DARTH FLAKE: Flake Joins Obama and Clinton in Attacking GOP Senators


Yesterday, Senate Republicans, led by decorated war veteran Sen. Tom Cotton, penned an open letter to the Iranian government informing them that any agreement they reach with President Obama can be undone by future Presidents and Congresses.  The letter has Jeff Flake upset and joining the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton lashing out Senate Republicans.

In an interview with AZ Republic’s Dan Nowicki Flake stated, “I just didn’t think it was appropriate… I’m not very bullish on the chance of these negotiations resulting in a good agreement, or an agreement at all, but we ought to explore it…We ought to give it every opportunity to succeed.”

Per the norm, this attack on Senate Republicans has earned the praise from Cafeteria Catholic AZ Republic columnist Ed Montini who labeled Flake ‘more mature’ than liberal Senator John McCain who was among the 47 Senators that signed Sen Cotton’s letter.  Jeff Flake has officially crossed over to the ‘dark side’ and the fact that he’s now the media’s favorite Republican Senator is just confirmation of that.

2018 cannot come soon enough.


Wil Cardon: Congressman Jeff Flake Is No Friend Of Israel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, March 6, 2012
CONTACT: Katie Martin

Congressman Jeff Flake tweeted about seeing so many “friends” at the annual AIPAC Policy Conference Monday night, but Congressman Flake’s record shows that his support for our Democratic ally is a no-go.

Tweet from Congressman Jeff Flake: @FlakeforSenate: “Enjoyed seeing so many friends at the AIPAC Policy Conference tonight. #AZSEN #azright #aipac” 

While Congressman Jeff Flake Touts His “Friendship” on Twitter, He Votes Against Israel and Strengthens Our Enemies in the Middle East

In 2002, Flake Voted Against a $28.9 Anti-Terrorism Bill, Which Included Funds to Fight Terrorism in Israel. (Fiscal 2002 Supplemental Appropriations – Conference Report – H.R. 4775, CQ Vote #328: Adopted 397-32: R 201-18; D 195-13; I 1-1, 7/23/02)

In 2004, Congressman Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.2 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2005 Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 4818, CQ Vote #390: Passed 365-41: R 177-34, D 187-7, I 1-0, 7/15/04)

In 2005, Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.5 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2006 Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 3057, CQ Vote #335: Passed 393-32: R 199-27, D 193-5, I 1-0; 6/28/05)

In 2006, Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.3 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2007 Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 5522, CQ Vote #250: Passed 373-34: R 188-27, D 184-7, I 1-0; 6/9/06)

In 2007, Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.4 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2008 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 2764, CQ Vote # 542: Passed 241-178: R 31-164, D 210-14; 6/22/07)

In 2009, Flake Voted Against Foreign Aid Appropriations, Including $2.2 Billion For Israel. (Fiscal 2010 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations – Passage – H.R. 3081, CQ Vote #525: Passed 318-106: R 76-97; D 242-9; I 0-0, 7/9/09)

Why won’t Congressman Flake Support Our Only Ally in the Middle East?

For documentation and to attempt to get an explanation, call Congressman Flake at 602-845-0333.

Click Here for Wil Cardon’s Stance on Israel

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Let’s Take Our Time, Find the Right Leader on Israel Issues

Opinion Editorial by Bill Levine & Elliott Pollack
Published in the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix on January 6, 2012 

One such supporter is a business leader and U.S. Senate candidate we both know well: Wil Cardon, who entered the race for Kyl’s seat just a few months ago. We have had the chance to talk to Wil about Israel and the conflict in the Middle East.

In a sentence: He gets it. Wil not only understands the need to aggressively, effectively oppose those who would seek to destroy Israel, but he also stands fully committed to the primacy of the U.S.-Israel partnership.

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Arizona House Solidarity with State of Israel

CONTACT: Rey Torres


STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (January 26, 2012) – Speaker Andy Tobin will introduce a House Resolution to demonstrate that the Arizona House of Representatives stands in solidarity with the State of Israel.

The resolution will highlight the characteristics and challenges that both Arizona and Israel face. Some of the points of common interest reflect that:

Israel has a right to secure and defensible borders and has the right to be free from rocket attacks on its schools and homes that have averaged one rocket every seven hours over the past five years

Israel and the United States have a shared interest in seeing the end of global terrorism since many of the same forces that threaten Israel also threaten the United States, especially the threat of Iran in producing a nuclear weapon and that when we strengthen Israel’s security, we are strengthening America’s security

Israel and Arizona are trading partners, a relationship we seek to enhance, sharing developments and cooperating in partnerships in education, technology, agriculture, medicine, solar energy, telecommunications, homeland security and numerous other fields and we recognize Israel’s contributions to the world including the development of the cell phone, armor to protect American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and even a new bandage that was used to help save the life of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Speaker Tobin stated, “There is no more natural friendship among nations than between that of the people of the United States and the people of Israel.”