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Janet Contreras

Phoenix election results: Republicans prepare to retake Phoenix

Yesterday, the City of Phoenix wrapped up its first round of elections by finalizing who will fill at least three council seats.

(See Results)

Former State Senator, Jim Waring and current councilmen, Bill Gates and Michael Nowakowski easily won their primaries with Waring overcoming interim councilman Bryan Jeffries and Gates fending off a challenge by Steven Gross. Both districts traditionally elect Republicans but in District 7, Democrat Michael Nowakowski won handily against conservative populist challenger, Janet Contreras.

In District 1, it appears that incumbent Thelda Williams may hold on to the 50% plus one votes to win re-election from newcomer conservative challenger, Eric Frederick. Frederick’s supporters are holding out hope that uncounted ballots will deprive Williams the 50% plus one margin for Frederick to continue into a runoff election against her. Ballots will continue to be counted with an unofficial final result announced Friday.

Union-supported Democrat Daniel Valuenzuela may have anchored 42% of the vote in Council District Five but he most certainly will face a runoff against either Republicans Brenda Sperduti or Eric Sloan. At last count, only 27 votes separated both Republicans with Sperduti holding the lead. Tea Party activists had high hopes for Charlie Ellis who finished in 4th place.

But the real excitement occurred in the Phoenix Mayor’s race where Democrat Greg Stanton won almost 38% of the vote. Grouped behind him were five Republicans who combined, secured the remaining 62% of the vote. Republican Wes Gullett captured the highest number of votes at 20.54% guaranteeing him a spot in the runoff election. Following Gullett, were former councilmen Peggy Neely and Claude Mattox. Tea Party candidate, Jennifer Wright, who entered the race at the last minute finished with 11.47% of the vote with unknown Anna Brennan finishing last with almost 5% of the vote.

Republicans now have clear choices in the runoff election to be held in November with Wes Gullett at the head of the ticket. (Incidentally, I believe we broke the story of Wes Gullett entering the mayor’s race right here on Sonoran Alliance.)

Greg Stanton is known as a progressive San Francisco-style liberal Democrat which allows Wes Gullett to run the remainder of the campaign demonstrating a far more mainstream approach of governing the 6th most populated city in America. If Republicans consolidate votes from each of the other campaigns behind Wes Gullett, it is very likely Gullett will be the next Mayor of Phoenix.

Now my editorial.

It’s time to solidify support behind Wes Gullett. Phoenicians cannot afford a liberal progressive mayor like Greg Stanton. Stanton would bring a San Francisco, Gavin Newsom governing-style to Phoenix which would ultimately bankrupt the city. The good news is that Councilman Sal DiCiccio and Bill Gates have another conservative voice and ally on the council in Jim Waring. Should Thelda Williams win re-election (which appears likely) having Jim Waring join the team of conservatives will hopefully put pressure on Thelda to behave herself on votes regarding taxes on water, food and corporate subsidies.

Heading into the runoff set for November will be an exciting exercise in rallying behind a mayoral candidate who is dramatically ideologically different from his liberal Democratic opponent. Depending on who earns second place in district five will may also spark some excitement. Republican Eric Sloan could turn that race into a union vs the taxpayers campaign but a Sperduti win would deflate conservative hopes for reform against the union candidate, Valenzuela.

For those who find their campaigns at the end of the line, don’t rule them out of future political endeavors. This may very well be the beginning for several of them. Politics is oftentimes seen as a war of ideas and their campaigns may only be one battle in the effort to win the overall war.

Congratulations to Wes Gullett, Jim Waring, Bill Gates and the Democratic opponents! Thanks to those who gave it their best effort: Peggy Neely, Claude Mattox, and Jennifer Wright. Now it’s on to the runoff election in November in the battle for Phoenix.

City of Phoenix Elections – My Picks

The City of Phoenix Elections are finalized tomorrow with the polls closing at 7 PM. Several people have asked me who I would vote for if I were a resident of Phoenix. Here are my picks and a little advice as the outcome.

Mayor: Jennifer Wright
I have know Jennifer for over a year and believe she is what the City of Phoenix needs right now. She is an extremely hard worker ( worked with her) and there is no doubt in my mind that she would give 110% to the job. She is very conservative and I believe she would be a strong advocate for Phoenix taxpayers. She was the only mayoral candidate who completed and returned the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee candidate questionnaire – which earned her an endorsment. (Disclaimer: I serve on the political action committee.) But a word of healthy caution. While we all like to rally behind our own candidate choices, we must remember that whoever wins tomorrow – and my guess is there will be a runoff – we all need to get behind that candidate in the runoff election.

District 1: Eric Frederick
Eric has worked very hard on this campaign to explain to the voters that he will not be like the current incumbent who voted for CityNorth, the 2% sales tax on food, the water rate hike and budgets that gave the government unions what they want. Hands down, Eric Frederick is the choice for City Council in District 1.

District 2: Jim Waring
I’ve know Jim Waring for several years and his voting record has demonstrated a commitment to taxpayers. Jim has worked extremely hard as a challenger to unseat the incumbent who is the head of one of the biggest government unions. I believe Jim Waring will carry over his strong advocacy for smaller, leaner, more responsive government to the City of Phoenix.

District 3: Bill Gates
Councilman Bill Gates has done a good job while serving on the council. I believe he deserves another term but I also believe he deserves some help in numbers. Both Sal DiCiccio and Bill Gates have done their best to hold back the current council but this election affords the opportunity to strengthen those numbers and get the City of Phoenix back on track.

District 5: Charlie Ellis
Charlie Ellis would make a great addition to the Phoenix Council in a district that has been hurting and requires someone with more of a conservative populist approach to governance. Charlie has worked this campaign hard meeting with a diverse cross section of people across the district. He will add a grassroots voice to the council once elected.

District 7: Janet Contreras
I have also know Janet Contreras for some time now and have seen her in action. Janet would also bring a strong populist, grassroots, citizen-advocate voice to the Phoenix Council. This is just what the City of Phoenix needs at a time when government unions are attempting to extract more money from the taxpayers while people are hurting. Janet deserves your vote.

Proposition 1: VOTE NO
Passage of Proposition 1 will allow the City of Phoenix to circumvent the Arizona Constitution’s limit on government growth. That constitutional provision limits a large portion of city government spending to a population plus growth formula. Every election cycle, cities such as Phoenix, ask the voters to usurp that constitutional limit so that it can actually spend more than the conservative population plus growth formula. Well, it’s on the ballot again. This time, the voters of Phoenix should vote NO on Proposition 1 (more info).

Disclaimer: These are my personal endorsements and not that of Sonoran Alliance (which has not issued any endorsements).


Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee Announces Initial Endorsements for Phoenix City Council

CONTACT: info@arizonataxpayeraction.com

(Phoenix, AZ) – The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee announced its initial endorsements for Phoenix City Council today setting the stage for voters to make clear decisions in the August 30th Election. Early ballots will be sent out next Thursday, August 4th.

Candidates were asked a variety of questions related to tax rates, types of taxation, city budgeting, unions and the growth of city government. The survey is available online at: http://arizonataxpayeraction.com/documents/surveys/city/ATACCityCandidateSurvey2011.pdf.

This initial round of endorsements includes the following candidates:

Phoenix Mayor – Jennifer Wright
Phoenix Council, District 1 – Eric Frederick
Phoenix Council, District 5 – Charlie Ellis
Phoenix Council, District 7 – Janet Contreras 

Shane Wikfors, Treasurer for the political action committee remarked, “Voters have an obligation to elect the best candidates who will protect the taxpayers of the City of Phoenix.” He added, “We believe these are the best candidates to lead Phoenix government back to fiscal sanity and away from the unhealthy relationship with government unions.”

The PAC is expected to make additional endorsements over the next week including in the race for Phoenix Councils, districts 2 and 3 and, in the mayoral and council races in Tucson.

The Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee (ATAC) is the largest taxpayer advocacy political action committee in Arizona. ATAC recently participated in and won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision eliminating the matching funds provision of Arizona’s “Clean Election” law.

For more information about the Arizona Taxpayer’s Action Committee, please visit www.ArizonaTaxpayerAction.com or email the committee at info@arizonataxpayeraction.com.


Arizona Right to Life PAC Announces Endorsements for Phoenix City Council


(PHOENIX, AZ) AZRTL PAC based the following determinations on the candidate’s answers to the AZRTL PAC questionnaire, their history of pro-life involvement, any history of voting on abortion related legislation, and their chances of defeating pro-abortion candidates.

The AZRTL PAC supports pro-life candidates at all levels of government, even if the pro-life issue may never come before them. We want to ensure that we elect solid pro-life candidates at all levels of government.

AZRTL PAC endorses the following candidates for Phoenix City Council:

District 1: Eric Fredrick

District 2: Jim Waring

District 3: Bill Gates

District 5: Charlie Ellis

District 7: Janet Contreras

The Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee is Arizona’s oldest, largest, and strongest political pro-life organization. To learn more about Arizona Right to Life, please visit our website at www.azrtl.org


Janet Contreras Interview on KFNX 1100AM

In case you missed it, here is the recent interview of Phoenix City Council candidate, Janet Contreras conducted by host David Campbell of KFNX 11 AM.

Janet has always been one of my favorite candidates because she is the real thing – a hard-working mom who has a passion for saving the Republic at all levels of government. She is a fiscal and social conservative who we can count on to hold the line and do the right thing.

Next week when your early ballot arrives, be sure to vote for Janet Contreras for Phoenix City Council, District 7!

Do liberals and conservatives really hate each other?

By Janet Contreras

Janet ContrerasLiberals and conservatives are at war.  I hear liberals say America is great or that this is a great country.  I wonder what America they think is great, because we could not possibly be farther apart ideologically and both think America is a great country.  And don’t say that what makes her great is that we can disagree; because we are tearing our country apart, and there is no greatness in that.

Do you love the America that gives almost two years of unemployment, food stamps and Medicaid to growing numbers of the population that is fit to work?  Do you love the America whose government takes on all the charity work that used to be done by local churches and clubs that you are too busy or too self-involved to join?  Do you love the America whose government decides which industries will be rewarded and which will be punished?  Do you love the America that educates our children about sustainable communities and non-consumption instead of the three R’s; that produces each generation more illiterate than the one before?  Do you love the America where classes of people are defined and pitted against one another like social gladiators?  Do you love the America that promises to mandate and engineer every aspect of life and society because people are too stupid to make the right decisions?  Do you love the America where the free press is so corrupt that most of the population only knows what the government wants them to know?  Do you love this democracy?

Just what does a liberal mean when you say you love America, because that’s NOT America.   That’s some castle in the sky and fantasy utopia you are trying to create. Once the makers have been fleeced of everything, the takers will be without again and all will live in poverty, except for government.  That’s democracy!  (If you don’t believe me, see Greece).

I say I love America.  Which America is that?  Do I love the America where property rights are protected and guaranteed?  Do I love the America where I make my own choices and own the results, good or bad?  Do I love the America where success is rewarded and not despised?  Do I love the America where personal responsibility is a virtue?  Do I love the America where being honest about everything is more important than being nice to everyone?  Do I love the America where neighbors and churches help people in times of need so they don’t have to look to the government?  Do I love the America where people actually get themselves back on their feet after a hardship or failure?  Do I love the America where Judeo-Christian principles guide public policy?  Do I love the America where I hardly knew the government was there and didn’t look for them to solve all my problems?  Do I love the America where the free press is the fourth arm of the government and the watchdog of the people?  Do I love this constitutional republic governed by the rule of law?

Just what do I mean when I say I love America, because my America is being fundamentally transformed?  The American constitutional republic (not a democracy), founded by those wise “old white men” that cause you so much shame, is slipping away from me in your hands.

So if America is not yet your America and no longer my America, who is she and what will become of her and her people?  How in the world can both of us profess love for a country that is a different ideal to each of us?  Who is America?

If you tell me you love America, please tell me how we can be Americans together, because my America of a constitutional republic is being destroyed, and your American democracy is doomed to fail.  So back to the original question:  Do liberals and conservatives really hate each other?  What fuels the contentious relationship we have is that you hate my America, and I hate yours; and there can be no compromise, because we have no common ground.


Unions, Democrat Activists Up to Dirty Tricks!

Reports are coming in that Janet Contreras signs are being vandalized as quick as they go up in the Congressional District 4 race.

Could Democrats be in that much trouble that they are now resorting to attacking their Republican opponent’s signs and property?

We see it happening in CD-5 where a Harry Mitchell supporter and Democrat activist was arrested for criminal damage. We’re seeing the same thing happen in Southern Arizona where Raul Grijalva’s people are also doing the same to Ruth McClung’s signs.

Now they’re hard at work in CD-4 destroying and removing Janet Contreras’ signs.

If anyone sees anything suspicious going on please take a photo with your camera phone, call the police, and then contact the respective campaign. We will catch these thugs and make sure everyone knows whose behind it!

Please send your photos to sonoranalliance@gmail.com and we’ll post them here!

Vote for Janet Contreras in Arizona’s CD-4!

A recent poll shows Congressman Ed Pastor at 41% of the vote. This includes Democrats of which over 40% remain undecided! Of all likely voters, many still remain undecided!

Janet Contreras needs our help to get the exposure she needs in the final week.

Call the radio shows and ask that they bring Janet on. Leave your comments on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and any new sites reporting on Arizona elections.

Finally, go to ¡No Mas Ed Pastor! and donate to Janet’s Moneybomb.

We can get Janet Contreras elected to Congress with your help!

Janet Contreras Launches ¡No Mas Ed Pastor! Moneybomb!

It’s time to help our incredible Republican candidate out in central Phoenix!

Janet Contreras just launched a MoneyBomb via the website ¡No Mas Ed Pastor! (www.NoMasEdPastor.com)

Janet Contreras is the conservative choice in CD-4. You may recall the letter she wrote that was read by Glenn Beck on his television program in 2009. Janet, the “Citizen Candidate,” in this race, is taking on a longtime incumbent who has consistently voted for more taxes, more spending and bigger government. Ed Pastor voted for TARP, the bailouts and ObamaCare. Janet will work to reverse as much of this as possible and restore our Republic.

Please visit and donate to her effort to unseat big government liberal, Ed Pastor, in the race for Congressional District 4.

Be sure to tell your friends about Janet Contreras and send them to the website. Money raised will be used to go up on radio during this final week leading up to the election.

To read more about Janet Contreras, visit her website at Vote4Janet.com.

Ed Pastor Blames Bush, Admits he was told to vote for TARP

Wednesday night, both Congressman Ed Pastor and Republican nominee Janet Contreras attended a congressional candidates forum sponsored by Arizona Bridge to Independent Living. Several other candidates were present but the real showdown occurred over the CD-4 race.

When asked about his vote on several issues, Pastor proceeded to blame George W. Bush and then admit he was told to vote for TARP. He also confessed his support for Cap and Trade legislation.

Republican candidate, Janet Contreras, clearly left her impression with those in attendance when she stood up in clear contrast to Pastor’s big government, less jobs approach to governing.

Contreras, who opposes Cap & Trade and would have voted against every bailout and government takeover, also spoke passionately about protecting the most vulnerable members of society.

Here is a brief video expose of what was said at the event:

Thanks to Mike with AgapeMedia.net for putting this together!

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