Taking a bow for oil

“America is not and never will be at war with Islam.”

Of course, Sharia Law and the religion of Islam are one.  This is why, in every Muslim dominated country, Sharia Law sooner or later becomes the civil law.  Something about a non-seperation of church and state that Muslims don’t seem to understand.

Captions for the picture?


  1. Kenny Jacobs says

    “Hey V! Kiss my A*#!”

  2. As Michelle Malkin wrote,

    “I have expressed my disgust many times over the years with the Bush administration’s kowtowing to Saudi Arabia. That notorious image of Bush holding hands with Saudi royalty in 2005 and doing sword dances with Wahabbists in 2008 sparked outrage on both the left and the right.”

    It seems like this is another instance where Obama is continuing Bush administration foreign policy.

  3. Veritas Vincit says

    Richard, had I been onboard then you would have seen a picture of that disgusting pair cheek to cheek too.

    Re: your last Paragraph… *exactly*
    the only *change* is in our domestic policy, which GWB set up for “the One”.

    Like volleyball, one sets and the other slams. You’ll get no argument from me on that count.

    Kenny, is that an invitation?

  4. Kenny Jacobs says

    I believe you asked for a caption, please stop flirting with me.

  5. Part of this is just untrue…

    “This is why, in every Muslim dominated country, Sharia Law sooner or later becomes the civil law.”

    I mean of course Obama is kissing up to the Saudis like every President and its pathetic but to imply that every country has a form of sharia law or will is incorrect.

    Look a Turkey a country over 75% Muslim and they work incredibly hard to make sure that religious candidates arent even allowed to run.

    Or Jordan, Egypt and Syria where you have dictators imposing their will on those countries there is no Sharia Law there and honestly I dont see them being overthrown anytime soon.

    These general blanket statements about Islam do not help the conversation about Islam in general it just makes the GOP look like racists, so as someone in the party please give it a rest.

  6. And the WH spin is that he was not bowing! How dare you suggest such a thing! He, who is tall, was simple “bending” in order to not be taller than the shorter Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz.

    Well, he really overcompensated since his head is facing the ground and you can see the shoulders of the Saudi King very clearly. Such an overachiever we have for POTUS.

  7. Veritas Vincit says


    Keep it in context. I said “… sooner or later” and in fact that is the goal of Dar al Islam (the practice not the center in New Mexico).

    And the last time I checked, Islam was a religion not a race, ergo there’s no racism to my post. Study Islamic theocracies sometime and you’ll learn that the *submission* of both civic and religious life to Allah is their concept of paradise on Earth. (And their about as good at achieving it as the Christians have been at their efforts too).

  8. VV,

    “This is why, in every Muslim dominated country, Sharia Law sooner or later becomes the civil law.”

    “Keep it in context. I said ‘… sooner or later’…”

    Your first statment leaves no room for equivocation, yet unless you have previously undisclosed powers of precognition, you have no way of knowing whether this is true. So, in the context of the first statement, you are implying that all Islamic countries will become Sharia-based, even though there is no evidence for that.

    Using Johnny’s example of Turkey (a secular Muslim-majority country) or my example of Indonesia (the world’s largest Muslim nation governed by a democratically elected republican body), your statement is patently wrong.

    As for Dar-al-Islam, you’re wrong there as well:

    “The two requirements for a country to be part of the Dar al-Islam are according to the founder of this concept, Abu Hanifa, the following two:

    1. Muslims must be able to enjoy peace and security with and within this country.

    2.It has common frontiers with some Muslim countries.

    “Muslim scholars maintain that the labeling of a country or place as being a part of Dar al-Islam revolves around the question of religious security. This means that if a Muslim practices Islam freely in his place of abode despite that the place happens to be secular or un-Islamic, then he will be considered as living in the Dar al-Islam.”


    So, the concept Dar-al-Islam has nothing to do with imposing Sharia on top of a secular government.

    Where are you getting your info on Islam?

  9. Veritas Vincit says

    Interesting. I have one question however, why is it, in both Turkey and Indonesia, Jews and Christians are severely persecuted with little or no relief from the civic authorities?

    And do Christian or Jewish believers in Iran or Iraq enjoy “religious security”?

    It appears that the question of religious security only applies to one group.

  10. Veritas as a JEW and someone who has been Turkey I can say I was not persecuted in anyway. Turkey is actually a popular destination spot for Israeli tourists. So your statement again is just incorrect.

  11. I imagine it’s because religion is often a convienient cover for governments to rile up a population in order to achieve needs unreleated to religion, like the Australians’ treatment of the Aborigines or the US’ treatment of the native populations here. Especially the Indonesian response in East Timor.

    As for Iran, yes, Jews are protected – for a good overview, see here:


    Iraq under Saddam? Everyone suffered, but there were Jews (although I know Israel tried to evacuate most Jews under Operation Flying Carpet). Iraq now? No idea.

    “It appears that the question of religious security only applies to one group.”

    Hey, Jesus never said being a Christian was going to be easy.

  12. Veritas Vincit says

    Johnny, being a resident and being a tourist are worlds apart and that’s a weak argument based on hearsay evidence.

    Klute, your last line? Amen brother, amen.

  13. Hearsay evidence? I lived in Israel for a few years and while I was there visited Turkey frequently as did my jewish friends what is hear say about it?

    Also it just seems like you dismiss things out of hand and didn’t do much research the second Klute gives you an article you suddenly have nothing to say… Maybe I should provide pictures of me in the famous Blue Mosque or me in Egypt for passover 3 years ago.

  14. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Writers defending their errors will be the destruction of Sonoran Alliance. I hope that the founder regains control of this blog. It has, until fairly recently, been an excellent source of information and dedication to the conservative ideal. Such a shame that a few writers are hurting this blog.

  15. Veritas Vincit says

    PC, no error here; Obama continues the bow to foreign oil interests.

    Here’s a pet beef of mine: the 19 hijackers were from what country? …and what country did we invade? That’s a non-sequitur of foreign policy.

  16. Veritas Vincit says

    By ASIF SHAHZAD, Associated Press Writer Asif Shahzad, Associated Press Writer – 49 mins ago

    ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s pro-U.S. president signed a regulation late Monday to put a northwestern district under Islamic law as part of a peace deal with the Taliban, going along after coming under intense pressure from members of his own party and other lawmakers.

  17. So what does that article prove Veritas? A very small section of Pakistan is under Islamic law and then like dominos all the other countries will follow??

    That kind of logic worked really well during the cold war…

    Just admit it making over broad general statements like all of Islam one day will be under Sharia law is stupid. It is like Marx claiming eventually capitalism will collapse, which doesn’t mean anything because it could be in 100 million years.

  18. “Here’s a pet beef of mine: the 19 hijackers were from what country? …and what country did we invade? That’s a non-sequitur of foreign policy.”

    Um, yeah, VV. That’s what we on the left were saying. Maybe you people on the right should have listened to us.

    As for Pakistan – again, maybe you on the right should have listened to us, and not Bush, who thought Musharraf seizing power in a military coup was peachy with a side of keen – and the gigantic destablizing problem it became.

    I know the right-wing foreign policy machine has two settings: “Kill” and “Isolate” – which only works for so long. Eventually, Americans get tired of seeing their collective hands soaked in blood.

  19. Veritas Vincit says

    Johnny, what do you know of the Cold War? And who said it was over? Hate to break it to you, but “the Bear is Back”.

    Klute, I haven’t agreed with US foreign policy since that little dust up in southeast Asia some years back. And actually for that matter, I am chagrined by how we’ve treated our neighbors in this hemisphere.

    Few know, but a long time ago (like over 90 years or so), it was either the Walker family or the Bush clan who was deeply involved in the United Fruit Company’s actions in Niguaraga. I’m thinking it was the Walkers, the Bush clan was into steel for JP Morgan’s railroads.

  20. Veritas you are showing constantly how little you understand. My reference was to the Cold War and Domino theory which was without question proven WRONG.

    While the Cold peace we have with Russia is not over, and our relations with them are not good the Cold War is over. The Cold War is a time period in history that everyone is willing to admit is over. (except maybe you)

  21. Veritas Vincit says

    I understand the domino theory just fine, lived it and faced Soviet sailors eyeball to eyeball.

    The Soviet system of centralized everything simply collapsed on itself with some help from RR. They have since retooled and modified and incorporated some capitalist elements much as Red China has.

    A book or historian may define the Cold War as a period of time, but the dynamic geopolitical posturing of Russia and China versus the NATO Alliance hasn’t changed all that much.

    Read American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives by Zbigniew Brzezinski. It goes a long way to explaining why and what we’re doing in Iraq today.

  22. Veritas Vincit says

    Pakistan anyone?


    Looks like they’ll soon join Afghanistan in Taliban Islamic rule.

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