Former Mayor of Flagstaff Endorses Andy Tobin

Andy Tobin
February 11, 2014


Former Mayor of Flagstaff Endorses Andy Tobin

Energetic Grassroots Support for Tobin Continues to Grow

Adding his name to a growing list of supporters, former Flagstaff Mayor Joe Donaldson (2000-2008) endorsed Andy Tobin for Congress today, citing his leadership in cutting spending and reducing debt in Arizona.

“I am endorsing Andy Tobin for Congress in Arizona’s First Congressional District because he will represent Arizona’s issues in Washington with the leadership he has shown here,” said Former Flagstaff Mayor Joe Donaldson. “What Congress needs most right now is conservative leadership. We are a nation about to implode. Andy’s conservative record will guide the way towards a balanced budget and a future for our children void of debt.”

“While Mayor of Flagstaff, Joe was a positive conservative force for the city,” said Tobin. “His record of service and philanthropy while serving the people of Flagstaff is commendable. I sincerely thank Mayor Joe for voicing his support for my campaign. Having him on my campaign team is an honor. I look forward to regularly seeking his counsel as we continue campaigning throughout Arizona’s 1st Congressional District.”


Andy Tobin and his wife of 27 years, Jennifer, are the proud parents of five children- three daughters and two sons. Tobin is a small business owner who has devoted his life to positively affecting his community through job creation, public service and advocating for conservative principles. Tobin’s focus has been on creating sustainable jobs, helping small businesses succeed, building a stronger middle class and putting Arizona back on track. While serving as Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Tobin drastically cut government by 25 percent, balanced Arizona’s budget and presided over the largest tax cuts in Arizona’s history, saving Arizona taxpayers millions of dollars.

Tobin has fought for your family’s freedoms, your prosperity and your community for the past six years while serving in the Arizona Legislature. He continues to lead the fight to stop the implementation of the disastrous ObamaCare. As your Representative in Congress, Andy Tobin will represent your voice, and lead the charge in fighting for you against the wasteful spending, government intrusion, and out-of-touch insiders that are taking away your freedoms.

Join Andy Tobin today!

For more information, please contact Tobin for Congress Campaign Manager Craig Handzlik at or 928-275-1417.
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