Guns, Bars & A Blast from the Past

Mark DesimoneRemember this Democrat? This is Mark DeSimone, former Democratic state legislator¬†from legislative district 11 who resigned after being busted for a domestic violence dispute with his wife. Well he’s back in the news again. This time as an example of what’s supposedly wrong with Arizona’s latest law upholding the 2nd Amendment.

Apparently, DeSimone doesn’t like the new law which allows law-abiding citizens to wear their firearm into a bar. DeSimone owns the Hidden House Cocktail Lounge in Phoenix and has posted signs that will¬†NOT allow patrons to carry their firearms into his lounge.

According to the story posted by the Associated Press,

“I hate to have to put them up,” Mark DeSimone, owner of the Hidden House Cocktail Lounge in central Phoenix, said of the signs. “It looks scary. It looks to somebody like, should I go in this place because they obviously have a problem with people bringing weapons in.”

DeSimone has signs banning guns next to his liquor license and outside the bar.

He said every bar owner should be concerned about the possible consequences of allowing anyone into a bar with a gun.

“You don’t want people to even have a stick,” he said. “When I take steak knives out (for customers), I look for the ones that don’t have pointy ends.”

We simply find it deliciously ironic to see someone like DeSimone worry about someone else drinking too much and acting crazy.


crAZy is back

We covered the case of State Representative Mark DeSimone, who resigned after being arrested for domestic violence. Now comes news that Democrat Paul Newman, candidate for the ACC, likes to smoke weed (marijuana) while driving around in a county owned vehicle. The pot smoking was discovered as Newman went through a Border Patrol check point but no charges were ever brought against him. That’s crAZy.

DeSimone finally resigns

The Arizona Capital Times is reporting in story dated July 24 that Democrat State Representative DeSimone submitted his resignation on Thursday. The resignation by Democrat DeSimone follows an incident in which his wife called 911. The police arrested DeSimone for domestic violence when they arrive at his house.

The Capital Times story quotes DeSimone as stating that he did not hit his wife:

I have never struck my wife and any allegations to the contrary are false. Unfortunately, there was a family dispute that became public and has caused unnecessary pain to my children.

The Democrats have selected Dr. Eric Meyer to run on the Democrat ticket in LD 11.

Here is a timeline of the case.

11/7/06 DeSimone elected to the Arizona House of Representatives.

6/27/08 DeSimone arrested and charged with domestic violence.

6/27/08 Sonoran Alliance breaks the news that DeSimone will resign.

7/9/08 Tape of the DeSimone 911 call released.

7/10/08 Democrats select Dr. Meyer to run in place of DeSimone.

7/24/08 DeSimone resigns.

crAZy on tape

I thought this guy was going to resign. Now the 911 tape has been released. Read about here and listen to it here. Now would really be a good time for the Arizona Democratic Party to remove their crAZy web site.


Photo courtesy of Politicker AZ

Time for Dems to throw in the towel on crAZy

The Arizona Democratic Party has a web site with really bad photos of Arizona Republican elected officials. The site distorts many of the issues and takes swipes at Republicans on a personal level. Now that Representative Mark DeSimone has been arrested for wife-beating we see that the Democrats are no better or sometimes worse than the people they are attacking. It would elevate the level of political discourse in Arizona if the Democratic Party would remove their crAZy web site from the internet. Of course they can choose to leave it up but in the wake of DeSimone’s arrest for slapping around his wife in front of at least one of the children what is the point?

A short call to Representative DeSimone’s office resulted in a “I have no information on that” reply to the question of any plans to resign.

Representative Mark DeSimone to Resign

Sources are telling us that Representative Mark DeSimone will resign. Details are still sketchy and we do not know if he will resign immediately or just not run again.

The sad reality of Emily DeRose’s attack-dog, scorched-earth attacks on Republicans is that she and Democrats have set a standard so high that no one can live up to it. DeSimone is a casualty of the acrid tone set by his own party.

crAZy – As in Arizona Democrats

Why are Democrats so angry? First it was Jeff Chimene explaining away a domestic violence charge

“It wasn’t a two-by-four, it was a stick, a two-by-two. A piece of tree or something.”

Then Representative Tom Prezelski lunged at fellow Representative Jonathan Paton and reportedly had to be held back by staffers. Now comes news that Representative Mark DeSimone has been arrested on domestic violence charges. For the party of peace and understanding they sure are hostile. Talk about crAZy!