Take a breath – – The real fight starts Monday

First of all, everyone who contacted their federal elected officials should have a sense of satisfaction that the combined efforts of average Americans – sometimes identified as the “grass roots” made a major impact on killing the game plan of the Bush Administration and Senators McCain and Kennedy.  McCain and Kennedy thought they had the momentum to rush the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill (Truth in advertising mandates the bill should be titled The Amnesty Fraud Bill of 2007) through the Senate before people knew what provisions were in the bill.

 The outrage expressed by the “grass roots” was soon joined by the disgust and strong disapproval of orgainzations like the Heritage Foundation, the American Legion and Border Patrol agents as well as respected political analysts like Peggy Noonan, Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.  This national outpouring of disdain was further supported by local elected officials like Speaker Jim Weiers, Senate Majority Leader Thayer Verschoor, Rep. Russell Pearce, and Homeland Security Committee Chairman Warde Nichols as well as Arizona Republican Chairman Randy Pullen and 2007 Gubernatorial candidate Don Goldwater.

Now comes the hard part.  Now that the original anger and sense of betrayal has been with us for a couple of weeks, we have to show the Washington elites that this was more than a three day story.  What we do next week could very well determine the outcome of this confrontation between the power brokers inside the Beltway and the real Americans across this land.

So, take a big breath Saturday and Sunday.  Bulk up on the carbs for the marathon.  Starting on Monday, June 4 and continuing through Friday June 8 we must redouble our efforts by contacting as many Senatorial offices as possible with phone calls, e-mails AND faxes – at least once a day.  Be respectful, but clear and direct that their vote on this bill will be the single vote that the voters will use to determine any future support.

Be clear that this bill is Amnesty.  If they use the red herring that, since there is a fine to get a Z-visa, it is not amnesty.  Remind them that under current law that there is a $5,000 fine just for entering the country legally.  Therefore, a $5,000 fine in order to get a Z-visa is a sleight of hand movement of the same money from a penalty for breaking the law to buying a Z-visa – AND they have eight years to pay this money under the bill with no interest.  Therefore . . . it is AMNESTY!

The very sovereignty of our great nation is at stake.  Do not leave the responsibility for taking action to your neighbor, co-worker, or friends.  Start early and finish late.  Your call could very well be the difference in the decision of Senator Kyl and others. 


  1. Hometown Guy says

    Party Platform Guy:
    Thanks for the energizing reminder of what is really at stake here: It’s our future and that of America’s future generations. We absolutely need to be incensed at this betrayal and that anger should renew itself as action. Talk is cheap. Let’s get out there and show we care about this great nation, its sovereignty and the rule of law.

    I don’t recall ever being as sick to my stomach as when President Bush told us all where to go last week. We either support this amnesty (YES! Amnesty!) or we can stop his runaway train long enough to jump off.

    Perhaps some of you remember the 1976 blockbuster movie, Network?http://www.filmsite.org/netw2.html
    The enraged network executive said,”I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ‘I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore …”

    If you are too young to recall this scene, I can assure you that neither Jon Kyl or John McCain are!

  2. Senator Kyl said last week that the number of calls to his office from angry constituents was tailing off, while messages of support had doubled.

    Kyl is being told that he is seen as someone who is central to resolving a broken system and breaking a logjam.

    Let’s see . . . Pres Bush says if we oppose this amnesty bill that we do not have the best interests of America at heart. Kyl tells us he is opposed to amnesty while a candidate, then participates in secret meetings for months to create an amnesty bill.

    If we can’t maintain a level of anger that gets us up long enough to make the calls, e-mails and faxes to express our outrage, we do not deserve the rewards of living in this country.

    Tell him:
    No amnesty
    No automatic Permanent Probationary legal status
    No “temporary” permanent residents
    No cutback in the 800 miles of FENCING
    No more open border.

    If we can secure the South Korean border for them, we can secure our border.

    Let him know this will not go away with time.

    John Kyl:
    Washington (202)224-4521
    Toll free:(866)340-9281

    Tucson – (520)575-8633
    Phoenix – (602)840-1891

  3. Oro Valley Dad says

    First week. 1,000 calls against and 10 calls for the bill.
    Second week. 950 calls against and 20 calls for the bill.

    These are not actuall numbers but they would fit Kyl’s scenario.

  4. Unfortunately, OVD, it seems to be a habit on the part of the senator. Misleading his own base has become way too normal for him, at this time.

    The part that is amazing, he should have enough experience to know that the people he is consorting with have ALWAYS made promises to conservatives that are NEVER fulfilled.

    Bush, McCain, Kennedy, Spector, etc. will run from him like he has a communicable disease as soon as they have gotten what they want from him.

    Then he will wonder why his old friends no longer trust him. That is truly too bad.

  5. Hometown Guy says

    The news of the JFK terror plot should be enough to make our go-along-to-get-along guys in Washington realize the urgency in securing our nation’s borders.

    And what a surprise! These plotters were adherents of the “Religion of Peace.”

  6. Everyone,

    #1) Call or e-mail as many of the ucommitted senators as possible.

    #2) Call the National Republican Senatorial Committee at (202) 675-6000 and let them know that you will not support the reelection of any senator in 2008 who votes for the amnesty bill in the Senate. Their website is nrsc.org. They have a list of contact information for all the Republican senators. There is also a good map that shows there are twice as many Republican senatorial seats up for election next year than Democrat. Make sure they know that ANY chance to return to majority status relies on killing this bill.

    #3) Call the Republican National Committee at (202) 863-8500 (option 1) and let them know you will not support any candidate in 2008 who votes for the amnesty bill in the Senate. For e-mails, send one to Political@gop.com and one to Chairman@gop.com

    Be POLITE but FIRM that this is not a short-term flareup, but that we will be like real-life elephants – we will remember and our love of country is over-rides our love of party.

  7. Hometown Guy says

    Thanks for the excellent information, GOP PK. Will put it to use tomorrow (Monday)when the offices open!

  8. Tom Setter says

    Stop the invasion. Build the fence and man it.
    No amnesty.
    Tom Setter
    Anthem, Az. 85086-1119
    Ph. 623-551-4557

  9. Ken Going says

    The fact that Senator Kyl came to our Republican Club on Oct 11th 2006 and told over 300 attendees that in no uncertain terms would he be for amnesty, kind of makes him belong in the Class of Kennedy (who let a girl drown) and Mc cain who we problably will hear more about his relationship with Charles Keating as the Campaign rolls along. Ken Going

  10. I don’t care what you call it in the immigration law it is AMNESTY and I don’t care if it takes twenty years to round up the illegal aliens so be it but eventually they will quit coming across our border illegally. I will note who votes for this bill and they will not get mine or my wifes support in the next or any election.

  11. Jennifer says

    Guys, you do not solve the problem. These people are already here, in United States.

    You need to throw them out or allow them to live here. These people live, work here, many of them even pay taxes. You do not want to work on their jobs.

    Or throw them out how much money, do you think, you need in order to locate everyone and ship out. Let’s make police state and check the documents on every corner, believe me you do not want it.

    Could you check our ancestry tree and tell me how your ancestor got the right to live in US? Probably got married for greencard? 🙂

    These people are locked in state when they want to live in great country but cannot leave it because there is no way then.

    So guys, call senators but think of humanity and compassion. These people are already members of your society, whether you accept or not.

    Thanks for your attention!

  12. Lucretia Agostarola says

    The people of Arizona are extremely unhappy with the misrepresentation of Senators McCain & Kyl.

    As a board member of the PebbleCreek Republican Club and Republican Committe Woman for LD12, I am embarrased by Senator Kyl’s lies that he told to 300 people at a meeting open to all parties. We faithfully told people that John Kyl was an honest man. Now people laugh at us.

    I don’t know what will become of our active Republican Club. It has blown everyone totally out of the park.

  13. Paul Johnson says

    We can complain all we want, but all laws created in this country are created by compromise. We do not get what we want all the time, and we need to offer up suggestions that are practical and can be applied. To simply oppose these proposed laws does not offer up solutions. We need to oppose amnesty while proposing, in return, a practical way of dealing with the lawbreakers who are already here. Unfortunately, most of this country is addicted to cheap labor, reasonably priced produce, selling bilingually, and taking rent money from illegals. When we condone their illegality by using their labor, we
    can come ot no other conclusion than amnesty to keep the status quo. Unfortunately, we have no other viable alternative that has been proposed (that will actually work.) What I propose we do is push our elected Republicans to up the amnesty ante to a high enough amount to make it an actual punitive fine. But to throw them all out, what price will we have to, in the end, pay?

  14. Paul

    Either you have made a decision to not listen or you are unable to hear.

    FIRST of all we need to CLOSE the border – NOW!

    SECOND we need to stop the hiring of illegals, NOW!

    THIRD, we need to stop all government benefits to illegals!

    Fourth, allow law enforcement to do their sworn job – and that does not include ANY roundups. When a Phoenix PD officer comes to an accident where one of the drivers does not speak english, does not have a drivers license, does not have insurance, he releases them because the Mayor and COuncil have instituted an internal order that tells them to let them go. This must stop.

    If we do these four simple things, the illegals will do the same thing they did fifty years ago – they will deport themselves. Then, we can set up a real temporary worker program that is temporary and addresses real needs, not just lower the average wage in a particular industry so corporations can make a bigger profit margin.

    As to the cheap produce argument. The farmer pay for a head of lettuce is approx. six cents. Double the pay for the workers and they will only need about nine cents to make the same profit. reasonably priced produce will not be a problem. There are other alternatives that have been proposed – lots of them, you and the media are just not listening.

    Look at the Goldwater Reform Immigration Program (GRIP) that was published in detail last year, as an example. There are many other plans proposed, so that is a red herring.

    This bill gives thousands of dollars in Earned Income Tax Credits to people who have not paid any taxes, eliminates them for any past due taxes and gives instant Probationary Legal Status renewable forever for the grand cost of $1,000 in lieu of a $5,000 fine they now owe under current law. What a penalty.

    Lets try something unique. Secure the border. Follow the law. Then, make the economic decisions necessary for a robust economy.

  15. Jennifer says

    SURPLUS $25.6 billion from immigration bill

    — CBO estimates increased revenue from taxes, penalties, and fines under the bill will offset any estimated increases in mandatory spending, such as emergency Medicaid, and produce a net fiscal surplus of $25.6 billion over 10 years. This surplus will be used to cover costs of the program.


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