Frosty’s Fake News Amplifies More Lies

By Calamity June

This morning, Frosty Taylor, the author of the FakeNews “Republican Briefs,” defended the campaign of lies that she has been amplifying on behalf of La Paz County Chairman Russell Sias. For weeks, Sias has been denigrating the hard work being done at the Arizona GOP, attacking the year-long Bylaws process, and hurling personal insults at anyone who does not subscribe to his hateful tactics.

Russell Sias

To dispense with the latest Sias-fueled fever dream: the bylaws revision process has been transparent and fair, with every corner of the state represented. Any suggestion to the contrary is without merit; all bylaw changes will be given an up or down vote at next month’s Mandatory Meeting.

But beyond that, Frosty resurrected the absurd narrative, also being pushed by Sias and others, that there has been a “cleansing” of “conservative worker-bee” PCs over the last 5 or 6 years.

Last we checked, there were plenty of hard working conservative PCs who continue to form the backbone of the Arizona GOP.

Workers like Kim Owens and Lisa James, who run the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service program…hundreds of women from across Arizona have learned the nuts and bolts of campaigning and governing, and several have gone on to elective office, including Senator Kelli Ward, AZ GOP Secretary Gabby Mercer, and Lisa Askey, the Chairwoman of the Chandler GOP Women. And the list goes on and on.

Another victim of Frosty’s smears is Lisa Gray, a dedicated conservative and hard working PC who VOLUNTEERS her time as the Executive Director of the Maricopa County Republicans. And yet, Frosty has focused her bile at Gray, resorting to name calling and personal bile at every opportunity.

And let’s not forget Jonathan Lines, a true product of the grassroots movement and a champion of conservative causes dating back to Ronald Reagan’s election. Frosty, Sias, and their ilk have waged a near-constant effort to destroy Lines, all in the name of power and control. And yet Lines, while running multiple businesses and raising a family of 11 kids, has sacrificed countless hours to promote the Republican Party and President Trump.

The Arizona GOP is governed by strong, conservative and active precinct committeemen. And just this week, saw the fruits of their labor when Congress, finally, voted for real tax reform! This came about in no small part because Chairman Lines and the AZ GOP rallied their PCs to insist that Congress keep its promise to Arizona taxpayers. Every single Republican in the Arizona delegation supported the President’s tax reform bill. Sounds like real conservative results to us!

Frosty Taylor, Russell Sias and the rest of the “dead end caucus” do not stand for conservative results. They don’t believe in party unity. They thrive on chaos, disunity, and lies. The truth is, there is no conspiracy to “cleanse” the party of conservatives…there is no “secret” process to reform the bylaws. There are only conservative, hard-working PCs, doing their best, every day, to grow the party, elect Republicans, and Make America Great Again.

Frosty Taylor represents none of this. She’s the mouthpiece of dysfunction and lies. And more and more true Republicans are finally taking notice.


As always, the aforementioned parties are welcome to submit a counterpoint response to Sonoran Alliance.


Lisa James is enjoying the support of some of the best the Republican Party in Arizona has to offer. It was just announced that James received the endorsement of long time Appropriations Chairman and now Senate President Bob Burns. Both are pro-life as is James. Both are fiscal and social conservatives. So is James.

Burns is also known for his “when pigs fly” attitude towards spending tax payers money. Adams came from the grassroots and as an freshman legislator assisted former Rep. Laura Knaperek in the passage of the largest income tax reduction in the history of the state of Arizona. Everyone of James’ recent endorsements has worked as grass roots workers within the Party – some for decades. Congratulations to Lisa James.


Early on in this race, the Pullen supporters counted on Lisa to run a dirty campaign full of personal attacks and mud slinging. Instead, some of those same folks have under anonymity made the race personal. Let’s stick to the issues and work on how to further the Republican Party and its principles. I expect both Lisa and Randy to live by Reagan’s 11th Commandment and to demand their supporters do the same. That is the kind of leader we should all expect. In order to win we must all rise above our petty differences and work together. Let’s remember, at the end of the day, we are all on the same side.

Ken Bennett Endorses Lisa James for State Party Chairman

Dean Martin…Now Ken Bennett! Who is next, Lisa…Governor Brewer!


Lisa James honored to have support of Secretary of State designee Ken Bennett

PHOENIX (January 19, 2009) – Lisa James, candidate for Arizona Republican Party Chairman and elected state committeewoman from Legislative District 8, announced the endorsement of former President of the Senate and Secretary of State designee Ken Bennett.

Mr. Bennett issued the following statement:  “Lisa James has proven herself to be a true leader within the Republican Party.  She has a record of success mobilizing grassroots, registering voters, recruiting candidates and turning out the vote.  I believe Lisa will make an excellent Chairman as she will help unite our party and get us back on the road to victory.  I am proud to endorse Lisa James for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.”

“I congratulate President Bennett on being named as Governor Brewer’s choice as Secretary of State”, said James. “I sincerely appreciate his trust and confidence.  I have long respected President Bennett’s work while in the State Senate and I look forward to working with him as we unite our party and set a course for victory in 2010.”

To learn more about Lisa James, her goals for the Arizona Republican Party as Chairman and view what others are saying, please visit the campaign Web site at