The Dark Knight before the Dawn


by Gayle Plato-Besley
As I find almost all current films tedious, and overly trumped, my husband knows I will only see a few movies, and mostly out of love of him. He likes things to blow up on screen—he’s a guy.

I’ve seen a few films of late and forgot them all. But, yesterday changed everything. The Dark Knight is a masterpiece in so many ways. You know the Batman story, the tragedy around this film and Heath Ledger, but did you know that it is a revolution of Hollywood’s acknowledgement of conservatism?   Christopher Nolan, director and co-screenwriter of The Dark Knight, created a masterpiece of time and place. It will be noted for the great effects, Ledger’s near channeling of Marlon Brando in an incredible performance, but it’s the message every Republican, and Conservative must see.

National Security beats away as a drum solo every day. Each political candidate whether for POTUS or local sheriff must pick up the sticks and pound home a message. Yet, the reality is that to protect and serve, we all must face the EVIL lurking, waiting to blow us all to Hell. The Joker is the archetypical Terrorist. He is Osama bin Laden meets Hannibal Lecter, with the Insane Clown Posse and Johnny Rotten as his musical directors. Batman is forced to meet him at his level and in the end must sacrifice his standing, popularity, most of his freedom, and ultimately his control in order to chase down the Devil. As The Dark Knight  storyline clearly points out, the most EVIL soul doesn’t care about the money or the rules, he is in it just to watch the horror and feel the chaos in play.

I see a clear analogy between Batman and the President of the United States. The Dark Knight is the just executive who must do things, under cloak, and behind the scenes teetering on the edge of right and ethical, in order to capture the villain. The Dark Knight sacrifices nearly everything in the process as the Joker slips away. The story is real and the players are much more relevant that a DC Comic base can project. 

George W. Bush swooped in after 9/11, with heart, resolve, and a clear shining clarity, more an eagle than a bat, to avenge the day. Everyone rallied around him, and he was the answer. President Bush spoke and a riveted audience listened, agreed, and understood that to take down the terrorists who want us all to die, who want to wipe out any remnant of us or future path for our families, who want our time sucked into a black hole that is Muslim extremism, we must go to them. We are in it for the long haul.

Heath Ledger’s character is hugely important for right now. He turns to Batman to remind him that he too is now an outcast. To fight the EVIL, Batman will sacrifice all he was of black and white to become The Dark Knight that is needed in the process. Liberties are a luxury and freedom costs dearly.
So the fifteen year olds sitting in the front row might be more into the gadgets than the message. But I have faith. I am certain they understand that this post 9/11 era is scary and the fight is real. They do not know of a time when we did not fear the EVIL. These kids live in the Terrorist Revolution. It’s you and I who sadly see back to a time when we could tell the difference between dusk and dawn. Now it’s all twilight and the fight lurks in the shadows.

“Sometimes, truth isn’t good enough,  

Sometimes people deserve more.

Sometimes people deserve to have

their faith rewarded.”Batman in The Dark Knight