Tastes Like Chicken


Have you ever been asked to taste something that is different than your normal menu du jour?  Typically, this happens with things that might be considered gamey, wild, or offensive.  They have a certain allure, the challenge of the hunt, the novelty of being edgy and different but when you ask…”What does it taste like?”  the answer is…”Tastes like chicken.”

The food item might have a different name, a different species, an entirely different origin…but when you peel back the skin or pluck the feathers and the heat gets to it….it is very similar to something very familiar.

We are currently enduring the presidency of a man with great oratorical skills, who can take a message and spin it well.  He is able to affect dialects of various regions without giving away that it isn’t really his at all.  He talks a good game.  His rhetoric and running “against” rather than “for” was enough to get him elected POTUS.

Most of us know of his record.  Not much to it, lots of “present” votes and little else.  Well, then there is that ugly little matter back in Illinois when he voted for late term abortions.  But…he managed to spin that right out of the public eye.  How did he do it?  He deflected, deferred, marginalized, and with his exceptional rhetorical continues to blame others for all that is wrong and he alone can, and will, make it right.

Lately, I’ve had this nagging notion of déjà vu.  What was it?  It was like I was seeing something so familiar but…different.  Then, watching the video of JD Hayworth at the LD21 meeting…it hit me!

JD Hayworth  is the latest version of “tastes like chicken”!

Can JD talk a good game?  YES HE CAN!

Heck, he talked about games for years before running for office.

Can JD captivate an audience? YES HE CAN!

He was paid for his ability to maintain ratings while a sportscaster. What great training and experience that must have been.  Then all those years on drive time radio, where he controlled the mike, the dialogue, and the subject…who could ask for a better venue?

Can JD market himself to appeal to the consumer?  YES HE CAN!

He has been working on it ever since he was booted from office in a district with an 18% Republican advantage.  He had to; his job was to create an image that would appeal to the market his boss served.  If along the way he made a great living and elevated his chances of returning to DC… just a perk.

Can JD spin a news cycle with the best of them? OH, YES HE CAN!

He has marginalized his own record by pointing out the flaws in others and done so with such grace as to make it appear like business as usual.

The guy is good.  He has made a living out of it.

But, what did he do while in office.  What reasonable expectation can the voter have that he will be more than a great voice with exceptional speaking skills?

Well, let’s look at that….. Congressman Dick Armey, who was House Majority Leader for 8 years of JDs time on The Hill had this to say recently:

….J.D. had a fairly short, undistinguished congressional career with virtually no initiative on his part.”

No initiative?  That’s not good.  But, that’s not all….

As I recall, J.D. was on the Ways and Means Committee and I didn’t really see him make any distinguished effort, for example, like people like (Arizona GOP Reps.) Jeff Flake and John Shadegg in terms of creative ideas and legislative initiative,” Armey said. “Certainly nothing on the cost-control front. But John McCain was the first guy to understand the need to get earmarks under control. He took a real leadership role, as did Jeff Flake.”

So, what about his record?  JD Hayworth is deeply tied, unfortunately, to the two things that have caused the prairie fire of anti-Washington and anti-GOP sentiment….corruption and spending.

I will be the first to say unequivocally… JD Hayworth was exonerated of any wrong doing.  However, there is no denying  Hayworth was involved with former “super-lobbyist” Jack Abramoff and the largest recipient of campaign money from the now-convicted Abramoff.

No “illegal” activity.  But what about judgment and desire to win at all costs?

On to spending…..boy, this could fill a page! So, how about the highlights?

The 2002 Highway Bill…the pork-laden bill that gave us the Highway to Nowhere and filled the pockets of lots of folks with money taken directly from ours.

The unfunded Medicare bill, $7 trillion in debt bequeathed to our children.  Yep, he voted for it.

He supported the 527 campaign loophole bill that created more problems than McCain-Feingold.

And while you are on the bi-partisanship never got us anywhere kick…how about his support of the Dem sponsored, job killing, small business impeding  Sarbanes-Oxley Act?

Yeah….definitely, taste like chicken!


  1. Molly,

    To use the the words of a South Carolina Representative, “You Lie”!

    First, while you may like McCain’s initiatives like silencing conservatives (he calls it campaign finance reform), promoting amnesty for illegal aliens, attacking gun shows, supporting subsidies for big banks (TARP), supporting Cap and Tax, etc., I don’t, and no real conservative would!

    Second, whenever you post, I will remind everyone that you are a McCainiac, dedicated to smears because that is your modus operandi!

  2. McCainiacs are still squealing like little piggies because their candidate is losing. What a pathetic article.

  3. These Hayworth zombies sound just like how the Obama zombies spoke of their Messiah in 2008. Oh, but there’s one big difference…Obama won.

    Just like Obama, Hayworth is no Messiah, folks. They’re both more like false prophets.

  4. allusbadguys says


    Why do you not link to any of the roll calls for these votes?

  5. Hayworth might not be the Messiah, no one claimed he was, but I am starting to think McCain is the Anti-Christ.

    McAmnesty’s approach to illegal immigration inspired the entire country to oppose him. It isn’t just Arizonans who are sick of him, it’s the whole country.

  6. Carefully weighing what I know (not what the spin doctors would want me to believe), Mc Cain is a man I want gone. Listen to his daughter and his wife sometime and make a wild guess what kind of breakfast discussions abound. Mc Cain is very fond of Mc Cain.

    There should be a litmus test of not electing any wealthy playboy types..they all have a passing likeness to the plot of ‘Dorian Gray.’ They also start out good looking.

  7. Stephen Kohut says

    Must be a realy slow day for Molly at McRINO campaign headquarters. I do love the fact that McRINO has to waste campaign dollars to pay people to blog for him. It must be a bear to be a candidate and not have any grassroots support.

  8. ………………………..
    “No “illegal” activity.”

    If that’s an offical critique then for balance, one must mention McCain and the Keating Five.

    Or drop the insinuations and focus on better arguments, like explaining why McCain is so interested in ANOTHER “bi-partisan” capitulation to the Democrats by playing Big Nanny of the vitamins.

    How about a “bi-partisan” team to REDUCE SPENDING and REDUCE TAXES?

  9. From 1 to 7 Reality #3 is the only one who’s got it right.
    Once upon living in Illinois near Arlington Race Track there was another, albeit famous but short lived sportscaster. His memorable never-miss announcement was when the horses came from the outfield back into sight: “And here they come, spinning out of the turn”.
    Spinning, and spinning out of turn seems to be a modus operandi for sportscasters.

  10. You’ll know when J.D. is lying – his lips will be moving.

  11. candice canya says

    poor JD just trying to pay off his legal bills thanks to that convicted henchman. hayworth is angry and combative, and if he really wanted whats best for our state and our nation, he wouldn’t run at all. I’m voting McCain.

  12. What is this! Another drive by from the McCain camp. Is this all McCain has to offer, fact-challenged mudslinging! Let’s step it up a notch, I consider the SA audience to be way beyond political juvenilia.

  13. double decaf latte says

    JD….What an easy target. I love the woman’s voice the McCain Campaign is using on their Guam Snakes and Bridge to No Where Radio Ads.

    I can’t wait for early voting!

  14. Rosco P Colrane says

    JD has done a number on AZ. He’s got a good JD vs McCain lesser-of-evils battle going on. Problem is, they’re both evil.

    There are 2 others in the race. But none of you will consider them because they aren’t famous. JD and McRaza talk up too good of a story. Well, look at how far voting for famous sweet-talkers has gotten you so far.

    All the McCainiacs who are blasting JD are RIGHT. And so are all the JDers who are blasting McCain. You each point to the other and sling fact after fact about how poor they’ve performed and how corrupt they both are. You’re both RIGHT!

    So pick somebody else. Get behind someone who isn’t owned by the banking elite or the establishment. What a concept!

    Jim Deakin – End the Fed, end the Patriot Act, 10th Amendment Center pledge

  15. Looks like the only answers coming from the JD fans is to attack the messenger or come back with the equivalent of “I know I am but what are you?”

  16. Stephen Kohut says

    Out of the mouths of children. I was discussing RINO’s with my granddaughter and asked her what she thought was most memorable about them. She said, the sign at the Tucson zoo. With a puzzled look on my face, I asked her what the sign said. She said, “Well, it says that when rhinos blow wind they can spray up to twenty feet away and you should stay back so they don’t cover you in poop.” I see where that sign is perfectly applicable to both rhino’s and RINO’s.

  17. Foghorn Leghorn tastes like chicken!

  18. Very well written column, it will get those 35%er’s right on board, really specious.

  19. Tiredofthecrap says

    While not a McCain fan I sure hope JD has a better PR campaign then “McCains a poopy head”. Don’t tell us why not to vote for your opponent tell us why to vote for you.

  20. All this mud slinging is quite offensive, and looks desperate. Why not talk about the issues for a change?

  21. Sorry “tired of the crap” but the crap is coming from McCain and his crew. They have lied about J.D. and continue to do so. The issues are: McCain will go back to supporting cap and trade, amnesty, closing Gitmo, no drilling in ANWAR, etc. etc as soon as he is re-elected. J.D. won’t and he also won’t vote to regulate supplements. That is all I need to know. Go J.D.

  22. Tiredofthecrap says

    DeAnn, once again the only positive for JD is he won’t regulate supplements? Come on, you’ve got to be able to do better than that.

  23. Hey Tired of Crap:
    I don’t want my utility rates and gas prices soaring because of cap and trade. J.D. won’t vote for it, McCain will. McCain will vote for amnesty, J.D. won’t. McCain won’t drill in ANWAR, J.D. will. The supplement regulation is another positive for J.D. It is time for some R & R for the senator.

  24. Sonoran Weekly Review has uncovered a new series of disturbing, unethical actions perpetrated by Arizona’s newest US Senate candidate, JD Hayworth. In the weeks to come, SWR will bring you the stories that have not been reported in any other media outlet in the country – stories that have not been manufactured by affiliates of Hayworth’s public relations team.

    Former conservative talk show host turned 2010 US Senate candidate, JD Hayworth, has spent nearly a year exercising his First Amendment rights – using the Arizona airwaves, Republican meetings and town halls to angrily call Senator John McCain a bully, an intimidator, and a scared political heavyweight has-been.

    What a rookie error. A Senate rookie, that is.

    Hayworth has repeatedly and publicly mischaracterized Senator McCain’s finely-aged confidence, world-wide respect and manhood – his lifelong legacy – as merely some kind of juvenile, schoolyard victim story that has left him paralyzed with fear after all of these years in Washington.

    Hayworth desperately wants to believe that Senator John McCain is scared of him. The truth is almost laughable. Senator McCain has wrestled bigger demons and principalities during his lifetime than JD Hayworth has ever wrestled in his dreams.

    But sadly, reality will not stop JD Hayworth’s mouth. He believes it is his greatest weapon but it is, in fact, his darkest curse.

    Years ago, The Arizona Republic christened JD Hayworth with the nickname “The Bully” for exercising his free speech incessantly and brutishly. It is a name that has served him well both in Arizona and in Washington DC.

    Just ask some of the good folks at Phoenix television station, KTVK – Channel 3.

    In what can only be described as alarming and despicable behavior unbecoming to a conservative Christian, SWR has discovered that JD Hayworth participated in an extortionate scheme to shakedown the #1 independent television station in the United States and the #1 station across Arizona, Phoenix’s KTVK – Channel 3.

    With the gratuitous help of his favorite high-powered Washington DC legal firm, Foley & Lardner, Hayworth’s threatening interference with KTVK’s broadcasting license kicked off a desperate attempt to stifle political free speech just two weeks before Hayworth’s embarrassing general election loss to Democrat Harry Mitchell in November, 2006.

    Responding to an October 18, 2006 complaint from JD Hayworth’s campaign which accused the National Education Association’s Fund for Children and Public Education (NEA) of running a television ad that falsely attacked Hayworth’s legislative voting record and policy positions, admitted McCain-Feingold hater, Foley & Lardner election law attorney Cleta Mitchell, fired off a nasty three page “cease and desist if you want to exist” letter to the Station Manager of Belo Corporation’s KTVK – Channel 3 – “Arizona’s Family”.

    In her legal letter on behalf of Hayworth, Mitchell threatened KTVK with the loss of its broadcasting license if it did not immediately cease airing the NEA’s ad. If any attorney in Washington DC would petition and sue to revoke a broadcaster’s license, provided that best served a client – that attorney would be Cleta Mitchell.

    Mitchell’s letter to the KTVK Station Manager said,

    “….this is not political advertisement as that term is defined by the Federal Communications Act. Your station is not protected from legal liability for airing false and misleading advertisement sponsored by the NEA……your station is not obligated to air any advertisement from the NEA……a licensee who fails to properly supervise the airing of (among other things) ‘false and misleading advertising’ can be properly divested of its license….you are subjecting your station to potential liability….please be advised that the NEA has falsified its required report which was to have been filed within 24 hours of the airing of this advertisement. A complaint is being filed today against the NEA…..”

    Mitchell finished her rude letter with a big lie. One she’d hoped might influence the election for her client.

    Cleta Mitchell told KTVK management that the NEA had falsified its required FEC report regarding expenditures at their station, even though she knew the NEA had not yet filed any report with the FEC and that they had still had 48 hours to do so. Considering the NEA had spent over $308,000, the stakes for all players were high.

    The emergency dissemination of this letter to Arizona’s favorite television station was a decidedly anti-First Amendment maneuver from a First Amendment hypocritical-blowhard and his legally blond sidekick who lawyers-up with any constitutional politician, PAC or ultra conservative cause that will have her. She is a featured performer on that circuit. Not bad for a gal that spent the first 40 of her 60 years….as Democrat.

    The investigation by SWR also found that JD Hayworth and Cleta Mitchell filed a stealth 2006 complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) against the NEA on October 20, 2006, just two days after threatening to shut down KTVK. This complaint formally became known at the FEC as Matter Under Review – 5855 (MUR 5855). All public documents can be found here. Just type 5855 in the case # window.

    Curiously, Hayworth’s formal FEC complaint neglected to mention Mitchell’s strong-armed letter to KTVK. However, the last few pages of the NEA’s formal response to the Hayworth’s complaint contained a gem of a copy of the KTVK letter.

    The NEA’s copy of the KTVK letter shows three faxed time stamps and phone numbers. This copy of the KTVK letter went from JD Hayworth’s Scottsdale office, to the KTVK – Channel 3 Sales Department and on to Media Strategies – the media buying firm that purchased the airtime on KTVK for the NEA’s 30 second spot.

    The KTVK letter was a hot item then. It still is, even now.

    Following Hayworth’s formal complaint to the FEC, the FEC notified the NEA that Hayworth had filed a complaint against them. The NEA already knew about the KTVK shakedown and didn’t hesitate to repeat the dirty details in its reply to the FEC.

    The NEA’s lead counsel, Richard Wilkof, drafted a poignant response to Hayworth’s formal FEC complaint saying, “….the Complaint is entirely groundless, to the point of being frivolous. It appears to be merely part of a larger effort to bully a television station that broadcasts in Arizona’s 5Ih Congressional District into pulling from the air an independent expenditure paid for by The NEA Fund that was critical of Congressman Hayworth. In that sense, the Complaint would be the functional equivalent of an abuse of the process, and should be summarily dismissed by the Commission…… We submit that allegations in the Complaint are disingenuous, and that the Hayworth committee filed the Complaint merely as part of a multi-faceted strategy to pressure KTVK-TV into pulling The NEA Fund’s television advertisements from the air.”

    Responding to Cleta Mitchell’s manufactured lie about the NEA’s falsified expenditure report to the FEC, the NEA responded, “The complainant alleged that the National Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education (“NEA Fund”) violated the Act by failing to report within 48 hours its independent expenditures for television advertisements that were critical of Rep. J.D. Hayworth. However, the complaint was filed roughly twelve hours before the NEA Fund’s report was due to be filed with the Commission. In fact, respondent did file timely its necessary 48 Hour report. Hence, no violation occurred.”

    For the next seven months, the FEC kept MUR 5855 under investigation but had classified the complaint as a low-rated matter and recommended it for dismissal. On May 16, 2007 the FEC’s Office of General Counsel dismissed the case, saying that Hayworth’s filing of the formal complaint was premature, as the NEA still time to legally file its expenditure report after Hayworth filed his complaint.

    However, on May 30, 2007, the FEC commissioners met and unanimously voted to reject the Office of General Counsel’s recommendation to dismiss MUR 5855 on the basis of prosecutorial discretion. The FEC commissioners, instead, voted to find no reason to believe that the NEA violated and campaign finance laws or FEC regulations.

    The FEC commissioners handed JD Hayworth and Cleta Mitchell a definitive rejection of their frivolous complaint, saying that no violation occurred. By June 20, 2007 the FEC commissioners had all signed off on their unanimous decision in favor of the NEA.

    By this time, Hayworth had already lost his US House seat to Harry Mitchell and had been the afternoon talk show host at KFYI-550 AM for a couple of months. Hayworth had not been a radio broadcaster since his college days. Prior to becoming a US House Representative in 1995, Hayworth had been a longtime Phoenix television sportscaster but he was unable to find a job in that venue, at any local station.

  25. Stephen Kohut says

    You would think the McRINO’s staffers would have some originality and not just post the same crap on every blog they can find regardless of the topic. Must be beyond their ability to be original. You have to pay more if you want the staff to think.

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