Arizona taxpayers’ pockets? $120 million dollars less to ASU/NAU/UofA and its three kings (presidents) and $120 million dollars more in Arizona taxpayers’ pockets? $100 million less of government police to arrest marijuana users and dealers and $100 million dollars more in Arizona taxpayers’ pockets? $200 million less of general government spending and $200 million more in Arizona taxpayers’ pockets?

    Less money in the pockets of government means more money in my pocket.

  7. Jamie,
    If I’m reading correctly, even if Prop 100 passes Charter Schools will still take a funding cut of $10 million and gifted education will still lose all funding. So, even through supporting Brewer and this proposition, you’re charter school could close down.

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