Sheriff Touchy Can’t Handle Mockery of his Pansy Logo

Guest Opinion by Sam Stone

Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos is running for re-election after taking office a little over a year ago when his 79-year old boss – Clarence Dupnik – handed him the keys to the castle after 35 years at the helm. It was a apt promotion: Nanos had been reportedly running the office for his aging Sheriff for a number of years – proving conclusively that he could effectively maintain the bureaucratic bloat, insider favoritism, and mediocre results his predecessor had become known for.

Since taking office, Nanos has overseen at least one scandal: giving almost $20,000 to the niece of one of his detectives so she could buy the equipment to run for-profit cafes at their headquarters and the county jail.

He also defended the actions of deputies when they shot and killed decorated Marine veteran and father Jose Guerena – actions that resulted in a $3.4 million dollar settlement against Pima County.

All that, of course, while his Deputies get stiffed.

But none of that makes Sheriff Nanos mad. What really gets Chris Nanos mad? People mocking his pansy ass logo.


After the first few, more people chimed in, including yours truly…


That’s when Sheriff Touchy stepped in to regulate!


I mean, good advice, I thought…


And he did “like” it….


But, no, Sheriff Touchy couldn’t let it go at that.

A couple of points:

  1. I think he’s referring (one sided-story) to the café. Maybe they had really, really good sandwiches. Or something.
  2. I wasn’t actually referring to his website, just his Pansy logo.
  3. If I was running his campaign, I’d probably be running for the hills right about…now…

Let’s hope Pima County voters do the same in November.

(In case you were wondering, Mark Napier, who narrowly lost to Sheriff Touchy’s boss in the last election, is vying for the office again.)

Southern Arizona Republicans Make Blacklist

In a very close race between Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Ron Barber every vote counts. During the time Ron Barber has been in congress, his votes have hurt southern Arizonans through more regulation, higher taxes, more spending, higher debt, weakened national security, increase healthcare premiums and deductions, less quality of care and the list goes on.

Sadly, those who would call themselves “Republicans” went public in their support for Ron Barber and his support of the Pelosi, Reid, Obama agenda that is hurting southern Arizonans.

We thought you ought to know who these Republicans are and bring their name out in the public arena.

Our recommendation is that NONE of these pseudo Republicans be invited to Republican events sponsored or hosted by the Pima and Cochise County Republican Parties, the Arizona Republican Party and the Republican National Committee. This means not being invited to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016. Whether or not you choose to support their businesses is your choice but they have decided to work against the mission and goals of the Republican party to restore fiscal sanity to our local, state and national government.

Here is the list of their names. They are on the official blacklist.

Laura Almquist
Tim Amalong
Nanette Angiulo
Gillian Badenhuizen
Philip Bentley, Major USAF
Daniel Bish
Joseph Branstetter
Anthony Breaux
Dorothy Buckner
Linda Burhans
Jennifer Burns
Ginny Butler
Jimmy Camacho
Marjorie Chmiel
Carol Clemmons
Dave Clifford
George Corbett
Virginia Cox
Phyllis Cutcher
Linda DeWeese
Darryl Dobras
Bruce Dusenberry
Brenda Feller
Jeannine Forston
Richard Fox
Sue Fuegi
Frances Garcia
Jim Garretson
Ruth Gomez
Judith Gonzales
Ana Greif
E. Ray Gross
Gayle Haag
Gary Hamelstrom
Kevin Hartney
Eddie Hayes
Wanda Hein
Pete Hershberger, former Arizona State Representative
Ingrid Hill
Patricia Hoover
John Hudak
Virginia Humble
Kathleen Johnson
Angelique Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Doris Jones
Saundra Jones
Charles Keller
Vida Kimberlin
Brenda Kinsey
Lanny Kope, Colonel USMC (Ret.)
William Kopecky
Craig Kuranz
Betty Lancaster
James Larson
Barbara Larson
Elizabeth Larson
Margaret Laven
Ryan Leed
Patricia Likins
Tanya Lockheart
Sandra Long
Paul Loomis, former Mayor of Oro Valley
Anissa Lopez
Gloria Lupinacci
Kris Mayes, former Arizona Corporation Commissioner
Beverly McDerment
John Wesley Miller
Richard Moore
Philip Moorhead
Emily Morrison
Karen Mosqueda
Katherine Nanosky
Frances Nixon
Tom Norris, USAF Lt Col (Ret.)
Geoff Oldfather
Elma Oppenheimer
Jill Owen
Sharon Owen
Kevin Paulus
William Peltier
Roberto Perez
Nicola Perrera
Anne Perrin
Loretta Peterson
Albert Petrie
Elaine Petrie
Evelyn Powers
Kelly Prevenas
Antonio Procopio
Michael Racy
Octavio Ramirez
David Rataczak, Major General USAF (Ret.)
Patricia Reed
Thomas Reed
Emma Richards
June Rogers
Melanie Rottweiler
Saul Rubin
Dorothy Ruffle
Lynne Skelton, Council Member Sahuarita
Carol Smith
Barry Spencer
James Spencer
Shirley Sprik
David Stickles
Bob Strain, former Mayor of Sierra Vista
Mark Sykes
Gladys Tygart
LeRoy Vokins
Bob Walkup, former Mayor of Tucson
Katherine Webb
Edith Wheelock
John Wickham, General U.S. Army (Ret.)

Ally Miller: Pima County Board of Supervisors Vote to Issue MORE DEBT

I have continued my pledge to eliminate nonessential spending and the resulting burden on the taxpayers with my most recent suggestion at the December 3, 2013, Board of Supervisors meeting.

Agenda Item 15, Resolution 2013-109 authorized the issuance of $58 million in Certificates of Participation debt (COPs) to fund additional construction on the Public Service Center (previously known as the Pima County Justice Court/City of Tucson Municipal Court Complex).  Certificates of Participation debt may be issued with only a Board of Supervisors majority vote – voter approval is not required.

In the 2004 bond election, voters approved $76 million for the “so called” Pima County Justice Court/City of Tucson Municipal Court Complex.  Since this election, County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has stated the $76 million would only cover the shell construction of this courthouse.  Voters weren’t aware they would eventually have to pony up more cash to pay for interior finishes.

The City of Tucson had agreed to contribute $18 million to the construction; however, without a signed Intergovernmental Agreement, the Tucson City Council chose to withdraw from the project in November 2012 – eight years after the bond election.  This left Pima County to make a choice:Cancel the project or go it alone.  The Board chose to move forward with the project despite the added burden of bearing all construction costs.  I presented my argument to my fellow board members suggesting the County should lease the additional space to an outside party versus investing more taxpayer dollars in the courthouse.

My argument to the Board was it would be wiser to lease the remaining area to an outside entity to provide their own improvements which could be a winning scenario for the taxpayers.  This option would have allowed for the interior improvements to be completed at the cost of the tenant and at the same time Pima County would have increased revenue by leasing the excess space at the current market rate.

Despite my argument, the Board majority voted to use the building as collateral for an anticipated amount of $58 million in COPs.  In effect, the Board authorized borrowing an additional $58 million on top of the $22 million previously invested from the General Fund in 2011 thereby overrunning the original bond amount presented to voters by $80 million.

This is more than a 100% overrun of the original bonded amount voters approved for this court complex.

Pima County will now repurpose the space to house the Pima County Assessor, Treasurer, Recorder, and Constables. The issuance of these additional COPs will fund all interior tenant improvements for the remainder of the courthouse along with parking facilities.

I voted against this Resolution to issue more debt.  My argument is the movement of County offices to this facility is not necessary or prudent at this time and any additional space improved should be leased at market rate.

Pima County currently has more than 3.5 times the debt of all other counties in the State of Arizona combined as of November 21, 2013.

Source: Huckelberry, C.H. Memo to the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Resolutions Relating to Debt Issues, 3 December 2013.

Supervisor Ally Miller represents District 1 on the Pima County Board of Supervisors.  Supervisor Miller began her term on January 1, 2013.

Pima Bunch Releases New Videos on the Politically Incestuous Democrat Powerbrokers

Visit the Restoring Pride at Pima County at

New Ad: What’s Missing from Richard Carmona’s Bio?

Jeff Flake

After running up $46 million in debt for the Pima County Health System, Carmona was forced to resign

PHOENIX – Richard Carmona tells an impressive story about himself on the campaign trail. But we’re learning that a lot has been left out.

While Richard Carmona ran the Pima County Health System, their debt skyrocketed to over $46 million dollars. That was a 28 percent increase in just one year! As a consequence, Richard Carmona was forced to resign.

A new television ad that debuting today statewide on broadcast and cable television begins to complete the picture of Richard Carmona’s resume.

Click the image below or this link to view the ad:


JEFF FLAKE: I’m Jeff Flake, and I approved this message. 

VOICE OVER: Richard Carmona talks a lot about his bio.

VO: But, what’s missing?

VO: Carmona’s bio doesn’t say that while he ran the Pima County Health System, their debt ran up to $46 million dollars. (“Pima County’s Health Care Debt Growing,” The Associated Press, 4/28/99)

VO: A jump of 28 percent in one year. (“Pima County’s Health Care Debt Growing,” The Associated Press, 4/28/99)

VO: Carmona was forced to resign. (“The Doctor is Armed,” Time Magazine, 3/31/02)

VO: Richard Carmona, another Obama big spender. 

“We’ve seen Richard Carmona’s record when it comes to financial management,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for Flake for Senate. “Now he wants to go to Washington and spend Arizonans’ hard earned tax dollars with his fellow liberals. That’s a prescription for disaster.”

Stay up to date on Richard Carmona’s campaign to be a rubber stamp for Democrats’ liberal agenda in Washington by visiting

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at



The Pima Bunch – Stop Cronyism and Government Waste

For more information visit

Dump Dupnik Freedom Rally with Walt Setzer and Sheriff Richard Mack!

Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll: ‘Quit selling out to these pricks’

Supervisor Ray Carroll hosting a Save the Scenic Santa Ritas event where they called for a boycott on Southern Arizona Businesses that show support of the proposed Rosemont Mine. Carroll, was calling for the media to ban Rosemont advertising.

Supervisor did apologize to Rosemone Copper after the incident.

James Kelley: Why I Support Jeff Flake

By James Kelley

Today, after months of deliberation and having private conversations with both Congressman Jeff Flake and his primary opponent Wil Cardon, I officially endorsed Jeff Flake.

Mr. Cardon’s supporters have been perplexed and have voiced their concern about my support of Congressman Flake. Let me tell how I came to my conclusions.

I believe Jeff Flake to be an experienced, capable and knowledgeable legislator. I believe him to be a champion of the Arizona taxpayer and that in his deliberations in Congress he has held our best interests in the forefront of his voting behavior. I believe he is the best person to fill Senator Kyl’s seat. I admire his support of the McCain – Kyl 10 point border security plan and his tireless efforts against earmark legislation. Jeff Flake has the best world view and grasp of our very precarious geo-political issues, particularly concerning China, Iran, the Middle East and Afghanistan and Pakistan. This dangerous world needs a deliberate person like Jeff Flake. This is no time for rookies who have no idea and would defer to others for his opinions and information. Jeff Flake has been on the front line as has his family and he has a personal stake in successful outcomes for our nation.

Mr. Cardon is a fine person and a successful businessman. He has embarked on political and financial folly with his campaign for the US Senate. In my opinion he has wasted 4.2 million dollars of his own money and wasted the resources that Jeff Flake and the rest of the state needs for GOTV efforts to defeat the socialist progressive agendas of the Democrats. Mr. Cardon would have proven his love for country, state and community by using his vast resources to help the often ignored and forgotten down ticket candidates that are fighting the good fight at the local levels. It is at the local levels that the street by street, hand to hand political combat occurs and the local machines that most affect the national races. If we do not have conservative people at county offices, school boards, city councils, we lose. $ Do you have any idea what 4.2 million dollars could do at the local level to wrench out the entrenched progressive socialists? Mr. Cardon does not; his quest for personal aggrandizement overwhelmed his normal and usual fiscal practicality.

So there it is. Please support and vote for Jeff Flake for US Senate.

James Kelley is a candidate for Supervisor in Pima County

James Kelley for Pima County Supervisor

James Kelley for Pima County Supervisor

Paid for by James Kelley for County Supervisor

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