Take Back AZ CD’s on Facebook

Take Back CD-1Take Back CD-5A quick plug for two “groups” on Facebook that conservatives need to join.

Take Back CD-1 is geared toward reclaiming Arizona’s Congressional District 1 from Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick. If you are a Facebook member, be sure to join this group and follow what’s happening in this race.

Take Back CD-5 is entirely focused on unseating Harry Mitchell and handing it back to the Republican nominee in the November, 2010 General Election. Get on board with this FB group and feel free to lodge your complaints against Mitchell. Between this FB group and Harry Mitchell Watch, the voters should be able to restore Arizona’s Congressional District 5 to the Republicans.


  1. I’m glad to finally see some concrete organization aimed at taking down mitchell. Will Sonoran Alliance be posting info about those running against him? I would hope yes. Who, right now, is his strongest challenger?

  2. Ashen,

    There in lies the problem. The strongest challenger is david schweikert. He without question has the most cash and won a 5 way primary last time.
    The issue is going to be last time david ran a joke of a campaign with no ground game to speak of in the grassroots. Proved himself a very ok speaker and his campaign seemed sloppily run. Hence he lost by 10 percent in a district mccain carried easily.

    I honestly don’t think schweikert is the guy to beat harry mitchell. He has won some races before but they were county wide where even jim pederson who spent 14 million lost the county by over 110,000. So none of his election wins are any sort of accomplishment.

    This is why I have been begging for some better candidates to jump in the race, because if not harry mitchell will win again…

  3. johnny,

    Watching you circulate and leave comments on some of the other blogs, I’m getting the impression that you’re working for another Republican primary candidate other than David Schweikert. If you are, why not just say so? I’ve been clear that I wholeheartedly support David Sschweikert but will be glad to post anything by any of the other candidates (fair and balanced). My point is why not say, “I support ______ _______ and here’s why” instead of taking shots at a 2008 campaign that took place under completely different conditions than what what will take place in 2010?

  4. DSW,

    I think jim ward and wnuck are jokes. They have no chance of beating harry or winning the primary. I have said this on multiple occassions. I don’t think there are any other current candidates. So no I am not working for another candidate. If you look I have been posting on here since mid-2008. I didn’t like many of the candidates then in the 5 way primary either.
    There was baby-killer susan and the candidate who called himself the walking man, and knaperick whose politics I like but she can’t beat harry.

    Are there any candidates I missed DSW? I have just not been happy with the current candidates and think we need better ones. We want the samething, harry out of office. But these candidates are not the ones to do it.

  5. johnny,

    Fair enough. Then why don’t you suggest some “solution candidates” instead of criticisms? Is there no one you know or like who could beat Harry Mitchell?

  6. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in CD-5, although being a Mitchell supporter, I would say *if* he’s gonna get beat in the next few cycles, this would be the cycle he’s going to get beat in (2012 will return the the majority of center-left/left voters to the polls).

    Having said that, I’m liking our chances against Schweikert. Forgive me, DSW, but you seem to exhibiting the same irrational exuberance the Fred-Heads did in 2008. I know there’s a shift to the right in the electorate, and I know CD-5s got this GOP tilt, but I don’t see where David makes up the 9.6% of the vote. Harry doesn’t need to win by 9.6% – he only needs 50.1 to 49.9. If 9.5% of the vote that is now staying home Democrats and independents moving to the GOP, Harry still wins.

    You need a better candidate, but you’re gonna have to go with the candidate you’ve got.

    Where does Schwiekert get the votes? Tempe? Tempe loves Harry. Tempe’s a write-off. South Scottsdale is Harry. Central Scottsdale is split. North Scottsale? Not enough population to overcome The three major population centers I mentioned before.

    And the Ron Paul/Libertarian rightists, they’re already beginning to flex (look at Rand Paul in Kentucky). That’s gonna carve 3 to 4% out of Schweikert’s hide.

  7. I have been critical of this person in the past but I think jd is the best option. Instead of running for the senate which will require to much money and not enough time running for a CD is his best bet. He can raise enough money quickly to win the primary easily and then would have money for the general.

    I think he is the best bet to beat harry..

  8. And klute it depends on how the redistricting is done in 2010. No way to know how the districts will look in 2012…

  9. While I’m not doubting the skill of the AZ Legislature to create a gerrymander along the lines of the Cloverfield monster, I’m thinking CD5 will remain as is – or it will split Tempe away from Scottsdale – which will do Harry some good.

  10. I have a hard time seeing CD-5 staying as is. In the last 10 years there has been a big population boom all over CD-5 and mesa. Which is probably why we are going to probably get 2 more congressional seats.
    So I think there is a better chance scottsdale gets basically its own district with cavecreek and fountain hills and maybe some zip codes in shadeggs district. Which would be good for harry I guess. Although I assume CD-5 gets more of mesa with its population boom. Which would be bad for dems.

    So it might stay generally the same…

  11. True enough. I don’t have access to any demographics, so apocryphally… my experience is that West Mesa is far more Latino than Anglo in its makeup. I think that would help the Dems.

    I seldom get out to East Mesa, so… dunno.

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