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Congressman Pete Sessions
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Congressman Andy Harris, MD

Home of Joy and Dr. Jeff Maltzman
Wednesday, October 17, 2012
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

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Democrat Kyrsten Sinema boasts of backing from corrupt politician who helped bring down Arizona housing market

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, the criminal defense lawyer running for a Congressional seat in Arizona’s Ninth Congressional District, is touting her endorsement from a Far-Left lawmaker who was at the heart of the financial crisis that brought Arizona homeowners to their knees and destroyed the state’s economy.

Sinema was touting late last week a fundraising letter from Barney Frank, the disgraced Congressional Democrat who retired this year rather than face a tough re-election he would have likely lost. In the October 9 letter, Frank said, in part:

My friend Kyrsten Sinema will face her biggest decision this Friday and how much money she raises today will determine the size of her [advertising] buy.
Can you help Kyrsten Sinema so she can stay on the air and fight back? Kyrsten needs you today.
Thank you for all that you do! Together, we can help Kyrsten Sinema win.
On to November,
Barney Frank

While most candidates would hide support from Barney Frank, that letter was found on Sinema’s own website!

So who is Barney Frank? Called a “subprime enabler” in the “government-mandated housing bubble” by Forbes magazine, and “Fannie Mae’s Patron Saint” by the Wall St. Journal, Frank is the man who for 20 years protected Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from reform, while pocketing campaign money from its lobbyists. He even helped his then-partner get a job at Fannie Mae.

The results of his protection include the taxpayer bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which have directly cost the taxpayers $140 BILLION, according to a liberal media site—many say the amount is actually far higher. But the real cost of letting Fannie and Freddie run wild has been felt across Arizona, in foreclosures, closed businesses, high unemployment and a devastated construction sector. Thanks Barney. No wonder they say Kyrsten is extreme.

But what did Frank say when the Bush Administration tried to reform Fannie and Freddie in 2003, several years BEFORE the crash? As the NY Times quoted him:

“These two entities — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — are not facing any kind of financial crisis.” said Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee. “The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.”

Oops. A few years later, Frank was proven wrong, but the price was paid by Arizonans and other Americans. Franks, then safe in a gerrymandered Massachusetts Congressional seat, kept fighting reform! His “Dodd-Frank” financial reform law, incredibly, enshrined the biggest banks as too big to fail (and thus guaranteed future bailouts) and did not even address Fannie or Freddie. They remain unreformed today.

Sure he helped destroy Arizona’s economy. But he can help Sinema raise money for her negative ads from Far-Left out-of-state activists. So rather than give Frank the scorn he deserves, she ties herself to him in a shameless fundraising pitch.

She’s hoping you won’t notice. Remember that when you vote, and send Sinema and Frank a message they will never forget: Vote Vernon Parker for Congress TODAY, for jobs and economic growth.


You can reach the writer via Twitter. He’s a former GOP staffer who has been following Arizona politics for 20 years.

Where was Kyrsten Sinema?

Kyrsten Sinema snubbed by President Bill Clinton days after he rallied with other House candidates in California

Phoenix, AZ – Just two days after President Clinton held a rally at UC Davis in California for several Congressional Democrat candidates, he came to Arizona and snubbed radical leftist Kyrsten Sinema at ASU.

It’s not surprising, since Carmona said he won’t endorse Sinema, even though he endorsed another Arizona Democrat Congressional candidate. Earlier this year, President Clinton endorsed Sinema’s primary opponent.

“It’s the ultimate snub and a stinging rebuke of her radical leftist agenda, for former Democratic President Bill Clinton and Democratic Senate hopeful Richard Carmona to exclude Sinema in the heart of this Congressional district,” said Alyssa Pivirotto, Parker Communications Director.

“The question everyone is asking: why wasn’t she invited? If Sinema was the uniter she claims to be you would think she could at least get her fellow Democrats to stand with her,” concluded Pivirotto.

In 2000, Sinema worked for radical Ralph Nader over liberal Al Gore, and ran against the Democrats in 2000 and 2001, protesting that Democrats were too moderate, that they “had moved too far to the center.”

President Clinton will attend a rally in Iowa Friday for a Democratic Congressional candidate less extreme than Sinema.


Vernon Parker Releases Plan to Improve & Protect Education

Phoenix, AZ – For Vernon Parker, improving and protecting education is not just an issue our country needs to tackle.  For Vernon Parker, education is personal.

Vernon grew up in a drug-infested violent neighborhood that few escape.  But despite the odds, Vernon did get out, thanks to education.  His grandmother instilled in him the importance of education, despite the fact that she could not read or write.  Vernon went from a rough upbringing, to become an attorney and now, a candidate for the US Congress.

He’s a success story.  The problem – those stories are few and far between.

Sinema, who has yet to release her education plan has a checkered past when it comes to education funding.  “In the legislature Sinema opposed SB 2782, which would have given $38 million for all day funding for kindergarten.  Instead she focused on passing “medically accurate” sex education, introducing this legislation nearly every year.  It’s just another example of Sinema focusing on her radical leftist agenda,” said Alyssa Pivirotto, Parker Communications Director. 

According to NAEP only 32% of Arizona 4th graders are proficient or advanced in reading skills, and only 35% are proficient or advanced in math skills.  That means our education system is failing nearly 70% of our kids. 

In Vernon’s education plan, he clearly outlines what needs to be done to make sure our students aren’t left behind.  Some of the highlights include:

*Giving parents more control to decide what’s best for their kids.

*Creating incentives for schools to generate more competition and increase the quality of education – things like open enrollments and teacher accountability.

*Reforming No Child Left Behind – making sure students are tested year-round and not just at the end of the year- allowing parents and teacher to track a child’s progress more accurately.

*Paying teachers based on merit.

*Higher Education Reforms:

– Education Savings Accounts

– Tax credits for families paying for higher education

– Government guaranteed student loans for graduate students

– Fully-funded Pell Grants

Those are just a few of the points outlined in Vernon’s education plan.  Click here to see it in detail.


Top 8 Awkward Differences Between Kyrsten Sinema and Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is coming to Arizona Wednesday to try to make the state’s voters forget that Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi now run the Democratic Party. Playing on the American people’s nostalgia – and short memories – Clinton is coming to Arizona hoping to boost Richard Carmona with a joint visit to Tempe, where the Tucson Democrat and Obama Mini-me is particularly weak.

But Tempe happens to be part of Arizona’s Ninth Congressional District, where extreme liberal Democrat and criminal defense lawyer Kyrsten Sinema is running against Vernon Parker, a mainstream candidate with a track record of working across party lines.

The problem is Bill Clinton and Kyrsten Sinema have an extremely rocky history, which will make for ONE AWKWARD EVENING IN ARIZONA.

Top Eight AWKWARD differences between Bill Clinton and Kyrsten Sinema

1. Just a few months ago, Bill Clinton assessed Sinema’s record, then decided to endorse a less extreme candidate in her Democratic Primary. But even with his endorsement, the candidate he backed lost. (Don’t tell Rubberstamp Rich Carmona.)

2. In 2008, Sinema endorsed not one, but TWO candidates against Hillary Clinton, Bill’s wife, in the Democratic Primaries for President. Sinema’s Anybody But Clinton strategy succeeded.

3. In 2000, Sinema backed radical Ralph Nader over liberal Al Gore, Clinton’s Vice President, and ran for office (unsuccessfully) against the Democrats in both 2001 and 2002 because she believed the Democrats “had moved too far to the center.” That’s the first time before or since anyone ever called Al Gore too moderate.

4. In her 2009 book, a how-to guide for left-wing community organizers to sound more reasonable, Sinema took a shot at Hillary Clinton, writing: “Letting go of outcomes is really hard to do at first. Some people liken their great solutions to their firstborn children and treat them as such. (Think Hillary Clinton and health care, circa 1993.)” Ouch. [“Unite and Conquer: How to build coalitions that win – and last,” by Kyrsten Sinema (2009) Berrett-Koehler Publishers, San Francisco, page 89.]

5. Clinton put the Democratic Leadership Council on the map, to move the Democratic Party away from the Fringe Left. Sinema is a big-wig at the Center for Progressive Leadership . . . yup, the very definition of Fringe Left.

6. Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act and created Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Sinema made her name fighting those Clinton policies.

7. Clinton signed GOP welfare reform that added time limits to and work requirements for welfare checks. Sinema sponsored legislation to lift time caps on welfare and weaken work requirements for it.

8. Sinema has a law license. Clinton gave his up to avoid a perjury indictment.

Despite these awkward differences, Sinema and Clinton do have some things in common. They both support:

• Dramatically higher taxes on working families
• Government takeovers of our health care
• Big Government programs at every turn
• Weak policies on national defense and the fight against terrorism

Plus, Sinema is a criminal defense lawyer, and Clinton hired many of them when he admitted lying under oath in a court-ordered deposition.

So perhaps they’ll be able to stand on the same stage Wednesday after all.


The writer can be reached via Twitter. He believes you should support Vernon Parker in this important Congressional race.

CWA Union’s False Attacks: Did They Even Read the Parker Jobs Plan?

Parker Plan Specifically Called for New Spectrum Releases and Creating Jobs in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ – Today Vernon Parker pushed back against an ad launched by the Communication Workers of America, falsely attacking him. 

FACT: CWA is intentionally lying about Vernon Parker’s position on the Paul Ryan Budget; they are using a Facebook page “like” as justification of this.  ABC 15 in Arizona has previously called this line of attack “Fiction.”

“ABC15 determined that allegation is, once again, FICTION.”

Read more: 

FACT: In Vernon Parker’s “Plan for Prosperity” he specifically calls for greater broadband access which will create more jobs here at home. From the Parker jobs plan, p.5 col 3:


The digital age needs new solu­tions. We must open new spec­trum to handle the growing need for more users of mobile devices. I will work with the FCC to allow for more spectrum releases and work to make sure rural and ur­ban areas receive coverage. The more coverage we have will result in direct GDP growth.”

To read the full Parker “Plan for Prosperity” click: 

“I support releasing more broadband spectrum so that our economy can continue to grow and we can create good jobs here in Arizona and around the nation.  I challenge Irene Robles, to tell her bosses in Washington that she supports my plan for increased broadband and jobs for Arizona,” said Vernon Parker.

Racist Campaign Literature Sparks Outrage In Arizona Congressional Race

Phoenix – Arizona Civil Rights Activist the Rev. Jarrett Maupin says recent mailers designed, distributed, and authorized by the Arizona Democratic Party and that benefit the campaign of Congressional Candidate Kyrsten Sinema are “Absolutely racist.” The campaign mailers, which show Sinema’s opponent and current CD9 front-runner Vernon Parker (who is Black) with exaggerated and stereotypical racial features, were sent out to Arizona voters on at least two occasions. Maupin says many Black Arizonans, Democrats and Republicans, feel the literature was designed to portray Vernon as “the angry black man” or to characterize him as a political version of “Stepin Fetchit.” Others were deeply hurt when it arrived in the mail.

Arizona Civil Rights Leader the Rev. Jarrett Maupin is demanding that the Arizona Democratic Party and Sinema Congressional Campaign denounce and apologize for campaign mailers sent to voters that include manipulated, offensive, intentional, and racially exploitive photographs of Vernon Parker, a Black American and front-runner in the race to represent Congressional District 9. The photographs, which have clearly been edited to give Mr. Parker dramatically darker skin and exaggeratedly whiter teeth and eyes, are: “The most offensive race-targeting campaign materials that Black Arizonans have had to deal with in decades”, Maupin says. The Reverend is demanding that the staffers who designed and authorized the use of the photographs be fired: “Somebody decided that it would hurt Vernon to make him blacker, that it would stir something in voters if he were made to look like a villainous field-negro cut-out from some Jim Crow era minstrel-show poster. These photos are insulting and do not respect the ethnicity of Vernon, President Obama and all Black Democrats.”

Maupin is now demanding that The Arizona Democratic Party and Sinema’s campaign apologize to the entire Black community and directly to Black Democrats, Vernon Parker, and President Barack Obama who has also been the victim of similar political race-baiting this election season. “It isn’t right. The Party knows it, Kyrsten knows it, and the staff responsible for it should all be fired,” said The Reverend. The activist says many now question Kyrsten Sinema’s commitment to her district’s Black residents, “As a minority, Ms. Sinema should understand how hurtful this literature is. She has fought for respect for L.G.B.T.Q. but does she herself respect B-L-A-C-K?” Not if she doesn’t apologize and demonstrate leadership by righting an obvious and offensive wrong, the preacher says.

If Kyrsten Sinema and the Arizona Democratic Party don’t move quickly to address this insult, Maupin says Sinema may well be running against the entire Black community, not just Vernon Parker. “Arizona has been a state for 100 years, and in 100 years we haven’t had one Black Congressperson ever elected. How will we ever, whether they are liberal or conservative, if people don’t stop making the “color” of their skin more important than the content of their character?” said Maupin. Until the apologies come, Maupin says he and others will take the message to the Black churches and neighborhoods in and out of Congressional District 9, starting today. “I’ve got a forum I’m addressing tonight at one of the largest and oldest Black churches in Arizona and you can bet the farm that this will be issue number one. For this to come from Democrats, from within Obama’s party, how can the President win if this is how the Arizona Democratic Party’s leadership really sees Black people?” Maupin asks.


Special Event for Martha McSally, Jonathan Paton & Vernon Parker with House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy

Identify and “track the tracker” in AZ-09

Someone continues to harass Republican candidate Vernon Parker everywhere he goes. They’ve even set up a YouTube channel where they post their videos.

This is a call to identify the individual who is conducting the harassment, who is paying this individual and reveal how much he is being paid.

We would also encourage our conservative activists to get out and “track the tracker” by putting a camera in his face.

Will Richard Carmona Endorse Radical Leftist Kyrsten Sinema?

Phoenix, AZ – While claiming unity just days ago, Democrat candidate for the United States Senate, Richard Carmona has remained silent on Kyrsten Sinema.

“When Sinema first ran for the legislature, as a member of the Green Party, the Arizona Democratic Party said she was ‘too extreme for central Phoenix.’ I agree. The bigger question is will Richard Carmona endorse radical leftist Kyrsten Sinema, who believes stay at home moms are leeches and that capitalism damages peoples livelihood? Carmona has taken every effort to distance himself from Barack Obama, and considering Sinema makes Obama look conservative, Arizonans deserve to know how unified their ticket is,” said Brian Murray, spokesman for Parker.

3 Questions for Richard Carmona:

  1. Do you agree with Kyrsten Sinema that stay at home moms are leeches?
  2. Do you agree with Kyrsten Sinema that Luke Air Force Base should be closed?
  3. Do you agree with Kyrsten Sinema that capitalism destroys the livelihood of average Americans?

If the Carmona campaign doesn’t answer, we will attend his upcoming meeting in Sun Lakes this Saturday, September 8th at 2pm, and ask him directly.

SINEMA CALLS STAY AT HOME MOMS LEECHES As a sitting legislator, Sinema said in a 2006 interview: “These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. That’s bulls**t. I mean, what the f**k are we really talking about here?” (Phoenix New Times, April 13, 2012 )

SINEMA CALLS FOR THE CLOSING OF LUKE AIR FORCE BASE As a candidate for the state legislature, Sinema once wrote in her Arizona Republic questionnaire, “I do not support keeping Luke Air Force Base open.” (Arizona Republic Candidate Questionnaire )

SINEMA, A FORMER SOCIALIST, ATTACKS CAPITALISM In a letter published in the Arizona Republic, Sinema wrote, “Until the average American realizes that capitalism damages her livelihood while augmenting the livelihoods of the wealthy, the Almighty Dollar will continue to rule.” (Arizona Republic, Letter to the Editor by Kyrsten Sinema, February 22, 2002)