TASER International Co-Founder To Serve As Finance Chair For Vernon Parker Congressional Campaign

PHOENIX, ARIZ.  APRIL 9, 2010. Just one week after announcing a first-quarter fundraising total of $230,000, Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker today received the endorsement of TASER International Chairman and Co-Founder Tom Smith. The renowned Arizona businessman, who considered a run in the Third Congressional District earlier this year, will serve as Parker’s finance chair and a senior advisor.
“Mayor Parker is dynamic, he’s a leader and he has the potential to be one of the most compelling new Republican voices in our state and across the country,” Smith said. “I’m proud to stand beside a candidate and neighbor who truly believes that job creation and economic growth are the keys to Arizona’s future.”
TASER currently employs more than 300 Arizonans at its North Scottsdale facility and has created thousands of additional jobs throughout Arizona since the company’s inception in 1993.

“TASER’s ability to create jobs and stimulate our economy is one of the most impressive success stories in Arizona.  Our campaign is on a roll and Tom’s support just put an exclamation mark on our momentum,” Parker said. 

Parker, 50, is the current mayor of Paradise Valley, Arizona.  He previously served the administrations of George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush as an Assistant Secretary for the $90 billion United States Department of Agriculture, small businessman, and as a pastor for two years at a small non-denominational church in Paradise Valley.

He is supported by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Congressman Matt Salmon and Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio among many others. 

Raised by his grandmother in a severely underprivileged neighborhood, Parker was able to escape the drugs and violence through love, education and the commitment of family.  He was recently recognized by NBC News/thegrio.com as one of America’s top 100 African American leaders.

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  1. TrueAZConservative says

    Former State Senator Pamela Gorman is the real conservative choice for CD3! She is a proven leader that stands up for the values most important to conservatives: lowering taxes, limited government, privatization, 2nd Amendment rigths.

    I support Pamela, RedState supports Pamela, and you should too.


  2. Not Crazy Pam says

    True: The column you site is written by the same guy who advocated shooting Census workers with shotguns. Maybe he should have argued for the use of tasers, would have been more humane.

  3. James Ray says

    Huge endorsement. Parker is really getting the big money people behind him.

    His endorsement from Sheriff Joe will put him over the top.

  4. TrueAZConservative says

    [Maybe] not crazy pam: It is funny. You mischaracterize his statement, just like many in the CD3 race are trying to slant their records in order to win. First of all, while the ACS is a part of the census bureau, it seeks more information than is required by the Constitution. Even then, you are incorrect to say that he advocating shooting census workers. He simply explained that he was unwilling to provide information that was additional to how many people lived in his household, and would chase ACS workers off of his property if they threatened him after he refused to fill out the form.

    Even then, this is completely a red-herring. RedState is a conservative voice in the country. RedState’s support of Pamela Gorman points to her conservative credentials, in a race where many are misleading voters by proclaiming that they are conservative. Gorman is the conservative voice, with a record to prove it. And now, with the support of RedState and many others, she has many others supporting her credentials.

  5. Not Crazy Pam says

    True aka Pam Gorman: Take a chill pill, just making an ironic post that’s all.

    On the race itself people care more that Arpaio supports Parker, and whose Quayle’s daddy is. In the grand scheme of things if this is the best Gorman can do she might as well get out now.

    How much money did she raise anybody know? Must be bad.

  6. If Gorman is so great she would have stopped the tax hike and not quit the legislature.

    She is a poser at best.

  7. PC in LD6 says

    Conservative 2 the core, which moderate are you supporting then? Parker or Quayle?

  8. TrueAZConservative says

    “Conservative 2 the Core”: the facts seem to have escaped you. Gorman was the holdout on the sales tax increase proposition. Check your facts. She withheld support, and it cost her a position in leadership and she was thrown from many important committee assignments. The Senate president and Governor blasted her, yet she held firm!

    Waring, on the other hand, voted to reconsider the sales tax increase prop when it had been defeated (because of Gorman’s opposition).

  9. SunDevil 4 Conservatives says

    True has a point. I recall reading about Waring voting against the sales tax and then being pressured into voting to reconsider and vote for it.

    Also wasn’t Waring running for Treasurer before Congress?? Does anyone know about that? If so, he seems to be the poser.

  10. PC I haven’t made my mind up just yet.

    I think the race is between Parker, Waring, and Quayle. From everything i have seen and read it appears they are the only ones who really have a shot. And amongst them I am leaning to Parker because after personally talking to Sheriff Joe about what he thought about Parker I am convinced Parker is the conservative amongst those 3.

    I do think Pam and Crump are conservatives too, but I don’t think your greatest claim to fame can be that on the biggest most important issue of a 20% tax increase you lost the vote, were unable to even convince your colleagues to change their mind and then quit the legislature.

    That is not a record of success, its a record of failure. And more worrisome for me will be if that is her excuse for her failures in Washington.

    Frankly I was impressed by her willingness to stand up to Coughlin, but in the end she caved and abandoned the people.

    She put her political career first, and the people second, and no TrueAZ I have the facts straight, they are undeniable.

    Waring his is the biggest Liberal in this race, nobody questions that.

  11. Veritas Vincit says

    Yet another reason NOT to vote for Parker. What did he promise them in return for their support … a big fat Homeland Security contract?

  12. Has anyone actually HEARD Vernon Parker speak??? Dear God! On the three occasions I did, he could hardly put two sentences together. He has this weird smile on his face and has this “aw shucks” routine that is disturbing. At one LD meeting, he said that although he was scheduled to speak, “in his heart, he knew it wasn’t right….” And then left. Huh????? I hate to say it, but i think the people of paradise valley felt like they were progressive electing a mayor of color. then they plugged their ears and didn’t listen to a word he said!

  13. TrueAZConservative says

    Actually, the “people” of Paradise Valley didn’t even elect Parker; we has “elected” by about a half-dozen bureaucrats.

    Further, he is a moderate at best. CD3 deserves a true conservative to replace Shadegg, and Gorman is far and away the most conservative, with a record to prove it…and she was elected by the people!

  14. Funny how Mike Williams is the lobbyist for Redflex and Taser International. I guess ole Vernon likes running with the Nazis out of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

  15. I’m sorry but I cannot support a candidate who enjoys the backing oF sheriff joe. I consider joe an opponent of our constitution.
    Like J Edgar Hoover, Joe has been in law enforcement too long. He has lost the sense and purpose of this country, FREEDOM, not infringement because it makes his job easier.
    Vernon might be an ok guy, but he speaks in generalities, we need specifics. Obama gave us a load of generalities, now that he is in office, he finds he cannot implement much of what his supporters expected (we are still in Iraq, we are increasing Afganistan, not that these things are bad, but they are not what he promised). No need to repeat the error.

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