‘Tapped Out’ – Citizens Voice Anger at Jeff Flake Townhall

Here is the latest video from the townhall that occurred in the San Tan Valley region of congressional district 6 (Johnson Ranch) on Monday, August 31st. Congressman Jeff Flake conducted the townhall to hear from his constituents on a variety of issues but the overriding theme was that Americans are tapped out and angry with everything the federal government is doing.

This video is symptomatic of the raw voter anger occurring everywhere. This gentleman had never spoken publicly before and claimed to represent the view of a few of his co-workers. As you can see his passion drove his well articulated words.


  1. Antifederalist says

    Wish the audio on this were clearer. 🙁

  2. maybe they should have gotten more education and get a f***ing job instead of whinning all the time. HERE COMES THE WHAMBULENCE. The Republican Party.

  3. Antfederalist. I think he is saying he is upset about the Obama tax cut he he is getting.

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