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Scottsdale Candidate Releases YouTube Ad

Scottsdale City Council candidate Michael Auerbach released the following ad on YouTube called Blue Lives Matter.

Gilbert and Chandler Place Well In Annual US City Fiscal Health Rankings

Town of GilbertCongratulations to the Town of Gilbert and City of Chandler for placing high in the annual US City Fiscal Health Index.

The index, prepared by The Fiscal Times, looks at five factors to derive the rankings including: ratio of city general fund balance to expenditures, ratio of long term obligations to total government-wide revenues, ratio of actuarially determined pension contributions to total government-wide revenues, change in local unemployment rate and changes in property values. Data is reported by the cities themselves from 2015. Only cities with populations of 200,000 were evaluated. (Tempe, Peoria, Surprise, Yuma, Avondale and Flagstaff have populations less than 200,000.)

City of ChandlerThe Town of Gilbert placed 17th while the City of Chandler placed 20th.

Other Arizona cities placed lower on the list:

Phoenix – 43
Glendale – 77
Tucson – 81
Scottsdale – 84
Mesa – 85

At the bottom of the list were Chicago and New York City.

To view the full index, click here.

Leftist Agitator Goes Berserk At Scottsdale Police Memorial

Recently, a small rally and memorial for fallen police officers was held in Scottsdale in the Scottsdale police headquarters parking lot. The event featured a reading of names of police officers and public safety officer who were killed in the line of duty.

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp and Scottsdale Police Chief Alan Rodbell were in attendance along with 75-100 police supporters. About a dozen anti-police agitators crashed the gathering.

To the shock and disgust of many, liberal agitators showed up wearing NAZI and communist uniforms as they shouted down police supporters trying to honor the lives of these deceased police officers.

Dennis Gilman, perhaps one of the most notorious leftist agitators and videographers in Arizona, also showed up at the event and interrupted the gathering attempting to provoke a violent confrontation. He is heard swearing profanities and even physically confronting a supporter. This is Gilman’s normal tactic of provocation in order to acquire a violent reaction on videotape. Gilman, later posted his version of the protest, labeling his video, “Pro Cop Rally Turns Violent.”


In his video footage, Gilman stages a false attack on himself in order to give the impression that pro-police supporters are assaulting him as he continues to videotape the “attack.” What you don’t see is what actually took place.

Gilman pushes his camera into the sign of a supporter and then starts swinging wildly at the sign holder while he throws profanities. Police on site have to step in to warn Gilman to back off from his assault on the sign-carrying supporter. All this is caught on video tape (first person) by Dennis Gilman and then posted on his YouTube account.

Surprisingly, Gilman’s colleague Ray Stern also filmed the “attack” which was also posted on the Ray Stern YouTube account. Those who follow leftist journos will recognize Ray Stern as a staff writer with the liberal Phoenix New TimesHere is his video (and yes, we captured it before it disappears from public views!)

It is clear watching Stern’s video that Gilman launched the provocation first by throwing a litany of profanities and then by pushing his camera into the sign. And Stern caught it all on tape!

But most disgusting was the behavior demonstrated by the anti-police protesters as the names of fallen officers were read during the memorial. As a woman uses the back of a pickup truck as a platform to announce the names of police officers, a protester is heard blowing an air horn to interrupt each name. This continues as anti-police protesters laugh, applaud and jeer the deaths of several police officers. At the end of the video as the name of Officer John Hobbs is read, what appears to be a young woman wearing a “FUCK POLICE” T-shirt yells, “Fuck John Hobbs because you have to arrest the black man!” Those familiar with the tragic death of Phoenix police detective John Hobbs will know that Officer Hobbs was killed on March 3, 2014 while attempting to arrest a white man who had a violent criminal history.

A word of caution to conservatives organizing or participating in these rallies. Be wary of leftist agitators seeking to provoke a confrontation for the purpose of capturing it on video. Leftist agitators are seeking to cause a violent reaction for the purpose of using it in a propaganda stunt. We also encourage attendees to bring cameras and film the event and those filming the event. Be mindful of personal space but hold your ground when charged.

This Saturday, another conservative rally is scheduled in downtown Phoenix with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Gilman and his provocateurs are expected to be there attempting to cause an incident. If you plan on attending, do not be provoked and do not engage. And bring your cameras!

Scottsdale Sign Thief Caught On Camera!

Watch as a sign thief is caught red-handed by hidden camera as he steals three candidate yard signs. The signs were posted on private property with the consent of the owner. The theft occurred in Scottsdale.

The campaigns of David Schweikert, Michele Reagan and Shawnna Bolick are probably not happy.

We’ve learned that police did contact the perpetrator and he does have a court date.

Let this be a lesson to all those contemplating a little sign thievery. You may be caught on camera!

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Endorses Jay Lawrence for Arizona House

Jay Lawrence

(SCOTTSDALE) – In yet another major endorsement, Republican Jay Lawrence announced today that he has earned the support of Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane. Lawrence, who is seeking an open seat in Legislative District 23, plans to succeed State Representative John Kavanagh in the Arizona House.
In his endorsement, Mayor Jim Lane noted:  “Jay Lawrence has been a tremendous servant to the private sector for many years. Now that he’s made the commitment to serve the public, he has my full support to represent and advocate for the best interest of Scottsdale, the District and the State. I know Jay is dedicated to Arizona and will serve our community well. I also believe we are electing a gentleman with impeccable conservative credentials who will do the right thing by his constituents and the State of Arizona.”
Mayor Jim Lane, who has been a Scottsdale resident for over 40 years, also remarked on his friendship with Lawrence, “I’ve been a fan and friend of Jay Lawrence for many years and look forward to cheering him on in this next chapter of a very successful career. It will also be a pleasure working with him on issues to make Scottsdale and Arizona an even better place to live.”

Mayor Lane’s endorsement now joins fellow Legislative District 23 Mayor Linda Kavanagh (Fountain Hills), along with U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon, Dr. C.T. Wright, LD 23 State Representative John Kavanagh, and others.  For a complete list of endorsements, please visit www.LD23JayLawrence.com.

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Forms Coalition Against Proposition 204

Scottsdale, AZ: Scottsdale Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane announced today that he will be joining the “No New Taxes, No on 204” effort by forming a statewide coalition of mayors and council members in opposition to Proposition 204 which proposes a $1 Billion permanent sales tax increase with no education reform or accountability.

Vote NO on 204!

“If Proposition 204 were to pass, Arizona would have the 2nd highest sales tax rate in America, which could destroy job growth all across Arizona,” said Mayor Lane. “While passage of this Prop 204 is very clearly bad for Arizona, it is especially bad for Arizona cities, which is why the League of Arizona Cities and Towns has opposed Prop 204. I applaud the work that State Treasurer Doug Ducey has done leading the fight against Proposition 204 and I look forward to lending my support and the support of my colleagues to this effort,” ended Mayor Lane.

Mayor Lane adds to a growing list of elected officials including Gov. Jan Brewer, U.S. Congressman David Schweikert, Senate President Steve Pierce, Speaker of the House Andy Tobin and many others who have already joined State Treasurer Doug Ducey in his effort to defeat this permanent tax increase.

“I’m grateful for Mayor Lane’s leadership and support of the campaign to defeat Prop 204,” said State Treasurer and Chairman of the No New Taxes, No on 204 committee, Doug Ducey. “This coalition will be instrumental in raising awareness, all across Arizona, as to why Prop 204 is bad for local municipalities, and is especially bad for Arizona taxpayers. Passing a $1 billion blank check for special interest giveaways with almost no accountability standards and no real education reform does nothing to help Arizona’s teachers or its students.”

Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane was elected Mayor of Scottsdale in 2008 and was just recently overwhelming reelected for a second term. Before becoming Mayor, he served four years on the Scottsdale City Council. Mayor Lane also serves on the Executive Committee of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns as well as the Maricopa Association of Governments Regional Council, Executive Committee of Regional Council and Chairman of MAG’s Transportation Policy Committee. Before entering politics, Mayor Lane was a CPA and owned and operated multiple successful businesses in many different fields including regional aviation, and construction.


Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Hands In 1,625 Nominating Signatures

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Hands In 1,625 Nominating Signatures As He Seeks A Second Term To Lead The Greatest City in America

(Scottsdale, Arizona) Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane’s re-election campaign has submitted 1,625 signatures in order to get on the August 28th Primary ballot. The signatures were handed in Tuesday afternoon to the City Clerk.

The signatures were gathered entirely by volunteers. No paid petition collectors were used. That’s because there are so many supporters who know that Scottsdale is headed in the right direction. Clearly, Scottsdale is better off than it was four years ago. Now is not the time to lose that momentum.

Lane said, “Four years ago, the city budget was in bad shape, our economy was slumping and Scottsdale was losing its way. Today sales tax revenues are up. Jobs are expanding. Crime is down. We are once again a City on the move.”

Unemployment in Scottsdale is down one percent compared to a year ago and the City enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in the Valley at 5.9%. The unemployment rate for Maricopa County is 7.4%.

A recent article in the Arizona Republic noted the decrease in unemployment as well as the economic strides Scottsdale has made. To read the article click here.

“Our economic engine is running again thanks to smart growth and important reforms. I hope to finish what we started and ensure that Scottsdale remains the best city in America,” said Lane.

Mayor Lane ran in 2008 on a platform of reform and working to improve the way the city does business. He promised to bring the following to Scottsdale:

  • Business approach in city governmental operations
  • Fiscally responsible and efficient government
  • Citizen-driven government through boards & commissions
  • Increased accountability & transparency through charter governance reform

These past 4 years have seen:

  • A $266 million medical school by the Mayo Clinic & ASU
  • Multi-million expansions by Scottsdale Healthcare on Osborn and Shea Boulevard’s “Care Corridor”
  • Adding 7,000 acres to the Sonoran Preserve while saving $62 million with newly initiated purchase planning over last three years
  • Dozens of small businesses opening downtown and throughout Scottsdale
  • Spring training, Barrett-Jackson, Arabian horse shows and many special events thriving in Scottsdale
  • Over $150 million in investments planned for McDowell Road
  • A decrease in crime
  • A 15% structural budget reduction in City staffing

Mayor Lane has kept his promises. Under his leadership, Scottsdale’s economy has expanded and attracted new investment, while the city continues to be a leader in the arts and setting aside lands for preservation. A copy of Mayor Lane’s 7 minute video can be viewed here. The campaign has also launched Facebook and Twitter pages. For more information please contact Mike Manson.


Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Picks Up Key Endorsement From Congressman David Schweikert

CONTACT: Mike Manson

The Congressman and the Mayor have both taken on monumental challenges 

(Scottsdale, Arizona) Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane has led the effort to balance Scottsdale’s budget and fuel its economic recovery. Congressman David Schweikert has been at the leading edge of the battle to balance the federal budget and economic reform in Washington DC. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Congressman Schweikert is endorsing the re-election of Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane.

Lane, whose campaign boldly declares Scottsdale as “The Best City in America” has worked to keep the city on a steady course through the worst of economic times. At the same time he has preserved Scottsdale’s open spaces and preserved the City’s reputation as a destination for tourism.

Schweikert, whose district includes Scottsdale, says Lane has Scottsdale heading in the right direction. “Mayor Lane’s leadership has Scottsdale’s economy stronger and more vibrant. We both understand the importance of responsible spending and balanced budgets are the foundations of a thriving economy. His leadership has been critical during the sluggish economic recovery.”

Lane said, “I am honored to have the endorsement of Congressman Schweikert. We have both been fighting the good fight to reform government and restore our economy. As Scottsdale continues to rebound I can only hope people like Congressman Schweikert are successful in rebuilding the nation’s economy as well. ”

Mayor Lane ran in 2008 on a platform of reform and working to improve the way the city does business. He has kept his promises. Under his leadership, Scottsdale’s economy has expanded and attracted new investment, while the city continues to be a leader in the arts and setting aside lands for preservation.

A copy of Mayor Lane’s 7 minute video can be viewed here. The campaign has also launched Facebook and Twitter pages. On Facebook: Scottsdale Mayor . On Twitter @ScottsdaleMayor .

For more information please contact Mike Manson.



Schweikert for Congress Announces Lane Endorsement

CONTACT: Chris Baker

Another CD6 Leader Endorses Schweikert 

(Scottsdale) Schweikert for Congress Campaign announced today that Scottsdale Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane has endorsed Congressman David Schweikert for reelection in Congressional District 6.

Mayor Lane’s endorsement is another in a line of leaders in CD6 who have endorsed David Schweikert’s reelection.

“I am very pleased to have Mayor Lane’s endorsement for my reelection,” said Congressman David Schweikert. “Mayor Lane’s leadership in Scottsdale has been fantastic. I am proud to have his support.”

Mayor Lane’s endorsement comes on the heels of endorsements by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio, and former State Senator Jim Waring.

“There is no question that Congressman Schweikert is the right choice in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District,” said Mayor Lane.

“Congressman Schweikert’s leadership and long-time ties to our community have served us well in Congress, and I am confident that he will continue to be our strongest advocate. I encourage all of my fellow District 6 voters to join me in supporting David.”


Scottsdale Mayor Lane Endorses Steve Chucri for Supervisor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 15th, 2011
Contact: Tyler Hudgins

Maricopa County – Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane today endorsed Steve Chucri for County Board of Supervisors.

Mayor Lane, a conservative voice on the Scottsdale City council since 2004, took his leadership to the next level in 2008 when he successfully ran for mayor.

“Steve Chucri is the right choice to move Maricopa County forward with transparent, accountable, and conservative leadership. He will end the senseless bickering and lawsuits and instead re-focus the Board on creating a climate for winning new private sector jobs,” stated Mayor Lane.

Chucri thanked the Mayor for his support: “Mayor Lane works tirelessly for the people of Scottsdale, and his commitment to the community inspires me. I am so grateful to have his support as I campaign to bring accountability and integrity to county government.”

Chucri became President & CEO of the Arizona Restaurant Association (ARA) in 2002, and under his leadership and tireless work ethic, the ARA and restaurant industry in Arizona has enjoyed a substantial growth in sales in what will amount to a nine billion dollar industry in Arizona this year alone.

As President and CEO of the ARA, Chucri represents business owners and sees firsthand how the actions of local, state, and federal governments can positively or negatively impact restaurants and other small businesses in Arizona. Chucri’s experiences as a businessman, husband, and father have given him invaluable insight into the needs of his community and ensure that, as County Supervisor, he will always put people before politics.


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