Taxing Abortion

The Governor of New York is about to unleash the power of taxation on the citizens of New York. To make up for a $15.4 Billion budget deficit, Governor David Patterson is proposing 88 new taxes on everything from iPod downloads to movie theatres, cigars to non-diet soft drinks, defibrillators to fuel cells, massages to security guard training and vehicle registration to asbestos removal. The list is endless but moreover, it illustrates how liberals seek to solve fiscal problems – by taxing anything taxable.

Here’s one I’d like to suggest to the Governor. How about a tax on abortion? That’s right, the ultimate sin tax.

The State of New York has already codified the provisions of the notorious Supreme Court ruling, Roe v. Wade which allows for abortion for any reason or no reason at all. It’s not as if abortion is going away any time soon in the State of New York and even if the High Court overturned Roe the states would have to decide this issue on their own turf. New York already has.

Liberals, who overwhelmingly tend to embrace taxes and abortion, should also embrace this policy proposal. The tax revenue could even be used to fund programs for women who choose to have their babies, women who need assistance to raise the next generation of hopefully, taxpayers.

New York’s Department of Vital Statistics latest data on abortion indicates that there were 121,278 abortions performed in 2006. If a $100 fee was assessed on every abortion performed, the State of New York would have over $12 million for programs that help women deciding to give birth.

Of course, this will never happen because those writing the laws in New York (liberals), want the taxpayers to pay for abortions for poor women while making it as easy as possible to get an abortion.

Ultimately, this situation is the perfect “Catch 22.” The Governor wants more tax money and is willing to tax everything that falls under his definition of “sinful behavior” but when it comes to taxing the “sacred rite of abortion,” this will be one area where death and taxes will never cross paths.

(I actually oppose the idea of taxing abortion because it ensures that government remains committed to the practice for the revenue but for the sake of the argument that you tax things you want less of and don’t tax things you want more of, I’ll make the proposal.)


  1. You forget that putting a fee on abortions will decrease the number of abortions performed, so the state would have much less than $12 million for programs. At the same time, fewer abortions being performed means there will be more children potentially on welfare.

    I’m all in favor of sin taxes in order to promote beneficial behavior. This proposal doesn’t do that.

  2. I’ll agree with this if you support taxing medical treatment for handgun owners who accidentally shoot themselves or others.

  3. I agree. I think we could call that the “Stupid Shooter” law.

  4. Done. OK, what other national problem do we solve today?

  5. I hear that those flashing lights aimed at catching speeders are catching sinners – so that is a sin tax, too 🙂

  6. Progressive: Because of the importance of abortions to those undergoing the procedure, I doubt that a $100 additional tax on abortions would substantially decrease the number of abortions performed. However, as a tax that could be expected to disproportionally affect the already disadvantaged or victimized, I agree that it would be difficult to justify.

  7. Veritas Vincit says

    Actually, that’s a pretty good idea. Let’s propose it here in Arizona. I’d bet you the first years revenues that if this were put on the ballot by initiative it would pass hands down.

    Liberals love abortions because (as the statistics show) most abortions are provided to minority women thus limiting their populations. Its all about racism and elitism. And, those who promote abortions among “the poor” are really racists. Ah, but their mental disorder prohibits them from seeing themselves as others do.

  8. The majority of abortions in the US in fact are not performed on minority women, Veritas. Why are you lying?

  9. Annie Hoyle says

    Technically, 55% of abortions are by white women… however, African American women have abortions at a rate of 3 to 1 over white women because there are fewer African American women. Per capita, African Americans are having many more abortions.

  10. There is nothing “technically” about it. This is the opposite of what Veritas Vincit, who claims to have looked at the statistics, states. Again, why is this person lying? This just continues the pattern of deceit I have seen on here in regards to abortion.

  11. Annie Hoyle says

    Hard concept to grasp, yes I know.
    The abortion ratio for African American women (50 abortions per 100 live births)is 3 times that of White women (17 abortions per 100 live births. Other “minorities” are having abortions at 2.2 times the rate of White women. There is no pattern of deceit here…. Minorities are killing their babies at an alarmingly higher rate than White women. The implications of that are horrible! So sorry Todd if you can’t grasp that concept! We conservatives do tend to be a bunch of lying liers who lie though! NOT!

  12. Sorry Anne, but if someone wants to claim that people who are pro-choice are in fact closet racisst who support abortion as a means of genocide, I would at least expect them to not lie about the statistics.

  13. Margaret Sanger Speaks to the Ku Klux Klan
    Don’t even get me started on the abortion industry’s dark eugenic and racists roots. Margaret Sanger was mired in these philosophies and practices. It’s no secret that Planned Parenthood locates its clinics in predominantly minority areas. Many prominent African-American pastors have spoken out against PP’s modus operandi Here are a few quotes from her entry on Wikipedia:

    In 1926, Sanger even gave a lecture on birth control to the women’s auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan in Silver Lake, New Jersey. She described it as “one of the weirdest experiences I had in lecturing,” and added that she had to use only “the most elementary terms, as though I were trying to make children understand.” Sanger’s talk was well-received by the group and as a result “a dozen invitations to similar groups were proffered.” In September 1930, she received at home the Nazi anthropologist Eugen Fischer.”

    In 1937, Sanger became chairperson of the Birth Control Council of America and launched two publications, The Birth Control Review and The Birth Control News. From 1939 to 1942, she was an honorary delegate of the Birth Control Federation of America, which included a supervisory role with the “Negro Project”, alongside Mary Lasker and Clarence Gamble.

    Like many progressive reformers of her generation, Sanger was a proponent of eugenics, a social philosophy which claims that human hereditary traits can be improved through social intervention. Methods of social intervention (targeted at those seen as “genetically unfit”) advocated by eugenicists have included selective breeding, sterilization and euthanasia. In “A Plan for Peace” (1932), for example, Sanger argued for: “A stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”

    “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Margaret Sanger’s December 19, 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble, 255 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts.


    Abortion advocates can try to white wash Margaret Sanger’s controversial past and ties to eugenics but her words speak for themselves.

  14. Sanger’s racist views are totally reprehensible and her eugenics positions deserve ridicule and disdain.

    Having said that, Sanger was on record opposing abortion and this was in part what drove her advocacy of birth control. Since she died in 1965, I don’t know if she agreed with Planned Parenthoods’ later stand on abortion.

    As a strong advocate for birth control, it might make sense to try to tie her views to modern supporters of birth control. Since she was against abortion it doesn’t make much sense to tie people who are pro choice to her repugnant views.

  15. PS. The quote you cite for Sanger’s letter is actually not the correct quote. I believe she was not admitting to an attempt at genocide but rather stating she was concerned people might see it that way.

  16. Minorities may be having more abortions because there are more of them living in poverty, a circumstance that is a byproduct of rich white men running our country. Hey, get rid of abortion then the minority women (and white women) can die having illegal, or self-imposed, abortions. Great idea!

  17. Dr Bernard Nathanson, who was a key person repealing the US abortion laws and also supervised the first and largest abortion ‘clinic’ in the world, the Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health in New York City, describes the tactics used to make abortion acceptable and how he changed his mind. He states ‘We fed the public a line of deceit, dishonesty, a fabrication of statistics and figures…We sensationalized the effects of illegal abortions, and fabricated polls which indicated that 85% of the public favoured unrestricted abortion, when we knew it was only 5%. We unashamedly lied, and yet our statements were quoted [by the media] as though they had been written in law…It was a $5 million-a-year business… In NARAL (National Association for Repeal of Abortion Laws) we generally emphasized the drama of the individual case, not the mass statistics, but when we spoke of the latter it was always 5,000 to 10,000 a year. I confess that I knew the figures were totally false, But in the “morality” of our revolution, it was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest statistics?’(Aborting America, p 197) The official figures of maternal death due to illegal abortion before abortion was legalised was 160.
    Unfortunately 1.3 million deaths occur every year because abortion was legalized. That is a very sad statistic.
    Abortion is being used as birth control so that slutty girls/women and boys/men do not have to be responsible for their poor choices.

  18. Love the post.

  19. Thanks for your sharing.

  20. Does anyone know if Planned Parenthood (Pro murder INC. ) pays taxes? If not then we should stick it to them by making them pay HIGH taxes.


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