Flashback Follow Up on Goodyear ‘Art’

It’s been almost 14 years since we ran this story about an overpriced leftist “art” project in the City of Goodyear, Arizona so we thought it appropriate to post a link to an update on the story.

Thanks to Jen & Friends with the West Valley Families blog, the saga of sad, subsidized, stupid art is coming to a partial end. This is a must read for all West Valley residents and a valuable lesson in citizen vigilance on local government.

In her exclusive report, Jen uncovers more of the history as well as the leftist agenda of Marta Thoma Hall and her connections to other municipal art fiascos, billionaire David Hall and a bizarre Uber autonomous car wreck in Tempe. These revelations are simply great investigative journalism.

There are several takeaway lessons from Jen’s West Valley Families piece.

First, it is critical that we support the work of local journalists in bringing well-vetted investigative news to the community. (Be sure to subscribe to the West Valley Families substack.)

Second, leftists influencers will always disguise and hide their agenda even at the local level. Out of state leftist, Marta Thoma Hall, seek opportunities to push their agenda whether its in the art world of big tech.

Third, situations like this require constant vigilance by local citizen activists. An out-of-state leftist took advantage of a growing town 13+ years ago establishing a foothold with virtually no opposition. Your local governments, which are closest to the people, need to be constantly monitored.

To stay in the know of West Valley politics and culture, please subscribe to the West Valley Families substack and support you local journalist/activists!

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