The Arizona GOP held their quadrennial meeting yesterday to vote on delegates for the GOP convention to be held in Cleveland in late July.  And much like the Ron Paul campaigns in the past, the social media presence for Trump failed to yield results in real life.

According to our math, the pro-Planned Parenthood Trump camp was only able to win 16 of the 58 delegate slots available with Team Cruz winning at least 32 of the remaining 42 delegates.  We’re not sure if the remaining delegates are Kasich delegates, or just undeclared activists intent on upholding and shaping the GOP platform come late July.

The Birther/Bircher dominated Trump camp won many of the Congressional District delegations slots (14 including Gov Ducey who is not on record being a Trump delegate), but the well-organized conservatives of the Cruz Camp destroyed Team Trump in the ‘Delegate At-Large’ election by winning 26 of 28 delegate slots.  As the Trump camp continues to whine about being ‘cheated’ (as usual), they did have a significant victory in electing Lori Klein as AZ’s new RNC Committeewoman.

After a long day and a long fight, it was a great day for Liberty and the #NeverTrump camp in Arizona.  If Trump doesn’t sweep in Indiana and California, the election yesterday will have a YUGE impact if pro-amnesty Donald Trump fails to win 1237 votes on the 1st vote.

Are the Democrats Sensing Defeat? Ask Chris Matthews.

Are any of you Conservative news junkies sensing what I’m sensing?

Namely —

It seems the Leftist media are finally sensing defeat in November.  And I mean really sensing it. The willful self-deception that they’ve cultivated for so long is crumbling.  Their messiah is false.  He’s failed.  And rather miserably at that.  And he may well take the party down with him in just a few weeks.

Why do I think they’re sensing defeat?

One of their media princelings, Chris Matthews, the bloviating, spittle-spewing host of MSNBC’s Hardball, shifted rather abruptly into defensive alibi mode on the August 31 edition of his show, less than 24 hours after Mitt Romney’s RNC acceptance speech.  Matthews began slathering blame on “Republican opposition” for Obama’s failure, this time including a freshly announced conspiracy, ostensibly hatched “in secret” back in 2009, to oppose the President’s policies.

Short memo to Chris:  The opposition opposes.  That’s what they do.  Especially when your messiah sets about to do what he’s done. And every minority party seeks to regain the majority.  It’s nothing personal, okay?

But more importantly —

What Obama failure are you talking about?  So now Obama has failures?  Are you now implying he’ll lose the upcoming election?  Are you seeking to lay off the blame for that in advance?

Sheesh.  This is quite a shift for a mawkishly liberal, self-delusional, sycophantic, Obama camp follower like you, no?  Has that 2008 tingle up your leg migrated to a 2012 chill up your spine?

What happened?  Did you watch the RNC speeches that your network wouldn’t air?  Were you frightened by the depth of the Republican bench?  (If so, eat your heart out, pal.)    Did you mentally compare Paul Ryan to Joe Biden and suffer a panic attack?

I occasionally enjoy your show for its unintentional humor, but the sea change in your August 31 show was positively delightful.  Please do it again on your next show.  Please.  As the RNC mystery guest said: Go ahead. Make my day.

RNC Releases New Ad: “Serious Questions”

President Obama just wrapped up another hard-hitting interview where he discussed America’s top concerns, like whether our president prefers green or red chiles, his take on “Call Me Maybe,” and what superpower he wished he had. It’s been over eight weeks since President Obama took a question from the White House Press Corps.

RNC Releases Graphic “Mr. President, We Have A Few Questions”

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee is out with a new graphic “Mr. President, We Have A Few Questions” that includes 10 questions that President Obama needs to answer. It has been nearly eight weeks since he has taken questions from the White House press corps, yet he’s had time to jet around the country raising money for his campaign. When will President Obama take responsibility for the economy and his staff’s behavior and quit dodging the tough questions?

“America faces tough challenges with high unemployment and exploding debt, yet President Obama hasn’t answered questions from the White House press corps in nearly eight weeks,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “His administration is also embroiled in controversy and his campaign will not own up to the outrageous rhetoric being peddled by the Obama Super PAC and Vice President Biden. Why won’t President Obama take questions? Does he have something to hide? The American people deserve answers.”

These Aren’t Gaffes

Our Family, Our Economy – Nuestra Familia, Nuestra Economía


Blame the “Headwinds”

Blaming anyone or anything but himself! Now it’s “headwinds.”

Obama’s Bad Week

Arizona Republican Party Announces Alternate Delegates to National Convention

(PHOENIX, AZ) –Arizona Republican Party Chairman Tom Morrissey announced the list of Arizonans who will represent the State of Arizona at the Republican National Convention in August. These 28 individuals were elected as alternates during Saturday’s Quadrennial Convention meeting.

Commissioner Gary Pierce – Mesa
Senator Gail Griffin – Hereford
Mayor Hugh Hallman – Tempe
Hon. Lou-Ann Preble – Tucson
Deborah Belnap – Queen Creek
Lauren Blevins – Tucson
Arthur Cooper – Scottsdale
Susan Davis – Phoenix
Robert Doughty – Casa Grande
Shirley Dye – Payson
Kathy Hedges – Phoenix
David Hoefferle – Tucson
Alex Judd – Snowflake
John Lesko – Tucson
Kristin Middleton – Phoenix
Lee Miller – Phoenix
Cassandra Mooneyham – Lake Havasu
Samuel Moorhead – Globe
Matthew Morales – Phoenix
Steven Neil – Mesa
Douglas Nicholls – Yuma
Ed Parker – Tucson
April Ann Riggins – Scottsdale
Cathy Schwanke – Phoenix
Edward Vallejo – Phoenix
Gregory Weisman – Scottsdale
Cody Whitaker – Tucson
Rev. C.T. Wright – Fountain Hills


RNC Ad: President Obama’s Debt-End Bus Tour

The Republican National Committee recently released the following ad:

If things continue to worsen for President Obama, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Democrats pull a “Johnson” and pursue another candidate in 2012.

Oh and don’t forget to text “UNITE” to 91919.

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