JD Hayworth Endorses Robert Graham for Arizona Republican Party Chairman

Robert Graham
“Robert Graham is someone who has demonstrated, through his activism and strict adherence to conservative principles, that he is a true conservative warrior.”
PHOENIX — Today, JD Hayworth, former U.S. Congressman and prominent conservative radio personality, endorsed Robert Graham for chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

“Robert Graham has demonstrated, through his activism and strict adherence to principles, that he is a true conservative warrior. As a citizen-statesman, he has battled in the trenches while running a successful business. The Arizona Republican Party can benefit from Robert’s experience as a skilled entrepreneur and investor, so I ask fellow party members to join me in supporting Robert Graham as our next state chairman.”

“I have been friends with JD for a long time, strongly supporting him throughout his career,” said Graham. “JD is a true conservative, taking on the difficult issues before it was popular to do so. America is better off because JD served in Congress and I am grateful to have his support and counsel in my race for chairman.”

To learn more about Robert Graham and his plan for Arizona’s Republican Party, please visit his website at www.GrahamForArizona.com or his Facebook page. 


About Robert Graham

Robert Graham is a conservative activist and AZ business leader. He was a leader in the fight against taxes and the destruction of our party system, successfully working with the grassroots to defeat Propositions 121 and 204. Majority Leader David Gowan, Speaker Pro-Tempore JD Mesnard, Rep. Justin Olson, Rep. Steve Montenegro, Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney, and numerous Arizona conservative leaders have endorsed Graham to lead the Arizona GOP.

Eggs & Exceptionalism with JD Hayworth


A Discussion of the Past, Present and Future Greatness of America

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DATE: Saturday, September 24, 2011
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Obama’s Amnesty Monologue

By J.D. Hayworth
(reposted from Front Page Magazine)

President Obama lost his cool last week after a Dallas-based reporter corrected his misstatement that he only lost by “a few percentage points in Texas” when the correct number was ten. While we can poke fun at Obama’s fuzzy political math, when his administration tells such glaring Texas sized lies about border security, the lives of our fellow citizens and our national security are jeopardized.

This occurred last month when Janet Napolitano told a group of border mayors in El Paso that, “There is a perception that the border is worse now than it ever has been. That is wrong. The border is better now than it ever has been.” This is despite a Government Accountability Office report that found that 85% of the border is not “fully sealed” and 56% is not under “operational control” of DHS.

President Obama recently met to meet with a number of self-proclaimed “stakeholders” in immigration policy where he repeated the false claim that the “Obama Administration has dedicated unprecedented resources to secure the border.” Obama makes these claims about increased border security to try to make amnesty more palatable for the American people.

The stated purpose of Obama’s meeting was to foster “a constructive national conversation on this important issue as we work to build a bipartisan consensus in Congress.”

A close examination of who was invited to the Whitehouse and who was not reveals just how out of touch Obama is with the American people on the issue of immigration.

By Obama’s own estimation, Arizona’s SB 1070 has become the focal point of the immigration debate in the nation. If he wanted a real conversation, he should have invited Governor Jan Brewer, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or State Senate President and SB 1070 author Russell Pearce.

Governor Brewer responded to her non-invitation on Fox News, “You would have thought one of the [border state] governors would have been invited, since we are on the front lines fighting for security there…If we could sit down and discuss these things, we could get the solutions, maybe we could get something implemented.”

The reason why Governor Brewer was not invited is that Obama does not want a “conversation on this important issue,” he wants a monologue. Every single one of the 19 people Obama invited supports amnesty.

As to be expected, Obama invited a number of radical left wing activists like Al Sharpton and John Podesta of the George Soros funded Center for American Progress. He solicited the input of several police chiefs, mayors, and city council leaders from the cities of Philadelphia, San Antonio, Los Angeles, and New York. Every single one of these localities is a Sanctuary City where law enforcement refuses to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Also attending were union and business lobbyists, including AFL CIO president Richard Trumka, former pro-amnesty Senator turned corporate lobbyist Mel Martinez, and the CEO of the agribusiness conglomerate Cargill. Finally, he invited pro amnesty religious leaders from the National Association of Evangelicals and the Mormon Church.

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Jon Kyl to retire. What next?

Now that it’s official that Senator Jon Kyl will not seek re-election, there’s a whole lot of political conversations taking place.

Going back to my political chessboard analogy, several elected and former elected officials are beginning to telegraph their next move on Arizona’s playing field. Here’s a quick assessment of the situation.

First the Democrats. As the new year began, I predicted that Kyrsten Sinema would be the voice and face of the Democratic party here in Arizona. She has. Her media exposure is up, she’s photogenic and she’s got her soundbites down to an art. Following closely behind is her colleague from Tempe, Senator David Schapira. He’s taken a lead on legislation and has also earned considerable media attention. Would either Sinema or Schapira have a chance for a US Senate seat in 2012? Probably not but let’s remember that a lot can happen between now and November, 2012.

Should House GOP members “drop the ball” on what they promised their constituents, voter attitude could quickly sour against Republicans. Another factor would be who Republicans nominate as their candidate for President. An old ill-tempered Washington insider-incumbent would snuff out the spark generated by the TEA Party revolution and give Obama the hope he craves to win a second-term. Regardless, Sinema or Schapira probably would not fair well in Arizona’s conservatarian political climate. Napolitano may also return to Arizona but a US Senate campaign would require a massive political makeover and a dose of voter amnesia to take place.

Let’s turn to Republicans.

Congressman Jeff Flake is clearly the front runner. Every political pundit knows he’s been chomping at the bit for years. He has the attitude for the job too – he’s always the first one from the delegation to head back to DC and the last one to come home. Most political consultants will tell you this race is his to lose. But Flake has some political liabilities and they’re big ones with Arizona conservatives. First, he has supported lackadaisical immigration reform. He prefers to call it “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” but many call it “Amnesty.” He’s buddied up with other amnesty advocates like Congressman Luis Gutierrez and made it clear that he wants a variety of immigration reforms in place.  To his recent credit, he voted against the DREAM Act. However, among social conservatives, Flake did vote to repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as recent as this last December. And as early as this week, Flake voted to renew provisions of the Patriot Act.

Then there are the political insiders who know the “Flake Political Machine.” Just as ruthless as the “McCain Mafia,” Jeff Flake’s people are hard-core, hard-ball, scorched-earth troopers. Case in point: the 2008 legislative district 18 GOP Primary challenge against Russell Pearce by Flake’s brother-in-law, Kevin Gibbons. Watch for Flake’s arch-defenders to wage political warfare on any challenger.

This leaves Congressman John Shadegg, who as early as the 2008 election cycle was showing disdain toward returning to Washington, D.C. Many remember he even indicated he would not seek re-election in 2008 but then changed his mind. Many pundits have long thought he would not seek a US Senate seat but then as recent as last fall, said he would consider it. There’s no doubt the backroom conversation is taking place or has already taken place between Shadegg and Flake. Among more conservative Republicans, Shadegg’s one political liability, TARP, is probably more forgivable than Flake’s open embrace of comprehensive immigration reform. Since the TEA Party’s rise, he’s been constantly reminded of that vote. And since then he’s publicly stated that he regretted making the vote. The question now is whether two political powerhouses would be willing to duke it out in the public arena. My guess is that Flake walks out of that backroom conversation smiling.

Who else could be taken serious entering a GOP Senate primary? Dean Martin, Trent Franks, Grant Woods? Each name carries some weight but would they consider challenging a colleague? Money would also be an issue. Woods, who ranks in the negatives with conservatives, would be tapping donors from the same pool as McCain and Flake. Martin, a darling among conservatives, would need to retool his fundraising abilities. That leaves Congressman Franks, who almost every conservative adores, to have to resort to hardball tactics against Flake’s machine. Anyone who knows Trent Franks, knows that hardball politics is not his character.

Would JD Hayworth consider another run against “The Establishment” candidate? I would venture to say yes. He’s the freshest candidate from a statewide Senate primary and he’s proven he can raise millions of dollars not only in state but across the country and in a short amount of time. And let’s not forget that JD’s no one to turn down a good political challenge against someone who is diametrically opposed to his position on immigration. If border security (whatever happened to McCain’s 10-Point Plan?) continues to experience the violence of drug cartels, armed confrontation and even murder, don’t rule a JD Hayworth candidacy out. Some conservatives might even call this political matchup a JD vs. McFlake redux.

Given that Flake enters the race for US Senate, that leaves a vacuum in the east valley which is even more complicated by the addition of a new congressional district. Former State Senator Chuck Gray has expressed serious consideration to fill either Flake’s vacant seat or the new congressional seat. TEA Party candidate, Jeff Smith, is also taking a serious look at entering either race. And don’t rule out a possible candidacy by Arizona Speaker of the House, Kirk Adams, who is proving himself worthy while serving in his current position. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has also been mentioned but given his focus on cleaning up Pinal County politics and fighting drug cartel runners, will likely remain serving as Sheriff. Other potential names include Pinal County Supervisor Bryan Martyn and Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio.

Other political seats that may likely change hands include Fulton Brock’s supervisorial district, Don Stapley’s supervisorial district and Maricopa County Sheriff. Conventional political wisdom is that Russell Pearce will seek Sheriff Joe’s seat once Arpaio retires.

All this makes great political theater right here in Arizona. Over the next few months, expect to see campaigns forming including Presidential campaigns. For those who live for high political drama, the stage is being set. Now it’s only a matter of time until the characters take that same stage.

And one last thing before I forget to mind my political manners, let me thank Senator Jon Kyl for his sacrifice and service to this great State of Arizona.

Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, and the 912 Tea Party Project Pinal County: Deceit and Duplicity on Display

          Kelly Townsend, candidate for LD22 GOP legislator, as well as owner and founder of Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots has been the focus of some troubling ethical questions due in part, to her website.  Kelly, along with the 912 Tea Party Project Pinal County co-owners with Sassia Niederste-Hollenberg , Stephen (a candidate for Casa Grande School Board)and Melinda Kohut, have acted in ways that contradict the Glenn Beck’s 9 Principles and 12 Values prominently featured on the Pinal County website.

          On these two websites, some of the most incredible blogging activity has occurred over the past six months since JD Hayworth announced his candidacy for Arizona’s US Senate seat in Congress.  It has culminated over the past three weeks with some phenomenal attacks on numerous tea parties in our state, a blog post by a Senate candidate’s wife calling an avowed racist JD Hayworth’s “best friend’ and discovery that one of Jim Deakin’s strongest supporters, and wife of the co-owner of a Pinal County TPP website, pretending to be interested in endorsing a candidate.  Lastly we’ve discovered the completely duplicitous and hypocritical actions by two Tea Party websites and their owners.

           Beginning last April there was growing group Tea Party groups who started working together to form a coalition of Tea Parties for creating resources, sharing ideas and providing a stronger voice in Arizona.  While there was considerable difference as to the shape and form of this coalition, there was complete unanimity in recognizing the need for such an organization.  One of the key issues that developed was the recognition to determine a legal way to endorse candidates.  This culminated on August 2nd, with a group of 16 statewide and national groups endorsing JD Hayworth for US Senate as the Tea Party candidate.  You would have thought all hell broke loose among Jim Deakin’s supporters, both on the blogs and in Deakin’s campaign.  Jim and his wife Adonia began making posts, attacking all this coalition, calling them “Fake Tea Parties”.  Also Deakin sycophants began making accusations of law violations and threats to file complaints with the Federal Elections Commission.

          One such supporter, Stephen Kohut, co-owner of the 912 Tea Party Project of Pinal County website, has been extremely vociferous, threatening to file complaints with the FEC.  So outspoken has Stephen been speaking out, that you’d almost forget that, at least according to his own words, Kohut did not ‘make up my mind’ until after the July 16-17th, debates.  Stephen claimed on various Tea Party websites and in his voluminous comments on Sonoran Alliance that he was “undecided” as to his choice for the US Senate.  Kohut EVEN claimed that while his wife Melinda had decided to support Deakin, even contributing $500 to his campaign, he remained “undecided”. Yes, and I have oceanfront property in Quartzite, Arizona for bargain prices!

          With Deakin’s utter failure to garner any Tea Party endorsements, Jim has taken to condemning those Tea Parties who have endorsed JD Hayworth.  This is where it gets interesting.  Kelly Townsend’s Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots is a 501(c)4 organization, hence cannot endorse any candidates.  Also, Sassia Niederste-Hollenberg and Stephen Kohut’s 912 Project Pinal County Tea Party Patriots “claims” to be a 501(c)4 group.  ‘Claims’ is the operative word; for last March when I questioned them about a video of some Massachusetts independent ‘endorsing’ Jim Deakin prominently on their front page, and I then repeated my concerns with another question, they suspended me from the website!  Stephen recently called my questioning, “cyber-intimidation”.  Yet, since they weren’t even a 501(c)4 group, my question was irrelevant, EXCEPT they claimed then and now to be a 501(c)4 group!  Why would they make such false statements?

          Here are the facts: when I recently checked the AZ Corporation Commission’s listing of corporations, there was nothing for Kohut’s group at the time.  NOT until May 7th did a reservation for a group, “Pinal County Tea Party Patriots” appear, reserved by Melinda “Mindy” Kohut.  The reservation expires on September 5th and to date there appears that no corporation exists.  Then on June 8th, Kelly Townsend filed for a registration of trade name for “Pinal 912 Tea Party Patriots”; thereby intertwining the two Tea Party groups completely together.  Yet they use their websites to take a cheap shot at the Tea Party groups that endorse candidates.

          Both websites and the Tea Party groups’ leaders, Townsend, Sassia and the Kohuts have been solidly supporting Jim Deakin.  So imagine my surprise last week to find out that Mindy Kohut asked two months ago to join this coalition of Tea Parties.  For the last two months Stephen’s wife, Mindy a contributor to Deakin’s campaign, has been a member of the website, but failed to acknowledge her support for Deakin by joining the Jim Deakin group.  So, while being a member of the Association that was seeking legitimate avenues for endorsing candidates, Melinda’s Pinal County Tea Party Patriots is strongly opposed to endorsements of candidates.  She pretended to support the concept of endorsing a candidate, which WAS an option for Tea Party leaders for ANY candidate, as a result of the Association.  Needless to say, her membership has been terminated.  Here’s the link to their page look for their statement on endorsing candidates: http://thepinalcounty912project.ning.com.

          It’s interesting that Kelly, the Kohuts and Sassia, along with Jim Deakin, want the exclusive right to define WHAT CONSTITUTES A TEA PARTY!  THEN they dare to condemn anyone or group that doesn’t fit THEIR definition!! 

          Now with Kelly Townsend working with and closely allied to the Pinal County group, it’s not too surprising to find that her actions also clearly violate the 912 standards.  For example, over the past eight months numerous groups formerly affiliated with Kelly left her organization.  In most every case she refused to let them keep their name, since SHE was the registered owner.  The key reason for leaving was simply that Kelly concentrated the control and authority in the hands of herself and the members of the board, Les White, Charles McCain, and Chris Rossiter.  For example, after a national group, Tax Day Tea Party, endorsed JD Hayworth, Kelly immediately contacted Robert Mayer, Roger Boone and Patrick Beck of the Tucson, Flagstaff and Bullhead City “Tea Party” groups and issued a press release claiming to be the four largest Tea Parties and that they were NOT endorsing JD Hayworth for the Senate seat.  This press release garnered widespread press attention, thanks to John McCain’s powerful influence.

Two interesting facts about this press release: 1. one members of Kelly’s Board at the time was NOT even informed about the press release, let alone involving her, leading up to the press release!  2. While Kelly’s and Roger’s groups could NOT endorse ANYONE due to their status, the Tucson group had made the decision NOT to endorse any candidate for any race, not just JD Hayworth for the US Senate.  Lastly, Patrick Beck did not EVEN HAVE a Tea Party group!  Sure, he had organized a rally for April 15th last year that attracted 400 attendees in Bullhead City. However, there were NO meetings, until he set up an ‘association’ last May, and THEN only ONE!  This was a concerted effort to mute the impact of any endorsements for JD Hayworth.

          Lastly, Kelly Townsend shows complete hypocrisy on her website in what she allows or censors in the discussion groups.  Specifically, when there were very heated discussions regarding the Senate race, in the West Valley and the Greater Scottsdale groups, causing several members to complain and leave the discussion pages.  Kelly rightfully set up a Senate discussion group on June 10th, and after she complained to me about ‘strong language’ (not foul, just forceful) she told me in a phone call that in the new group, “almost anything goes”.  Then on June 14th, I used the term “Deakinistas” in reference to the more rabid supporters, given to insults and personal attacks.  Kelly suspended me, and another person who used the term “Deakinasses” for 30 days.  BY contrast, Adonia Deakin post the MOST despicable of blogs, claiming that JD Hayworth asked his “best friend” David Duke to get his friends to call on his behalf!!  She also posted this on Smart Girl Politics and it was quickly deleted!  Kelly simply asked Adonia to ‘revise’ the post.  SO, Kelly doesn’t mind blatantly false and despicable posts in a completely disgusting display by the wife of Jim Deakin.  Yet she is “offended” by the term “Deakinista”!?

          You have to wonder, DO the Kohuts believe it proper to make false claims of support for the Association, or being “neutral” and criticize all Tea Parties who do not agree with them calling them “Fake”?  Does Kelly Townsend believe that it’s proper to control over 3-5,000 Tea Party members in over a dozen groups, with just 3-5 board members, not giving the leaders of the various groups say in thei leadership?  Further, does she possibly believe that no one can see through the flimsy claim that they don’t really moderate the blogs?  One thing is for certain:  the voters in LD 22 and the Casa Grande School District need to take a very close look at these candidates’ ethics.  BOTH should be subject to a MUCH closer scrutiny, based on their actions over the past six months.

Who is the REAL Arizona Tea Party Senate Candidate?

Over the course of the last few months, Arizona’s U.S. Senate race has really started to heat up on several fronts; the most heated are of course the interactions between the incumbent Senator, John McCain and the front running Republican challenger and Tea Party supported candidate, JD Hayworth. However, a not so publicized debate is going on between the local Arizona Tea Parties and the other Republican challenger and so called “tea party candidate” Jim Deakin.

Ever since February, when JD Hayworth received his first tea party endorsement from the Tea Party supporting political action committee, LibertyFirst PAC, Jim Deakin and his campaign have been working very hard to legitimize their tea party connection. The effort has yielded them very little, if any at all, support from the local Arizona tea parties. At the time of LibertyFirst PAC’s endorsement many of the local tea parties were not endorsing candidates; most weren’t legally able to due to IRS tax restrictions. Since March however, the tea parties have been working very closely with one another and working hand in hand with groups like the Patriot Caucus, Tea Party Patriots and the Arizona Tea Party Network to establish several alliances and coalitions for the sole purpose of endorsements, some specifically for showing support for Hayworth. In fact on August 2nd, a coalition of more than 16 Arizona state-wide, Tea Party and like-minded Conservative groups came together to announce they were all endorsing JD Hayworth to be the next United States Senator from Arizona.

Today those same 16 groups, including many of the local Arizona tea parties are now under attack from Jim Deakin, the so-called “tea party candidate”. Deakin is clearly not receiving the tea parties support and his campaign staff are now challenging the legal legitimacy of the groups via forum posts and Facebook notes like this one where he states, “Freedom loving Arizonans beware and be wary of Fake TEA Party Organizations designed to pray on your patriotism.” Aside from his obvious misuse of the word “pray”, he goes on to say that because the tea parties are endorsing Hayworth that this proves that they are simply GOP front groups, in particular the Patriot Caucus, and that now because they are endorsing Hayworth that they are also endorsing governmental policies on earmarks, cap and trade, amnesty, tax increases and every other thing that is against what the tea party stands for. Oddly enough, Mr. Deakin didn’t feel the same way about these groups a few months ago, which was right before right before they courted and endorsed Hayworth.

What Mr. Deakin and his campaign staff fail to realize is that, some of these groups were started by some of the original tea party organizers from around the nation and the state of Arizona; some of which are not even registered Republicans. The problem with Deakin’s complaints against “fake tea parties” not supporting him and publicly displaying his “sour grapes” attitude to the world is that the liberal media, and the John McCain media machine, will have a field day twisting and turning the truth about the tea parties to their advantage. Mr. Deakin hopes that his public outcries against the tea party movement will damage the various groups reputations; therefore damaging Hayworth’s reputation at the same time since he is their chosen tea party candidate.  All the while, Mr. Deakin continues to slap the movement in the face as he condescendingly calls himself “the tea party candidate”, but in reality, he is not known for his tea party support…he is know in Arizona as “the spoiler candidate”.

Make no mistake about it, JD Hayworth is the Arizona tea parties chosen candidate for U.S. Senate. A majority of the local tea parties have went out of their way on numerous occasions to show their unwavering support for Hayworth, and Hayworth has returned the favor by going out of his way to support the tea parties. The relationship between the two is a bond between a politician and the people; just like our founding fathers would have wanted.

Video Description: JD Hayworth giving a very enthusiastic speech at the United Border Coalition Tea Party Rally held on Sunday, August 15th at the Arizona/Mexico border.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/conservative-in-phoenix/who-is-the-real-arizona-tea-party-senate-candidate

The Group behind McCain and Deakin Attacks on JD Hayworth

By Captain Dreadlocke and RAP

 Numerous persons ‘involved’ with the ‘other’ Arizona senate campaigns have posted on  blogs throughout Arizona, that J.D. Hayworth was named by C.R.E.W- Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Government as one of the most corrupt candidates in 2010.  Well, Who is “CREW ” and WHAT are they all about?  Are they what they sound like, an organization committed to ethical government and responsible conduct, or is there more to know regarding this group?

Well one of the best sources for such information is David Horowitz, a former ‘Red Diaper Baby’ (A child of Marxists) and his website, “Discover the Networks” – A guide to the Political Left.


According to David, CREW was established in 2001 by far left Democrat activists who see themselves as a counterbalance to the conservative leaning Judicial Watch.  They describe themselves as, “…as a ‘nonpartisan’ public interest group that litigates and brings ethics charges against ‘government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests’ and ‘betray the public trust’.” Hmmm, so they’re looking to protect the public, eh?  Not so fast, there’s much more to know.

In reality, according to Discover the Networks,  “CREW’s ultimate purpose is to use ‘the rule of law to bring about constructive social change’ in a manner the organization likens to the 1960s civil rights movement. The ‘social change’ sought by CREW is the transformation of America into a nation that more fully embraces leftist values and policies.”   In pursuit of this goal, “…CREW strives to discredit conservatives and Republicans it deems vulnerable to attack, with the objective of decreasing their numbers in political offices nationwide.”  SO, THIS IS THE GROUP John McCain and Jim Deakin uses to discredit JD Hayworth!?  That says MUCH MORE about those two senate candidates than anything about JD!

CREW has received financial backing from groups such as George Soros’s Open Society Institute, The Tides Foundation, The David Geffen Foundation and The Barbara Streisand Foundation as well as several other institutions that are noted for supporting far left causes.

  Many C.R.E.W officials have ties to the political left.  Melanie Sloan, the groups Executive Director worked for Charles Schumer, John Conyers and Joseph Biden.  Other officials also have ties to the political left such as Media Matters and ACORN.  Naomi Seligman, a former Deputy Director who had formerly worked for Media Matters was quoted in Wikipedia as saying “We are Progressives. We work within a large progressive infrastructure.”

How apropos that McCain would be very comfortable with quoting this group!

  In March 2002, it was reported in “The Hill” a weekly newspaper, that “House Democratic Leaders are honing in on an election strategy to taint the entire Republican caucus by demonizing Majority Leader Tom DeLay Rep. TX.”  Shortly thereafter CREW sent out letters to all Democrat House members in an effort to get someone to file an ethics charge against DeLay. Texas Congressman Chris Bell, who had just been defeated in a Texas Democratic Primary, volunteered.  The House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct investigated and found Bells accusations against DeLay unfounded. Melanie Sloan told the Wall Street Journal, “Since I started [with CREW] the main thing I wanted to do was go after Tom DeLay.”

 The group prides which themselves in initiating litigation, also took on the legal case of Valerie Plame and her husband Joe Wilson against Vice President Cheney, Carl Rove and Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

The group also led other campaigns to discredit President George W. Bush among them was to tie the administration and many other Republicans to Jack Abramoff.  Ironically they never mentioned Abramoff’s connections to many Democrats.  To quote Mark Margolis and Mark Noonan of Townhall.com on 1/1/2007, “Several Democrats have participated in trips paid for and/ accompanied by Abramoff, including Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS.), Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), Rep. Michael McNulty. (D-NY) and Gregory Meeks(D-NY).  They also reported that Harry Reid also received some $68,000 in donations from the Abramoff firm, partners and clients.

CREW also wanted Sarah Palin and the Republican Party to be investigated because of the party’s purchase of the clothing she wore during the presidential campaign. The group consistently targets Republicans primarily the most conservative ones.  Since it began compiling and publishing a list of the worse and most corrupt elected officials in 2005 until the present; Out of 116 officials named by them 82 were Republicans  and only 34 were Democrats.  On their most recent list of the worse Governors listed were 9 Republicans and 2 Democrats.

Even in an article written shortly after the death of  Jack Murtha, D-PA, titled “A Profile in Arrogance” in which CREW’s Melanie Sloan is quoted criticizing Murtha as the “King of Pork”; CREW is described as a group “… which reserves most of its criticisms for Republicans.”


 Prominent left wing radicals and groups funded by the likes of George Soros have targeted the most Conservative members of Congress, the ones they know they cannot buy.  However it appears like a few    progressive Republicans elected officials may be neutralized when they receive funding from Soros etc. for the foundations and “Institutes” they chair.

 Were does that leave J.D. Hayworth?

  Having been listed this year on CREW’s report J.D. joins some of the best and most conservative Republican elected officials in the nation, such as Bobby Jindal, Marsha Blackburn, Haley Barbour and Roy Blunt.

From a conservative Point of  View, that is a list  JD Hayworth can be proud of having a very prominent place!

JD Hayworth Launches New Ad: “John McCain’s Amnesty”

JD Hayworth launched a new television advertisement statewide highlighting McCain’s long held support for amnesty for illegal aliens. As a U.S. Senator representing Arizona, JD Hayworth will implement border security measures to protect Arizonans and Americans because he believes that border security is national security.



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