Ally Miller Turns in more than three times signatures for Pima County Supervisor race

Ally Miller for Supervisor Campaign turns in more than three times the required number of signatures to get her name on the ballot August 28th.

Dear Friend

We are extremely pleased to announce Ally Miller has turned in more than triple the number of signatures needed to get her name on the ballot. We want to thank each of you who has believed in Ally, supported her campaign and worked so hard to help gather signatures to get Ally’s name on the ballot.

This is our opportunity as a community to elect new leaders who will steer our government in the right direction. Ally is facing a tough primary on August 28, with 3 other people seeking the seat. It is crucial we elect the right candidate for this job to restore accountability, transparency and trust in the governance of Pima County. Ally is that candidate.

I hope you consider the following when making your decision regarding who you will support in the upcoming election:

We need to stop electing career politicians. We need leaders who are focused on making our county better versus simply winning the next election.

We can no longer elect individuals who are hand-picked by the establishment or special interests and expect different results. Rest assured this will lead to more of the same type of governance that has left Pima County with crumbling infrastructure, no jobs and little hope for a vibrant and prosperous community.

Finally, we can’t elect individuals who demonstrate a lack of financial responsibility, ethics and integrity. Without strong moral values retaining a republican in this seat may not be possible and restoring trust in Pima County government is not achievable.

Pima County officials have forgotten they work for the citizens. Ally Miller has a track record of challenging government corruption and bad decision making by the board of supervisors. Ally needs your help NOW. It takes money to get our message to the voters. That is why we are asking for your help. The maximum donation is $430.00 per individual however anything you can donate from $5.00 to the max will help.

Please donate if you are able and tell your friends and family why Ally is the right candidate for the job and share her website and Facebook page.

Ally Miller, M.B.A

Republican Candidate for Pima County Board of Supervisors

For more information, contact Ally Miller campaign office or visit the campaign website at

Pima County Young Republicans to Host Important Congressional Debate


All Four Republican Candidates Seeking to Fill Gabrielle Giffords’ Seat Attending

(Tucson, AZ) The Pima County Young Republican Club in partnership with the Legislative District 26 Republican Party is proud to announce a Congressional Candidate Debate this coming Monday, March 26 from 7:00-9:00 pm in the auditorium of Canada del Oro High School (CDO).

All four Republican candidates running to fill the open CD-8 seat previously held by Representative Gabrielle Giffords will be participating. This includes State Senator Frank Antenori, Jesse Kelly, Colonel Martha McSally, and Dave Sitton. The CD-8 Special Election will be an important bellwether with national implications going into the 2012 Presidential Election.

The debate will be simulcast live on radio station KVOI 1030 AM The Voice. Joe Higgins will act as debate moderator. Mr. Higgins is a local Republican entrepreneur, a former candidate for County Supervisor in District 1, and the host of “Wake Up Tucson,” a radio program on The Voice.

Other special debate sponsors include the Oro Valley Republican Women’s Club and the Pima County Tea Party Patriots.

The Young Republicans will conduct a Congressional Candidate Straw Poll at the debate for $2 per entry with a strict limit of one entry per person. Straw poll results will be announced the following day on the Pima County Young Republican blog at The Young Republicans will also be collecting early ballots for people who want to turn them in at the debate.

CDO High School is located at 25 W Calle Concordia, Tucson, AZ 85704. The auditorium holds up to 650 people, and a full crowd is expected. Doors will open at 6:00. Early arrival is suggested to ensure a seat.


Ally Miller Asks for Fair Treatment From Supervisor Ann Day’s Office

CONTACT: Dean Miller

Pima County Board of Supervisor Candidate Asks for Fair Treatment From Supervisor Ann Day’s Office

March 7, 2012 – It has come to light that Supervisor Ann Day’s office is sharing emails with a candidate for Pima County Supervisor, Mr. Mike Hellon. The use of County controlled emails to benefit a favored candidate is not only wrong but verges on ethical violations from a sitting elected official. We demand the email lists be equally distributed to each of the candidates, including 3 other republicans and a democrat candidate. We believe a public apology to the recipients of the political email sent without their knowledge or authorization be made.

The email was sent dated March 6th, 2012 from Ann Day’s current chief of staff, Ms. Valarie Samoy. Ms. Samoy is also listed as Candidate Mike Hellons’ campaign treasurer. We are watching closely for any active campaigning that may be going on during hours of employment on the county payroll as that would be a direct violation of Ms. Samoy’s terms of employment with Pima County. This information will be forwarded to Secretary of State Ken Bennett and Attorney General Tom Horne to request an investigation and issuance of a ruling regarding the use of County emails for the benefit of a particular candidate.

Following is an excerpt from an email sent March 6th to at least six HOA mailing lists owned and controlled by Supervisor Ann Day’s office at Pima County:

Mike Hellon, a candidate for Supervisor Ann Day’s seat (Ann is retiring Dec 2012) is putting together a neighborhood coalition of subdivisions in D1 who have petitioned the County to resurface the streets. Mike is of the notion there is “strength in numbers.” Sup. Day has requested that the Board of Supervisors begin to use surplus general fund monies to start addressing the residential streets in need of repair. 

Mike Hellon has contacted and the following neighborhoods have agreed to join (SOS): Shadow Roc, La Canada Magee Neighborhood Association (LCMNA), Oracle Foothills Neighborhood Association (OFNA), North Manor and Catalina Foothills Assocation (CFA). All have enthusiastically replied that they are on board with forming the Coalition. 

“The fact that the roads have deteriorated for years during Supervisor Day’s tenure along with her hand picking Mike Hellon as her replacement and then using these email addresses for political gain should send off loud alarm bells to the voters of district 1. We cannot tolerate more of these unethical actions, more of the same broken promises and more of the same pot holes that Supervisor Day has neglected to address during her term of office. 

Mike Hellon appears to be lined up to continue the same policies of Supervisor Day during her 12 years in office which has gotten Pima County in the mess we are in . Just beware if we elect the same “like minded” handpicked individuals we will end up with with more of the same. …..neglect of the public safety, political gamesmanship and more inaction ” Said Ally Miller candidate for the same seat.


For more information, contact Ally Miller campaign office or visit the campaign website at



Jeff Rogers on Daniel Patterson

Here’s the text from an email that made the rounds among Democrats. Pima County Democrat Chairman Jeff Rogers authored the email which addresses the domestic violence problem with State Representative Daniel Patterson. 

From: Jeffrey Rogers [​]
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2010 9:43 AM
To: -X-
Subject: Patterson

-X-, I would truly appreciate it if you would not engage in any negative statements about Daniel. We already have a “safe” Dem seat in play in LD 28 because of Ted Downing’s move. We can’t afford to have another “safe” seat in play. This is not a primary. We most hold the seats we already have – especially since we have a legitimate chanced to pick up a Senate seat in 26 & 30 and a house seat in 30.

So, even if you have strong opinions about this and a strong friendship with his soon to be ex-wife, please don’t stir this up any more than it already has been.

Thank you.

State Rep. Terri Proud: Where’s the Money Huck?

What did you get for 1.5 billion dollars?

The Arizona legislature is considering a bill, HB2565, which will protect the citizens of Pima County from the bait-and-switch bond tactics which have been perpetrated for years by County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and the 3-vote majority on the Board of Supervisors.

Pima County alone has almost $1.5 billion in bond debt, more than two and a half times all the other counties in Arizona – COMBINED. Tucson ranks among the worst in the nation for foreclosures yet has the highest property taxes in the state.

Citizens of Pima County are losing jobs while struggling to pay off government debt. Meanwhile, Huckelberry is interfering with job growth but presiding over a bloated bureaucracy. Taxpayers are losing their homes but Huckelberry is keeping property taxes sky-high. He is taking money from honest, hard-working families while creating more debt on projects that after 14 years are still not completed.

During FY 2011-2012, the Pima County Board of Supervisors, with Huckelberry’s approval, created a communications department, allocating a half million dollars for a staff of 12 people. Their graphic services design department, which was already established, paid out $530,129 in FY 2009/2010, $460,849 in 2010/2011 and $358,153 in 2011/2012. So with the creation of the communication department, “communication” costs total nearly 1 MILLION dollars for FY2011/2012.

For their next step, they raised YOUR property taxes and blamed the state for lack of money. For what? So Huck can send out “educational” pamphlets to everyone within Pima County with misinformation about your representatives, about the state, and about whatever else he wants you to think.

So while he’s sitting like a fat cat on your tax dollars telling you how much more bonding we need because the nearly 1.5 BILLION dollars you are already in debt … AND STILL PAYING FOR … isn’t enough, I’m out here fighting for you so your taxes can go down, and so you can stay in your homes.

He’s now using Raytheon as a selling point for his “new” bond. We’ll, Raytheon is only getting 10% of that money for the land next to Davis Monthan that they’re protecting. It’s another sweet deal for Huckelberry and his good friend Don Diamond, because Diamond owns the land.

Yes, I predict something will happen shortly after that and not far behind will be the Pima County Bond Program designed to offer first-time homebuyers a mortgage loan with YOUR tax money.

So, here are the facts to counteract Huck’s propaganda and fight over HB2565:

  • Since he’s repeatedly taken bond money and spent it on projects other than what voters intended, it’s only fair to have those who he’s taking it from be fairly represented by the people they have elected.
  • Nothing in this bill eliminates his advisory committee. Nothing in this bill is going to cancel established projects. Nothing in this bill is going to stop bonds from ever happening. All it’s doing is allowing the elected officials in the surrounding towns to fairly represent their taxpayers. Why should Huck have a problem with that?
  • The bond problem has been an issue for years in Pima County, so this is nothing new.
  • This is a local control issue. All it’s doing is giving power to the government closest to the people: the surrounding towns.

Get the Facts. Read the bill yourself. Go to and enter HB2565. Fight back and stop the misuse of YOUR taxes. Support HB2565. We need your voice!

Mike Hellon Files Candidacy for Pima County Supervisor

CONTACT: Mike Hellon

Pima County businessman and Republican leader Mike Hellon officially filed his candidacy today for Pima County Supervisor District 1, vowing to focus his priorities on economic development, fiscal responsibility and quality of life issues for the residents of District 1.

“This is not a decision I made lightly,” Hellon said. “I have been persuaded that strong leadership is needed on the board of supervisors from District 1 and I believe I have the background and experience to meet that challenge.”

In recent weeks, a number of business and political leaders have expressed concerns about a vacuum developing in district 1 with the retirement of incumbent Supervisor Ann Day.  Hellon was offered support if he would consider replacing her.

“Their priorities match mine,” he said. “They want accountability and transparency in their government. They want lower taxes through increased efficiency, not through reduced services. They want a balance between a robust economy and protecting our unique quality of life in Pima County. They want infrastructure, public safety and our roads fixed, not excuses or rhetoric. I have the political experience and leadership skills to effectively pursue those goals.”

Hellon is a decorated Vietnam veteran who has successfully operated his own small business for 34 years. A lifelong Republican, Hellon was the Arizona campaign manager for Ronald Reagan in 1980. He was elected to the Republican National Committee in 1992 and served as chairman of the Arizona Republican Party from 1997 to 1999.

In addition to his service to his country and the Republican Party, Hellon has served the community as a small claims hearing officer for the Pima County Justice Court, on the Pima County Board of Adjustment for District 1 and as a member of the Pima County Merit Commission. In 2004, he was appointed by the Arizona Supreme Court to the Arizona Commission on Judicial Performance Review and currently serves as the commission’s chairman. He is also a member of the Arizona Judicial Council by appointment of the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court.

Hellon has served as a leader in numerous civic and charitable organizations including chambers of commerce, the Tucson Chapter of the American Diabetes Association and the Catalina Youth Soccer Club. He has two children and lives in Northwest Tucson.

Hellon’s campaign chairman is local businessman Bill Assenmacher. His treasurer is Valerie Samoy, staff assistant to Supervisor Ann Day. The balance of the campaign organization is still being developed.


Ally Miller: Pima County Board of Supervisors Anti-Business Decisions Continue

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 17, 2011
CONTACT: Dean Miller

On Dec. 13, 2011, Pima County Board of Supervisors handed down a decision to appeal Raytheon property tax valuation as determined by the AZ State Board of Equalization. “This is yet another example of the short sighted and irresponsible behavior by the members of this board” stated Ally Miller, a candidate for District 1 Board of Supervisors in attendance at the meeting.

Pima County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 to appeal the decision approved by the AZ State board of equalization to lower the assessed value of properties owned by Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson. Supervisor Richard Elias was absent.

The appeal submitted by Raytheon, based on the valuation of similar properties was approved by the State board of equalization and resulted in valuations lowered from approximately $46.4 mil to $25.6 Mil for 2011 on 19 parcels identified on the board agenda. The 2011 change in valuation would result in a loss of approximately $571 thousand in tax revenue.

Raytheon reportedly pays $130 million in state and local taxes annually.

“Workers in this community are desperate for jobs yet the Board of Supervisors continues with their anti-business practices spending taxpayer money on litigation which could potentially alienate the largest private employer in our community.” Miller added.

“Did the members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors forget about the recent move by Raytheon to build a facility and locate approximately 300 high paying jobs to Huntsville, Alabama?” asked Miller.

After a trip to Huntsville earlier this year it was reported Supervisor Bronson determined tax incentives and fast tracking the development process were among the reasons Raytheon decided to build this facility in Huntsville versus Tucson.

For more information, contact Ally Miller campaign office or visit the campaign website at


Southern Arizona Machinations & Prognostications

Interesting predictions coming from our kindred-blogger in Southern Arizona, James Kelly at The Cholla Jumps. Here’s Jim’s latest post:

The weekend has heated up with rumors flying all over the place…. 

Political alliances are being formed and many being broken, The Tea Party and The Occupy Wall Street folks are actually agreeing on certain points.. 

The largest previous benefactor of the Pima GOP has taken back the reins of the party telling a moneyed audience ” I’ll take care of the party, you take care of the candidates..” 

The Pima Democratic Party begins to move away from the Progressive Socicalists, will Raul Grijalva and his machine survive the political purge? Will that political survivalist Chuck Huckleberry swing right? 

Ruth McClung comes roaring back, Clear Channel Communications will help redefine her as a centrist as she mulls support of Gabby Giffords/ Mark Kelly campaign. 

Is Sharon Bronson done, will Gabby Saucedo Mercer get a come to Jesus moment to run against her? 

Redistricting for the Congressional Districts are going to go to court, a federal judge will draw the lines for the 2012 races. But what about the Legislative Districts? Those will most likely stand. Who is in, who is out? Look for old LD 26 and 28 to be battlegrounds. 27 and 29 will continue to be safe for the Democrats. The old 30 will look similar to its present state with a few more Eastside Republicans packed in. 

The Dems and the GOPers are identifying their sacrificial races as I write. 

Jonathan Rothschild is out, Rick Grinell is in. Shirley Scott is looking to see what she wins from the machine after she loses her race. SunTran anyone? RTA Commissioner? The verdict is still out on Cunningham/Rawson match-up, as of today Rawson has the edge but Cunningham still has the family connections to give him something after his loss. Commissioner of Soccer/Sports Authority job? 

Rio Nuevo news is interesting. As the State takes back control of the TIF, look for a business consortium to buy the lease ( at a discount) from the City of Tucson for the Giffords Family Trust property at 22nd and I-10. Do’t want that thorny issue of taxpayer money funding a Gabby Giffords/ Mark Kelly campaign again.

Del Dawley for Chairman of the Pima County Republican Party

By Jill Henderson

With only 1 official candidate left in the running for Thursday’s vote after Pat Kilburn dropping out, we’re pleased to announce a nomination that will come from the floor…DEL DAWLEY FOR CHAIRMANSHIP OF THE PIMA COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE…

Del Dawley for Pima County Republican Chairman

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Del’s unquestionable history of loyalty, dedication, and service to his country. It is important that all Pima County Republican PCs show to cast their vote this Thursday, September 8th, Sabbar Shriner’s Temple, 450 South Tucson Blvd., credentials and tally starting at 4:30pm, meeting starting at 6:00pm. Not a Precinct Committeeman? You are still invited if you are a registered Republican. PLEASE GET INVOLVED. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD.

Letter of Introduction

To my Fellow Republicans,

Recently I was asked to throw my hat into the ring for the Chairmanship of the Pima County Republican Central Committee. After a lot of thought and a little convincing, I decided that if I were nominated from the floor at our meeting on the 8th of September 2011, I would accept the nomination.

I have been actively promoting the Republican Party since I was sixteen years of age. My knowledge, expertise, and experiences have contributed significantly to several different campaigns throughout the years: from Gerald Ford’s campaign in New York State (I was sixteen at the time) to as recently as Brian Miller’s campaign. Needless to say, we’ve had our successes and our failures, but I’ve always participated behind the scenes and lent valuable support in any way that I could.

During these years of involvement, I have proven my ability to raise funds quickly and effectively, as in 1984, when my team raised approximately $300,000 for the Special Olympics in the Greater Boston Area. An important tactical point I’ve learned over the years is that without a great fundraising team you might as well stay home! Beyond fundraising, I have demonstrated skills in leadership, management, organization, and technology as well as my community and state contacts.

My employment history includes the Department of Economic Security, Microsoft, various Colleges, and my own businesses. I have been employed in the area of Education for the last 12 years, and was instrumental in obtaining a five million dollar grant for Arizona Western College’s Construction Trades Program from the U.S. Department of Labor.

My wife and I have been in the Great State of Arizona since 1986, when I was Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps. We are the proud parents of two children who are currently studying and working in this austere economic environment.

Thank you for your consideration today; I would appreciate your support and your vote.



Violence is in the Eye of the Beholder

Statement released by Democrat and House Minority Leader, Chad Campbell:

“First, the actions of the Pima County Republicans are shocking, disrespectful and in poor taste at best. To raffle off the same brand of gun used to assault Congresswoman Giffords and kill and injure several others, including a 9-year-old girl, is unconscionable. 

“Arizona is still healing from these wounds. If any good could have come out of this horrific event, it would be civility in our state or employing sensitivity when needed, not reopening the wounds or making light of them. 

“I am gun owner myself, a supporter of the Second Amendment and I also believe in common sense. Their raffle is not common sense; it is sick, and the Pima County GOP should call off the raffle in respect for the Arizonans who died and were injured in the Tucson shooting. It’s time for all of us to check ourselves in mutual respect for one another so we can all work together to make our state stronger.”

UPDATE: The White House made this official statement regarding yesterday’s speech by Teamster President, Jimmy Hoffa:

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