Tape Your Teacher!

I love this story! I have heard several stories just here in Arizona of teachers who use their classroom as pulpit for their political agenda. Yes, plenty of teachers take advantage of young impressionable minds in the classroom by pushing off some liberal ideology. In fact, one of my neighbor’s kids tells me about a teacher at Brophy Prepratory who is always on a rant.

Now I don’t have a problem with this if it’s done in a social studies class AND the other side of an issue is presented equally. Students certainly need to know all sides of an issue so they can make up their own minds and of course, parents are the ultimate conveyor of values to their children.

I’ve always told my children to tell me whenever something political is mentioned or Planned Parenthood is brought up.

What I like about this story is that is it sets a precedent for other students. I’m going to recommend that if there is a teacher who is notorious for peddling propaganda in the classroom, tape it! Let’s go on the offensive and expose these teachers. If the teacher’s union doesn’t do it, let’s have the students do it!


  1. So what do you think about bringing an illegal alien to class (with the media) to show how hard it is to get from Mexico to the US and having the students sleep on the ground and build walls to impede their way to classes in order to sympathise with him?
    When channel 12 is invited into the classroom – I believe that is political!

Speak Your Mind


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