What is Ruth McClung doing in the 2012 election season?

A quick update from our Southern Arizona favorite:

The election season in Southern Arizona has gotten off to a roaring start with the resignation of Representative Giffords. There is so much more to life than politics – I wish her the very best as she continues to recover.

We have had people asking whether I would be willing to run in one of the new Congressional Districts – CD 1, CD 2 or CD 3. So I figured it was time to clearly end speculation. Through much thought and prayer and with mixed feelings, I have decided not to run for office this year. If I believe it is the right thing to do, I will be back on the campaign trail for the 2014 election.

The main reasons that have led me to this hard decision are, redistricting uncertainties and my job. I have studied the new redistricting lines. Will they be changed by the Department of Justice in the next few months? Or by lawsuits? I am in CD 3 but only several hundred yards from CD 2 and less than two miles from CD 1. Will I be in CD 3 when the lines are finished? It is hard to make an educated decision about running without complete details and statistics. I am also not a career politician. I work as a rocket scientist, so taking time work off to run isn’t easy.

There is more to the equation as to whether someone should run than the statistics. As you know, the numbers were against me when I ran against Congressman Grijalva, but I still felt it was the right thing to do. With many people’s help, we showed that no district is safe. I would imagine this led to having my three main voting blocs taken out of Representative Grijalva’s new district (CD 3).

I am humbled by how many of you throughout 2011 have been truly interested about whether I was running or not, and for which seat. Thank you! We have a long road to put this country back on the right track, so I plan on working with all of you – whether as a candidate or as a volunteer.

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement!

Ruth McClung

Southern Arizona Machinations & Prognostications

Interesting predictions coming from our kindred-blogger in Southern Arizona, James Kelly at The Cholla Jumps. Here’s Jim’s latest post:

The weekend has heated up with rumors flying all over the place…. 

Political alliances are being formed and many being broken, The Tea Party and The Occupy Wall Street folks are actually agreeing on certain points.. 

The largest previous benefactor of the Pima GOP has taken back the reins of the party telling a moneyed audience ” I’ll take care of the party, you take care of the candidates..” 

The Pima Democratic Party begins to move away from the Progressive Socicalists, will Raul Grijalva and his machine survive the political purge? Will that political survivalist Chuck Huckleberry swing right? 

Ruth McClung comes roaring back, Clear Channel Communications will help redefine her as a centrist as she mulls support of Gabby Giffords/ Mark Kelly campaign. 

Is Sharon Bronson done, will Gabby Saucedo Mercer get a come to Jesus moment to run against her? 

Redistricting for the Congressional Districts are going to go to court, a federal judge will draw the lines for the 2012 races. But what about the Legislative Districts? Those will most likely stand. Who is in, who is out? Look for old LD 26 and 28 to be battlegrounds. 27 and 29 will continue to be safe for the Democrats. The old 30 will look similar to its present state with a few more Eastside Republicans packed in. 

The Dems and the GOPers are identifying their sacrificial races as I write. 

Jonathan Rothschild is out, Rick Grinell is in. Shirley Scott is looking to see what she wins from the machine after she loses her race. SunTran anyone? RTA Commissioner? The verdict is still out on Cunningham/Rawson match-up, as of today Rawson has the edge but Cunningham still has the family connections to give him something after his loss. Commissioner of Soccer/Sports Authority job? 

Rio Nuevo news is interesting. As the State takes back control of the TIF, look for a business consortium to buy the lease ( at a discount) from the City of Tucson for the Giffords Family Trust property at 22nd and I-10. Do’t want that thorny issue of taxpayer money funding a Gabby Giffords/ Mark Kelly campaign again.

Raul Grijalva Throws the Race Card – Actually He Has His Wife Do It

Tucson City Councilman Rirdard Fimbres’ blog site, has surprisingly posted an op-ed piece from Raul’s wife Mona Grijalva where she plays the race card against up-and-coming-on-strong Ruth McClung.  From the City Councilman’s website:

With only 23 days left to go before election day, there is a true sense of urgency and NOW is the time to really get busy!! The right wing sees Raul as vulnerable and is working really hard to win the race in CD7….and they have ALOT of money. They already have horrible, biggoted anti-Raul commercials on TV! They have already mailed anti-Raul flyers to thousands of homes in CD7! They had folks waving anti-Raul signs at moving traffic while screaming racist epithets in several areas of town last week!! As the attached article from Politico.com states, we are in a really, really tough race this year!!

Actually Ruth is kicking butt all over Raul, as her campaign has gone viral in the last 48 hours drawing attention from blog heavyweights Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Gateway Pundit, Moonbattery and many more.  That endorsement from Sarah Palin helped things along with recent polling putting her up by 2 points over the one-who-would-boycott-his-own-state.

So it should come as no surprise that the now-desperate Raul has his wife throw the very predictable race card.  No proof, no pictures, no YouTube videos, nothing……nada,  just lies and innuendo.  Typical….

What is somewhat of a surprise is that a sitting city councilman would post the race-baiting piece on his personal blog.  Then again, Richard isn’t up for re-election this year.

Latest Poll: Ruth McClung leading by 2 percent in AZ CD-7!

By Robert Stacy McCain
(Reprinted from the American Spectator)

Confirming indications of a building Republican “wave” this fall, polls now show Democrat Rep. Raul Grijalva in a dead-heat with his little-known challenger in Arizona’s 7th District. Politico reports that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is now directing campaign cash to help Grijalva against insurgent GOP candidate Ruth McClung.

A big part of Grijalva’s problem is that earlier this year, the incumbent Democrat joined those calling for a boycott of Arizona after the state passed a tough law aimed at curbing illegal immigration. Grijalva may have expected that stance would endear him with voters in the 7th District — where about half of voters are Hispanic — but it appears to have backfired disastrously. Polls show the Arizona law is popular, while Grijalva’s support for a boycott was seen as harmful to the economy of a district suffering with high unemployment.

Fifty percent of 7th District voters say they’re ready to dump Grijalva, while McClung — an attractive young physicist who works for a rocket engineering firm — has begun capturing national attention.

Late Sunday night, I spoke to a Republican pollster in Arizona who had conducted a 7th District poll early last week and couldn’t believe the result: McClung actually leading by 2 percentage points. So he polled the district again and got similar results. Now those surprising findings have been confirmed by the Magellan Strategies poll that struck alarm among Democrats. Independents in the district are breaking strongly toward the Republican, a Tea Party favorite who is also supported by about a fifth of voters who identify as Democrats.

(Donate to Ruth McClung NOW!)

Polls indicating a surge for McClung have had an important effect: Arizona’s two Republican senators, John McCain and John Kyl, have reportedly started directing campaign donations and other resources toward the 7th District campaign. Within the next week, McClung’s candidacy is expected to gain $100,000 worth of Republican support, in addition to a steadily increasing stream of online small-donor contributions from grassroots conservatives eager to defeat Grijalva, who is co-chairman of the Progressive Caucus.

Now for the latest video courtesy of Mike at ShortForOrdinary.

Ruth McClung: Congressmen in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Rep. Raul Grijalva, responding to census bureau statistics that show Arizona has the second highest poverty rate in the nation, blamed Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona Legislature for our state’s problems. Perhaps Mr. Grijalva should take a closer look in the mirror before he starts casting aspersions elsewhere. After all, Raul Grijalva’s the one who called for a boycott of Arizona-at the height of the worst recession since the 1930s.

Grijalva says we need more “infrastructure investment, retirement protections, and more green energy jobs”. Let’s break that down.

Arizona is broke. Gov. Brewer and the State Legislature have had to make the largest budget cuts in Arizona history. Infrastructure investment right now means more debt we can’t afford.

Retirement protections? The State of Arizona is not responsible for retirement planning–Social Security is not a function of the state. So who’s retirement is he referring to? Not private citizens. No, he’s referring to his government union friends–who already make between 30% and 50% more than their counterparts in private industry.

More green energy jobs? Mr. Grijalva is apparently unaware that green energy is still not competitive in the marketplace. Until the technology develops enough to compete on it’s own, the only way to create “green energy” jobs is through massive government subsidies–more debt.

“Raul Grijalva has said this is a race about philosophies, and once again we see that’s absolutely true, ” said Ruth McClung. “I believe that the only way to solve our problems, get people back to work, and better their lives is to create economic growth by supporting small businesses and embracing the free market. Raul Grijalva believes in more government, more debt, and more irresponsible spending. Enough is enough, Congressman.”



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Chris Flowers Endorses Ruth McClung

Sonoran Alliance received the following email from the campaign of Chris Flowers who just announced his endorsment of Ruth McClung seeking the Republican nomination for CD-7:

First, I would like to give my sincere thanks to all the people who have helped me so much in my bid for the Republican nomination in Congressional District 7. I hope that all of you who have supported me so generously with your time, effort and money will continue to do so down the road in all my future endeavors. I have not given up the dream of representing the people of Arizona with the conservative values and traditions I hold so dear. Upon careful consideration, however, I have decided to withdraw from the race. 

I didn’t make this decision lightly. Arizonans have a right to the kind of representation that will honor the legacy of our forefathers and the courage of our nation. Right now, we have neither. However, being new to politics, I perhaps underestimated the time and physical constraints involved undertaking such a tremendous—if tremendously worthwhile—challenge. But make no mistake, I will be back and better prepared to make another run two years from now should Raul Grijalva remain in office. Which brings me to an important point.

I have said from the beginning that 2010 is a critical year for Arizona and our great nation. We cannot allow the quickly accelerating spiral into socialism and federal government domination to continue. So I urge all of you who have been so supportive of me to put your efforts behind another candidate for CD7: Ruth McClung. 

Ruth McClung is bright, dedicated and, above all, honest. I know that she will make an excellent representative for the people in our district. Raul Grijalva represents the very worst aspects of our political system. Ruth McClung represents the very best. So I urge you, please, do everything you can to support Ruth and help send her to Congress. 

Again, thank you to all the people who have supported me in this endeavor. Without you, I would never have made it this far, and I look forward to seeing all of you on the campaign trail sometime down the road.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Chris Flowers
Conservative Candidate AZ CD7
(623) 308 9732