A Governor and Three Candidates to Yuma

There’s a rumor going around that Wednesday’s trip by Governor Brewer and three statewide candidates who she has endorsed was piggybacked on to official business – paid for by Arizona taxpayers.

What has given this rumor legs is modern technology.

According to two sources, Michele Reagan, one of the three candidates sent out a tweet including a photo of her on a plane with an official state seal in the background. Once the photo was tweeted it was quickly deleted.

Brewer’s trip to Yuma was covered by local Yuma media.

Holly Sweet of the Yuma CBS affiliate, KSWT reported that Brewer had official business with Yuma city hall before heading to a political rally at the Kress Ultra Lunge with Scott Smith, Randy Pullen and Michele Reagan – all candidates who she has endorsed.

Christy Wilcox also reported on the visit:


The Yuma Daily Sun also covered the event which included a number of photos.

The Governor’s official website also posted nothing about an official visit to Yuma on her public calendar.

All this begs the following questions:

If media reported Governor Brewer making the trip as a meeting with Yuma City Hall, why would that visit not be listed on the official calendar?

Did Governor Brewer, Scott Smith, Michele Reagan all travel together to Yuma?

Did all three candidates travel with Governor Brewer together aboard an official government or chartered plane to Yuma?

If all three candidates traveled to Yuma with the Governor on an official state plane or chartered plane, will their campaigns reimburse the taxpayers of Arizona?

Is Governor Brewer lending the weight of her office to assist those candidates she has endorsed?

Finally, were there any members of the media who traveled with the Governor or the three candidates to and/or from Yuma?

We hope each of the campaigns and the Governor will clear up these questions.


Hear 5-Minute Stump Speeches from 29 Arizona GOP Candidates!

uvs140316-001Here’s a chance to see and hear from no less than 29 Arizona elected-office candidates, all in one place. It’s like speed-dating for politicians(!).

On March 15, 2014, the Sun City West Republican club sponsored a well-run Candidates Forum in which each candidate packed all he/she could in a 5-minute appeal to Arizona voters.

The full article and videos are at this link.  You can hear them all or use time sliders to pick the candidates of your choice. Included, in order of appearance, are:

Michael Jeanes, candidate, Arizona Clerk of Courts
Sandra Dowling, candidate, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors
Clint Hickman, candidate, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors
Elbert Bicknell, candidate, Maricopy Country Health Care District #4
Jean McGrath, candidate, Marcopa County Community College District #4
John Heep, candidate, Marcopa County Community College District #4
Bonnie Katz, candidate, Arizona Corporation Commission
Lucy Mason, candidate, Arizona Corporation Commission
Diane Douglas, candidate, AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jeff Dewit, candidate, Arizona State Treasurer
Randy Pullen, candidate, Arizona State Treasurer
David Livingston, candidate, AZ Representative LD22
Phil Lovas, candidate, AZ Representative LD22

Judy Burges, candidate, AZ Senate LD22
Clair Van Steenwyk,
candidate, US House of Representatives
Trent Franks,
candidate, US House of Representatives
Tom Forese,
candidate, Arizona Corporation Commission
Mark Brnovich,
candidate, AZ Attorney General
Tom Horne,
candidate, AZ Attorney General
Michele Reagan,
candidate, AZ Secretary of State
Justin Pierce,
candidate, AZ Secretary of State
Christine Jones,
candidate, AZ Governor
Al Melivn,
candidate, AZ Governor
Alice Lukasik,
candidate, AZ Governor
John Molina,
candiate, AZ Governor
Frank Riggs,
candidate, AZ Governor
Scott Smith,
candidate, AZ Governor

For the full article, click here.

Ron Paul Supporters Now Eating Themselves

Interesting video by a Ron Paul supporter in which he calls Rand Paul a “Scumbag” in his YouTube title.


Not surprised.

Every day the Ron Paul faction takes on the disturbing characteristics of a political cult. This is what happens when you put all your faith into one man.

The Ron Paul Revolution is O-V-E-R and even the son of the movement’s leader know it.

Watch as the Paulistinians further self-destruct as the General Election nears.

A word of advice to the Ron Paul followers. Get with the program!

The survival of the Republic depends on it.

Peggy Neely Pledges to Repeal Food Tax

CONTACT: Paul Bentz

Pullen: Neely the Best Candidate for Fiscal Reform

PHOENIX – Last year, Peggy Neely opposed the food tax and voted against the budget because of the lack of transparency. Today, Neely pledged to repeal the food tax – a move supported by former Arizona Republican Party Chairman and former candidate for Phoenix Mayor, Randy Pullen.

“Peggy Neely is the best candidate to promote fiscal reform,” said Pullen, “Employee pay raises have been given in a time of national and local austerity while city services have been cut. It is time for someone to shine a light on the budget process and make sure that City Hall is serving the taxpayers instead of themselves. Peggy is the right person to get the job done.”

“The food tax was proposed on a Monday and voted on a Tuesday,” said Neely, “Revenue was found to fill the budget hole before other alternatives were even offered. It is time to repeal the food tax and give Phoenix citizens an honest budget that protects the services that are important to our residents and lives within our means.”

Peggy Neely has proposed extensive budget reforms in her comprehensive policy plan titled “The Phoenix We Want,” which includes zero-based budgeting, finding efficiencies within all departments, regionalization of public services, and other cost savings.



Appropriate Tool: AZGOP Chairman Pullen Pushes Sales Tax Hike

[The following “Dear Voters” letter will appear in the official Secretary of State’s Ballot Proposition Voter’s Guide that will be mailed to Arizona’s 3,116,089 registered voters before the May 18, 2010 special election. It’s ironic that Randy Pullen paid the full $100 to submit this argument rather than saving $25 and paying only $75 had he provided the text in electronic format. But hey, it’s only money!  MBW]

Dear Voters,

As you consider Proposition 100, I think it is important to look at Arizona’s budget crisis in context:

In just 3 years, state tax revenues have declined by over 35%. This is the worst recession the state has ever faced. Arizona’s state revenues are at or below 2004 revenues [sic] levels. At the same time, since 2004, Arizona has grown – adding over 140,000 students to K-12 and the University system, over 11,000 new prisoners and over 475,000 Medicaid enrollees. The result is Arizona is trying to do more today with less – to serve a growing population.

Arizona must continue to attract new businesses and new talent to the state, as well as support our existing small businesses throughout the state. With new business, future tax cuts for individuals and businesses will help attract investment and grow our future economy. Making Arizona as business friendly as possible is the key to our long-term economic success.

However, in the interim, it is appropriate for Arizona to look for a temporary revenue source to maintain critical government functions such as public safety and education services to our growing population. As such, a temporary one-cent sales tax increase is a reasonable solution to this problem. A majority of Republican legislators, along with Democrats in both state houses voted to place Proposition 100 on the ballot.

Combined with a comprehensive tax reform package that reduces future taxes for both individuals and businesses, Prop 100 would be an appropriate tool to help Arizona build towards economic recovery and meet the needs of a fast growing state.


Randy Pullen