Take the Libertarian Test

Here’s an interesting test you can take if you have libertarian tendencies.

I thought for sure I would score somewhere in the upper percentile but came in with a score of 79.


  1. Cafe Coyote says

    WoW. I scored 119. Was I surprised. I need to look into the mirror.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So how did you score that high? Did you gut our national defense, privatize the police, legalize all of the drugs of the world, or make our soldiers murderers if so much as one civilian dies during a miliary operation?

    And they call themselves a national party? I guess one person per state would qualify you, but they aren’t exactly promoting mainstream American values there… In a way, the test taught me more about them than me…

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I was actually asking DSW, but now I realize Coyote scored even higher, so anybody can answer that one…

  4. STS, I was thinking the same thing! I thought I might be a closet Dem and didn’t know it. Hey, if you’ll tell me yours…I’ll tell you mine.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    29! I just couldn’t answer yes to a whole series of “get rid of X entirely” and “legalize Y entirely” questions…

  6. I got 19, but I agree with Sonoran Truth Squad, some of those questions shouldn’t be answered with a quick yes or no.

  7. I got a 61. I have no problem with gutting a lot of the federal agencies, but I have a probelm with abolition of the state. And I certainly don’t believe the air waves should be polluted with every kind of filth.

    I’ve met a lot of Libertarians; I never heard them say anything about abolition of the state; I thought that was anarchy.

  8. Only a 70! WOW, my critics will be shocked.

  9. I’m a 25, low taxes and limited government does not mean NO government! The open ended, fill-in the blank idea of what some of those questions really mean does tend to leave visions of anarchy at all levels.

    Cafe Coyote, maybe you just need to lay off the java?

  10. 47. According to the website my “libertarian credentials are obvious”. I was suprised that I scored so high, but then again, like STS, I had a hard time with the yes or no for eliminating/legalizing everything.

  11. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    In fairness to my 29, that’s still soft-core Libertarian (which I think means you can get it on Cinemax?)

    And I was only 1 point away from what I must assume was some sort of pay-per-view hardcore Libertarianism… So even they recognize that 30 is actually a good score.

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