AZPBS Airs CD-4 Debate Between Paul Gosar, Ron Gould & Rick Murphy

Straight Shooter Ron Gould on Obamacare!

Great new ad by State Senator Ron Gould in his bid for Congress. Brings back memories of State Senator Pamela “Machine Gun” Gorman!

Who said health care and the 2nd Amendment didn’t mix?!

“Precious” Guns

By Tyler Montague

In April of 2007, Seung-Hui Cho walked onto Virginia Tech’s campus and killed 32 people, and wounded another 25. In this “gun-free” zone, none of the students and faculty were armed, and thus all were subjected to the killer’s lack of mercy.

Senator Gould would like to prevent that scenario via SB1474, which would allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry on state college campuses.

In response, Senator Gallardo (D) posted this photo of Seung-Hui Cho, with the following comment:

“Coming soon to a university or community college near you….. Or someone like him. (No to guns on campus.)”

So…allow good citizens to carry a weapon, and suddenly we’ll have gun violence? I’ve decided that some liberals subscribe to what I call the “Lord of the Rings” gun theory. It’s when an otherwise good person spends too much time around his “precious” weapon, he is overtaken by the scary, evil, aura emitted from all guns, until finally he spontaneously combusts into a violent outburst and shoots up a nursing home. A good gun-free zone can prevent this from happening, of course…at least until all guns are melted down and all violence is thereby eliminated from society.

Sigh. Let’s take it from the top: Virginia Tech was a gun-free zone at the time of the massacre, folks. Yet somehow that crazed murderer had the gall to disregard their campus rules. Imagine that.

Over and over again, gun restrictionists fail to acknowledge a simple truth: That anyone who would murder another human isn’t someone who worries about obeying gun laws. They’ve already blown through trivial inhibitions like honoring gun-free zones and coming to a full and complete stop at intersections. They’re up to the “murder” level of badness. Everything below killing on the hierarchy of wrongdoing is fair game for them. Why isn’t this obvious by now? Libs, please, please try to comprehend this. Unless you enforce your “no-weapons zone” with armed guards and a metal-detector, like they do at the courthouse, your law merely disarms law-abiding people.

At least ASU President Michael Crow brings up other concerns about the proposed law that are logical: He worries that armed-but-untrained individuals could make poor decisions under stress, leading to errant gunfire that could hit innocent bystanders. In his view, these risks outweigh whatever benefits may come from armed students or staff. This is a reasonable concern, although there is plenty of data to suggest Crow’s concerns are contradicted by evidence.

I think the biggest threat to our right to keep and bear arms is an uninformed public and activist judiciary, panicked by highly publicized crimes with guns. (The media rarely seems to publicize all the cases where people defend themselves with guns. I should confess that, “Criminal fled after gun-owner pulled out a weapon,” isn’t as dramatic of a headline as a multiple homicide.) The anti-gun crowd would love to exploit an incident on campus involving a mistake by a weapons permit holder. To address President Crow’s concerns, they ought to add a little more practical training to the CCW permit process. I took a 2-day CCW course at Gunsite, where students fired nearly 500 rounds and received more initial weapons training than many new police officers. This should become the standard.

Even as it exists, the concealed weapons permit process has done an adequate job at vetting and training people. Upon introduction of the laws enabling concealed firearm carry, and many other laws favoring 2nd Amendment freedoms, we’ve heard predictions of apocalyptic violence. None of it has occurred. There is no data to support the claims of anti-carry arguments. In fact, violent crime has dropped significantly, and there is a lot of data to suggest that criminals’ fear of armed citizens has something to do with it.

And all arguments aside, there’s the Constitution. While many begrudgingly concede the right to “keep” arms, they often forget the words “and bear.”

So, should the legislature vote for S.B. 1474? Not so fast.

At ASU, for example, according to S.B. 1474, President Crow gets to determine whether or not to allow guns into campus buildings. If he decides not to, as he already indicated, then ASU has to provide lockers outside each building for weapons. An armed student would carry her gun from her car to her first class, lock it in a locker, retrieve it and be armed on the sidewalk for a few minutes while she walks to her next class, where she has to then deposit the weapon in another locker, and so on. Completely impractical.

The initial estimate from the schools is approximately $13 million dollars to build the lockers, and then an ongoing $3 million annual cost to hire campus police to babysit them. That’s a lot of money to waste in order to keep students and staff just as unprotected as they were before.

The bill also makes lawmakers look out of touch by working on a problem that few voters rank as a priority, while unemployment is high, the housing bubble still stings, and our K-12 education ranks near the bottom.

So, either pass a bill that lets people protect themselves, while addressing legitimate safety concerns, or don’t pass a bill at all. We don’t have money and political capital to waste on a bill that doesn’t actually achieve anything. Vote no on S.B. 1474.

Tyler Montague is a gun-owning, SUV-driving, meat-eating Republican from Mesa, who loves this state and wants good policy.

Sheriff Paul Babeu holds strong lead in two polls


CONTACT: Chris DeRose

Gould, Gosar effectively tied

San Tan Valley – Two polls conducted in the past week show a commanding lead for Sheriff Paul Babeu in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District.

Public Opinion Strategies conducted a survey of likely voters for the Babeu campaign, to determine their choice for Congress. The results were as follows:

Paul Babeu – 31%
Paul Gosar – 23%
Ron Gould – 19%

Of those who “definitely” know their choice, Babeu has double the support of both Gould and Gosar.

Definitely Paul Babeu – 21%
Definitely Paul Gosar – 12%
Definitely Ron Gould – 10%

“Babeu is well positioned to win this race,” said Glen Bolger, founding partner of Public Opinion Strategies. Babeu has solid leads among “very conservative voters, Tea Party supporters, strong NRA supporters, and base Republicans,” said Bolger, whose memorandum on this poll can be downloaded here.

Gosar recently announced his candidacy in a district 50 miles from his house, abandoning a district with 70% of his current constituents, citing his “base” in Yavapai County. Bolger called his support there “underwhelming.”

Babeu strategist Chris DeRose said “If this is Gosar’s base, I’d hate to see the part of the district that doesn’t like him. Voters in this new district won’t like his liberal record any more than the one he’s running from.”

These findings dovetail an independent poll published in the Arizona Capitol Times Yellow Sheet. That poll recorded 29% for Babeu, 19% for Gosar, and 17% for Gould.

Public Opinion Strategies is the most trusted name in Republican polling. Founded in 1991, it counts as clients 80 members of the House of Representatives, 19 United States Senators, and 6 governors.

Download the Public Opinion Strategies poll results here.
Download the Yellow Sheet poll results here.



Ron Gould Announces Candidacy for Congress

CONTACT: Chris Baker

Rural Arizona Deserves a Conservative Leader

(Lake Havasu City, AZ) Conservative State Senator Ron Gould announced his candidacy for Congress today after a brief exploratory committee.

“After talking to residents of Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District during my exploratory phase, one thing has become clear,” said Gould. “They want a strong conservative as their next Congressman who understands rural Arizona and the issues facing it.

“Unlike my announced opponents, I am a long time resident of CD 4 and I am proud to have spent the last 7 years representing Mohave, La Paz, and Coconino Counties in the Legislature.”

During his time in the Arizona State Senate, Gould has been recognized as the top Senator for all 7 years of his tenure by the Goldwater Institute, Arizona’s leading free-market conservative think-tank. Gould also has the highest lifetime score from the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity of any State Senator currently serving.

“I have spent the last 7 years in the State Senate doing exactly what I promised to do when first elected,” continued Gould. “I have led the fight against higher taxes, I have stood firm against big government and higher spending even when doing so required me to oppose my own party, and I have consistently stood up and fought for the small businesses that provide the large majority of jobs in this district.

“This district wants a Congressman who is willing to stand up and do what’s right. Unlike some in this race, I won’t vote to increase the debt ceiling and I won’t seek out wasteful stimulus money that is nothing but an egregious waste of taxpayer dollars.”

Senator Ron Gould and his wife Janice live in Lake Havasu City Arizona. They are the parents of three grown children and the proud grandparents of two grandchildren.


Arizona CD-4 & CD-1 Ruminations: Congressman Paul Gosar Moves, Gary Pierce vs. Bill Konopnicki?

Congressman Paul Gosar announced Saturday that he will be moving into the new congressional district 4 in order to seek “re-election” now that the final congressional lines appear to be headed for final approval. This puts Gosar smack dab in the middle of a real battle shaping up between State Senator Ron Gould and Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu. Knowing the consultants behind these two candidates (Chris Baker and Chris DeRose, respectively), Gosar has his work cut out for him running against Gould, who has earned the highest ranking as an no-tax, small government conservative against Babeu, who has national name ID and a reputation for fighting illegal immigration and Mexican drug cartels.

Meanwhile in the new CD-1, former state representative and fast food magnate, Bill Konopnicki sent out these two tweets in the past week. One would surmise that he’s attempting to head off an entry into the CD-1 race by Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Gary Pierce who earned his reputation as a conservative willing to turn the lights out on Los Angeles. We’ll see if this shot across Pierce’s bow cause Pierce to puts all hands on deck.

Expect a handful of announcements and even resignations as the 2012 election officially kicks off this month!

This election season is about to get real exciting.

Senator Ron Gould Announces Congressional Exploratory Committee

CONTACT: Chris Baker

LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ – Conservative State Senator Ron Gould announced today the formation of an exploratory committee for Congress in the new Arizona Congressional District 4.

“Today I am proud to announce the formation of an exploratory committee for Congress,” said Gould. “After speaking to people both in Mohave County and across this new district, it is clear that they want a strong conservative voice representing them in Congress.

“It is clearer than ever that our federal government still spends too much, taxes too much, and has done very little to create an environment where our economy can get back on the right track and create jobs.

“In Congress, my goals will be very much like they have been in the Arizona State Senate. I will work to reduce the size, cost and reach of the federal government. I will oppose any effort to increase taxes. I will continue to take the lead in pushing for real solutions to secure Arizona’s border and stop illegal immigration. And most importantly, I will fight for common sense policies that grow our economy and allow the many small businesses in our district to grow and create jobs.”

About Ron Gould
Ron Gould was elected to the Arizona State Senate in 2004 after defeating two incumbent House members in the Republican primary. In the State Senate, Ron Gould has been recognized as a consistent advocate for smaller government and lower taxes, receiving the highest score from the free-market Goldwater Institute for the last 7 years. Ron Gould also has the highest cumulative lifetime score of any current Arizona legislator from the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity as of their latest scorecard (2010).

Ron and his wife Janice live in Lake Havasu City where they run a successful small business. They have three grown children and one grandchild with another expected in January.



Statement by President Pearce on Ethics Committee Appointments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 22, 2011
CONTACT: Mike Philipsen

“Today I received a letter from the Senate Rules Attorney (attached), informing me that three members of the Ethics Committee were recusing themselves from the Committee while the panel considers an ethics complaint filed against the three on September 20, 2011. The letter also explains that under Senate Ethics Committee Rule 17, as President of the Senate, I have no choice: I am required to temporarily replace the three members.

Therefore, I am announcing the appointments of Senator Linda Gray, Senator Robert Meza and Senator Jack Jackson, Jr. to the Senate Ethics Committee. Committee member Senator Andy Biggs will serve as Ethics Committee Chair while the three members are temporarily replaced. Senator Biggs is leaving early Friday morning for a commitment at Harvard University. When he returns on Monday he will meet with staff attorneys on this matter.”

Independent Redistricting Commission Snubs Mohave County

CONTACT:  Mike Philipsen

(STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX) – The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission hasn’t even had its first public hearing, and already the Commission is creating controversy over the way the hearings are handled. Sen. Ron Gould of Lake Havasu City discovered today the Commission may send only one of its five members to the sole IRC hearing in Mohave County. Previous meetings in Phoenix and Tucson have been attended by all five members.

“I guess the rules are different outside of Maricopa and Pima counties. In the IRC’s mind, the full Commission doesn’t need to hear the concerns of Mohave County residents. One member is just fine. That’s an insult,” says Sen. Gould.

The public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26 at 6 p.m. at Bullhead City Council Chambers.

“You’ll have people coming from all over the county to Bullhead City for this meeting. These people care about the process. It’s a real slap in their faces,” says Sen. Gould.

The IRC is also now the target of a probe by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, over accusations of violations of open meeting laws and procurement laws.



Friday Poll: Which Republican should run for CD-2?

This week’s Friday Poll is now up and we’re asking which Republican should run for CD-2 should Congressman Trent Franks enter the race for US Senate?

We’ve ruled out a number of potential candidates who we know have not shown any interest but we’re allowing “Other” to be an option in the poll.

Again, the poll will be open one week and repeat voting is blocked in an attempt to make the poll more accurate.

Cast your vote!