Vote for Darla DaWald to the House in LD-8 House

My message to the voters in LD-8:

My name is Shane Wikfors and I’ve been a conservative Republican activist in Arizona politics for almost 25 years.

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of great candidates and I’ve seen a lot of political posers come and go. Some have gotten elected to office where they’ve done great things for Arizona while others have taken the state down the wrong path into fiscal and social ruin.

One candidate I have tremendous confidence in to do the right thing is Darla Dawald. Darla got involved because the country was coming apart at the seams and heading in the wrong direction.

Darla is a consistent constitutional conservative Republican who will reduce state spending, lower the tax burden, balance the budget, reform government institutions and say no to more federal mandates. I have every reason to believe she’ll work at restoring Arizona’s economy to an environment that attracts business, jobs and great talent.

I also believe Darla will be a strong voice and vote for strengthening our communities, our schools, our families and most important, protecting the innocent human life of the unborn.

The race for legislative district eight will be tough but the differences are simple. You can vote for candidates who ushered in Obamacare’s expansion and Common Core. Or, you can vote for a leader who will push back to another Obama big government program with a local more efficient and less costly alternative.

My choice for the house in legislative district eight is Darla Dawald. I hope she’ll be your choice too.

This Primary Election, please vote for Darla Dawald.

My name is Shane Wikfors and I wrote, produced and exercised my first amendment right to bring you this message.

Grande Valley Republican Women to host LD-8 and LD-11 Candidate Meet & Greet

LD-8 and LD-11 GOP Meet & Greet

Representative Michelle Ugenti aims to toughen missing person reports

CONTACT: Daniel Scarpinato

“Caylee’s Law” would make it a Class 5 Felony to fail to report a child missing

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (Nov. 22, 2011) – In an effort to protect missing children, state Representative Michelle Ugenti (Republican, District-8) has introduced House Bill 2018 to make it a class 5 felony if a parent fails to report that a child under six years of age has gone missing.

Part of a national movement to tighten missing person reports when it comes to small children, the legislation is titled “Caylee’s Law,” a response to the disappearance and murder of Caylee Anthony, a Florida infant. The bill was drafted with the assistance of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Representative Ugenti’s bill requires that a parent, stepparent, guardian or person who has the care of custody of a minor under six years of age to immediately report the child missing after a 24 hour period.

“Arizona children need to be protected and if one goes missing it’s vital that police begin the search process before the child is put in danger or their life is at risk,” Ugenti said. “This bill is a reasonable and enforceable way to protect young children and hold accountable those parents and adults who fail to live up to their responsibilities.”