Mike Polak Wins Republican Primary for Tucson City Council in Ward 5

Mike Polak Republican Candidate excited to give Ward 5 a choice for a better Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. — Tuesday August 27th, Tucson City Council Candidate Mike Polak won the Republican Nomination for Ward 5. In the city of TucsonWard 5 is one of the poorest areas and right now is in desperate need of real leadership. Citizens all over Tucson will have the chance to vote for Mike Polak on November 5, 2013 when the election is held for the general election. For Mike’s part he is excited to give Tucson residents a choice for a better Tucson. Mike now faces incumbent Richard Fimbres in the general election, which switches to a citywide vote.

“I would like to thank the voters of Ward 5 who voted for me in the primary election,” Mike stated. “I would like to also thank James Kelley for his efforts up to the primary, and I look forward to working with my new team for the general election,” Mike continued.

About Mike Polak: Mike is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, an aerospace engineer with 20 years experience, a multi-national, multi-modal transportation expert and a small business owner. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Tucson’s south side.

The learn more about Mike Polak visit his website at MikeforCityCouncil.org

Jennifer Rawson Turns in Petitions for Tucson Ward 2

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, May 26, 2011
CONTACT: Rebecca Guthrie

Tucson, AZ – This morning Ward Two City Council candidate Jennifer Rawson turned in fifty-two pages of signature petitions and a total of 543 signatures to qualify her to be on the November 8th ballot.

In a statement Mrs. Rawson said “I am thankful to all the volunteers who helped collect signatures over the last several months. I look forward to getting out and meeting the voters and discussing how we move Tucson and Tucsonans forward towards a more prosperous future.”

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It’s The Little Things…

You would think that the City Council members in Tucson—especially those who are up for re-election—would really be watching their p’s and q’s more than ever after the Rio Nuevo debacle.


Council Member Shirley Scott must have forgotten that she is up for re-election.  Or maybe she just felt that she did not owe the citizens of Tucson any explanation when she voted on a land deal directly tied to her Campaign Chairperson, instead of recusing herself.   Lawrence Hecker, who is listed on her paperwork as Campaign Chairperson (filed with the City of Tucson as of January 11th, 2011) is the very same Larry Hecker who is the legal representative for Gadsden Company.  Gadsden sent a letter to Councilwoman Scott advising her that a “Yes” vote would be a win-win for everyone.  Councilwoman Scott voted “Yes” to the deal at the March 22nd, 2011 City Council meeting.

You can read more about the land flip deal here: Controversial flip is advanced on a unanimous vote

And see where she was caught here:  Can you say… conflict?

Voters will have the chance to decide soon if this type of behavior from their elected officials is acceptable or if they will clean house.

Where is that Audit of the Rio Nuevo Program ?

Anyone remember this story?

The Tucson City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to look into seeking a detailed, outside audit of Rio Nuevo.

In case you forgot, the date of this article was March 24, 2009.  Well, guess what, today is October 20th and there is still no audit.  A call to the offices of the 7 dwarfs reveals that the audit process has not even been started.  So after you voted for the audit, you refuse to start the audit (at least until the elections are over).

Councilwoman Nina Trasoff, who heads the now-suspended meetings of the Rio Nuevo subcommittee, voted for the audit proposal after saying that she thought it [the audit] was unnecessary and likely costly.

No Nina, losing the Gem Show is costly; losing the baseball teams is costly; losing our bond rating is costly.  Keeping you and Karen and Dick in office is in all, too costly.  Say Bye-Bye.

Let’s Pass the Hat to Finish Rio Nuevo Gardens

The genius think-tank that is the Tucson City Council outdoes themselves again.  After they blew through millions of taxpayer dollars to fund Rio Nuevo and left us with nothing but a big hole in the ground, Mayor Bob and the seven dwarfs (I put Mike Letcher in there) have come up with a great idea to get something, anything, happening downtown.

The city of Tucson will pass the hat, hoping to rake in as much as $1 million in private donations, to help finish Rio Nuevo’s Mission Gardens — the centerpiece of what voters approved 10 years ago.

This Wednesday marked the beginning of Operation Sucker Tucson.  It started with the city council actually agreeing on something but it doesn’t actually start yet.

Wednesday’s unanimous council vote directs contributions to go to a citizens group called Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace. However, the group cannot yet collect donations because it doesn’t have tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.

No telling how long that will take and a call the the city council revealed that they of course didn’t know how long it was going to take the IRS to put their stamp of approval on it.  Hopefully it will take less than the 10 years it took the city council to agree that it was time to start planning to move forward and begin the process of getting started and moving forward.

Operation Sucker Tucson continues:

The donations would go only to finish the Mission Gardens, not the entire Tucson Origins Heritage Park, which was to include the re-creation of Tucson’s birthplace including the Mission San Agustín and its convention, granary and Carrillo House, for which the city spent $9 million on design and plans.

People get suckered out of their hard earned money every day.  You can watch on television as they tell their sad tale, which will always include the recently-swindled moaning, “But he seemed like such a nice guy!“.  Well of course he was a nice guy.  If he wasn’t a nice guy, you never would have given him the money.

Bernie Madoff seemed like a nice guy too.  And he bled people out of billions.  I find it absurd that anyone would would give money to a man who’s last name is MADE OFF.  That should have been a clue for any potential “investor”.

By now, the residents of Tucson should be well aware of the modus operandi of the Tucson City Council.  Don’t start sobbing if when you hoodwinked this time.

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