Phoenix, Tucson, Recall Elections: Predictions Anyone?

Here’s your chance to make predictions regarding the outcome of the elections. (Please keep it civil!)

Congressman Trent Franks Endorses Eric Frederick for Phoenix City Council

CONTACT: Eric Frederick

PHOENIX – Last night, October 17th, Arizona Congressman Trent Franks endorsed Eric Frederick at the Arizona Republican Legislative District 4 Monthly meeting. Eric Frederick is running for Phoenix City Council against incumbent Vice Mayor and Councilwoman Thelda Williams.

Congressman Franks said, “Eric Frederick’s private sector experience sets him apart and will be a priceless asset in office. Phoenix desperately needs a leader like Eric that is willing to reform the way the city does business. His values and strong business knowledge will allow him to fight for the residents of Phoenix.”

Eric Frederick responded to the endorsement by saying, “I am honored to have Congressman Franks’ endorsement. Congressman Franks has seen the way politics as usual is in Washington and how devastating it can be. I am glad he believes I am the leader that can take on Thelda Williams and her Phoenix insider friends.”

Congressman Franks serves Arizona’s second congressional district. He was first elected in 2002 and has served since then.



Joseph Villasenor, “Concerned Citizens for Phoenix” Busted on Campaign Mailer!

CONTACT: Eric Frederick Campaign

Team Frederick Responds to Outrageous Attack Mailer put out by former Mayor Gordon Aide

Phoenix, AZ – October 14, 2011 – Yesterday, an attack advertisement against Eric Frederick hit mailboxes throughout the valley. Like other pieces of literature my opponent and her supporters have mailed in this political campaign, this mailer contained outright lies, half-truths and twisted facts. This particular piece was paid for by a group named “Concerned Citizens for Phoenix” which is a political committee formed just 4 days ago that spent $14,000 sending these mailers out. The registered person and primary contributor to this campaign is Joseph Villasenor, a former top aide of Mayor Phil Gordon. As usual, this is a concerted effort by those in the political “in” crowd to try and purchase an election through any means necessary including slandering the opponent.

Incorrect Eric Frederick
On the hit piece, it claims that in January of 2010 I had a judgement filed against me through Maricopa Courts. Upon review of available court documents, the plaintiff on the judgement in question is AHCCCS and lists a defendant of Eric Frederick living in Mesa, AZ. Given that I have never been on AHCCCS to begin with, nor have ever lived in Mesa, AZ, this obviously is a different Eric Frederick. This clearly shows that my opposition is grasping at straws and operating in desperation.

The second claim is of a Failure to Appear in Court on January 18, 2010. This was a result of a minor traffic stop. The fine was paid and therefore, there was no need to Appear in Court. Claiming that I “failed to appear in court” is an extremely exaggerated distortion of the facts.

The third claim is that I took creditors to court to avoid paying debt. In 2006, a company I worked for called Mortgage Lenders Network went out of business suddenly and without warning. At the time they went under, they did not pay commissions or salaries to any of their employees. Instead of nearly $60,000 in commissions I had earned and expected, I received only pennies on the dollar while simultaneously being forced out of work. In the years that followed, my family and I slashed expenses at our household, worked multiple jobs at times, and made a valiant effort to stay afloat until the mortgage market improved.

In 2009, I opened my own business by taking over an existing office. When that occurred, I inherited all of the contracts, leases and obligations from the previous owner. Due to unexpected costs associated with the office and unanticipated personal medical expenses, in 2010, my wife and I filed for bankruptcy in order to protect my licensing ability for FINRA registration. However, as is allowed under Bankruptcy code, we are repaying every debt we incurred until they are paid off consistent with our ethics and responsibilities. Filing for bankruptcy is not illegal nor “above the law”–it is a way for people to manage the risks associated with opening a business.

It should be noted that my opponent, Thelda Williams, also filed for bankruptcy in 1991 while she was a sitting member of the Phoenix City Council.

Joseph Villasenor

Concerned Citizens for Phoenix
The group behind this attack ad is “Concerned Citizens for Phoenix”. This organization is funded by Joseph Villasenor. Mr. Villasenor previously served as a senior advisor for Mayor Phil Gordon and was relieved from those duties due to a domestic violence charge against him. He now considers himself an “advisor” to the City and continues to perform the dirty work required to maintain the status quo at the City of Phoenix.

The group has already declared spending of $14,000 to send out mailers. It also appears they have violated numerous campaign finance laws. Today, I will be filing a formal complaint with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office regarding these illegal expenditures. I will provide more details on that filing at a press conference today at 4:00 at the AZ State Capitol.

Real Issues
The City of Phoenix faces real issues. I have identified core elements of very needed reform. Many of these reform items including changing the City structure that has proved detrimental to the taxpayers of Phoenix while protecting the politically connected. Issues such as having the City Auditors reporting directly to the City Council and Mayor as opposed to the current structure of reporting to the City Manager threatens to destroy the cozy relationships that exist at City Hall. We also have persistent unemployment, record budgets, Emergency Food Taxes still in place, water rates that continue to climb unchecked, vacant homes in virtually every neighborhood and many more. My opponent and her supporters do not want to discuss these issues. It should be no surprise, then, that my opponent and her supporters will go to whatever extremes necessary to assure victory including lies and deception. Unfortunately, the court systems for pursuing slander charges do not move as quickly as an election.

Tomorrow’s Walk
Tomorrow, we will be having our weekly walk beginning at 9:30 am at the Bagel Gourmet. It is located on Bell Rd just west of the I-17 in the Frys complex. We will have walking lists as well as an opportunity to sign up for phone banking. As has always been the case, the volunteer efforts are the only way we will be able to combat the unlimited funds that my opponent clearly has access to. Please join us tomorrow as we work to bring New Leadership and Fresh Ideas to Phoenix!



NE Valley Pachyderm Coalition – October 12 Meeting


Our October 2011 meeting features Prop 13 Arizona Chairman, Lynne Weaver, explaining the Paradise Valley and Cave Creek School district ballots relating to overrides and issuing bonds.


 Phoenix City Council District 1 Candidate Eric Frederick explaining the importance of the Phoenix City Council elections to Republicans in the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area and what you can do to help Republicans wrest control of the city government from labor unions and other big spenders.

 Eric Frederick is an up and coming conservative Republican who is both informative and inspiring. After listening to him, you will not only feel that the future of the Republican Party will be in good hands, you will want to help him make that happen.

We have a local government focus this meeting because that is what the November elections are about this year. Both speakers are solid conservatives who really know government at the school district and city levels, respectively. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

Location: Appaloosa Public Library
7377 E. Silverstone Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
(Near intersection of N Scottsdale and E Pinnacle Peak)

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011. (2nd Wed of Month)
Time: 6:45-7:00 pm meet & greet. Meeting from 7-8:15pm

Contact Information:
Howard Levine,
NE Valley Chapter Chairman ,


Arizona Project Invites You to Phoenix Rising!


Eric Frederick: “Thelda Williams is ‘Politics as Usual’ at Phoenix’s City Hall”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 21, 2011
CONTACT: Eric Frederick

Councilwoman Williams Admits To Not Knowing the Facts

Phoenix – The Goldwater Institute today, released their investigation entitled ‘Money for Nothing’. This investigation uncovered union negotiations, approved by the city council, that allows union members to not only perform union activities on the clock, but also provides salaries to the top Union officials with taxpayer dollars. The fact that union members are able to write these provisions into contracts, without the council members comprehending the agreement, shows how politics as usual is playing out in City Hall.

Thelda Williams, the incumbent Vice Mayor and Councilwoman from District 1 voted for the contracts. In the Goldwater Institute article, she stated that she was “unaware of the provisions.” However, as an elected official it is her duty and obligation to know what is in the contracts before they are voted upon.

Eric Frederick commented on this information by saying, “This is the 2nd time in less than a week that Councilwoman Williams has admitted to voting on something that she didn’t understand. Residents of District 1 and all Phoenicians need to have a representative that can study the information, ask the pertinent questions to make sure we have good policy and then make an informed vote.”

Councilwoman Williams also told the Goldwater Institute that the “concessions the city has made to the unions when the economy was booming need to be re-examined when the contracts come up for renewal next year.” In March of 2010, when the provisions were approved, the economy was already deeply in a recession. Her career politician status in City Hall has blinded her to the struggles of the residents. Her position that the contracts were signed when the “economy was booming” shows how out of touch she is.

Eric Frederick continued his statements by saying, “At a time when the City is raising taxes and fees on the general public while simultaneously reducing services, it is simply unacceptable that these perks continued. Thankfully the Goldwater Institute has uncovered this misuse of taxpayer dollars, but this discovery should have been made by the elected officials we trust to represent us.”


Jennifer Wright Endorses Eric Frederick for City Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 21, 2011
CONTACT: Eric Frederick

Tuesday, former Phoenix mayoral candidate Jennifer Wright endorsed Eric Frederick for Phoenix City Council in District 1. Jennifer Wright ran a grassroots campaign that collected over 16,000 votes in a six-way race for Phoenix Mayor. Jennifer Wright’s endorsement adds to the growing number of endorsements Eric Frederick has received including former City Council Candidate Bill Barker.

“Mr. Frederick brings a wealth of business experience and a keen understanding of the business-like reforms necessary to restore prosperity in Phoenix,” Jennifer Wright wrote. She added, “A vote for Councilwoman Williams is a vote of confidence in the status quo… If we want to assure the defeat of the special interests that have long run this city, we must donate our time, talent, and money to help Mr. Frederick restore control of the district, and with it the City, to residents.”

Eric Frederick responded to the endorsements by saying, “I am honored to have Mrs. Wright’s full support. It is time for real leadership to be restored to City Hall, and I am pleased Mrs. Wright recognizes that I am that leader for District 1. My opponent has been entrenched in the city government for the past two decades, the same city government that got us to where we are today. It is time to change from politics as usual to forward leadership that leads for the constituents–not against them.”

Eric Frederick is in the runoff election against incumbent City Councilwoman Thelda Williams. The election will be held on November 8th along with the mayoral runoff against Wes Gullett and Greg Stanton.


Jennifer Wright Endorses Eric Frederick for Phoenix City Council, District 1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 21, 2011
CONTACT: Jennifer Wright

PHOENIX, AZ (SEPT 21) – Last night at the Daisy Mountain Tea Party meeting, Jennifer Wright announced her support and endorsement of Eric Frederick in the run-off race in Phoenix City Council District 1 against incumbent Vice Mayor Thelda Williams.

“Mr. Frederick brings a wealth of business experience and a keen understanding of the business-like reforms necessary to restore prosperity in Phoenix,” declared Wright.

On the August 30 municipal election, Vice Mayor Thelma Williams failed to obtain more than 50% of the vote in District 1, which forced a run-off against challenger Eric Frederick. Frederick has been campaigning on the premise of working hard to bring jobs to Phoenix, making decisions based on fiscal responsibility, eliminating taxes and fees, and providing “Forward Leadership” to help Phoenix rise again to national prominence.

“By electing Frederick over an entrenched incumbent, the citizens of Phoenix can send a strong message to our city leaders that we will no longer tolerate business as usual,” Wright stated, adding, “A vote for Councilwoman Williams is a vote of confidence in the status quo – and with it increased taxes, increased water rates, and excessive union labor contracts.”

Wright continued by pointing out that Williams is heavily backed by union interests who have reportedly committed in excess of $150,000 to assure Williams’ reelection. According to Wright, “If we want to assure the defeat of the special interests that have long run this city, we must donate our time, talent, and money to help Mr. Frederick restore control of the district, and with it the City, to residents.”

Early ballots for the run-off election will be mailed October 13 and voting centers will be open November 5, 7, and 8. The last day to register to vote for the November election is October 10.

Wright is a former candidate for Mayor of Phoenix whose insurgent campaign shocked political insiders and resulted in a virtual three-way tie for third place with two well-known politicians. Wright, a relative newcomer to politics, practices family and criminal law with Bain and Lauritano, PLC.

– 30 –

To find out more about Eric Frederick, visit his website at

Breaking! Eric Frederick makes runoff against Thelda Williams!

Great news for conservatives keeping an anxious eye on the Phoenix District 1 race between Eric Frederick and Thelda Williams.

The City of Phoenix Election Departing is reporting tonight that incumbent Thelda Williams has not reached the 50% plus 1 votes needed to avoid a runoff election. This news comes to Frederick supporters who have held their collective breath for three days waiting for final ballots to be tallied. Because Williams failed to make the 50%+1 threshhold, she will now face Frederick in a November runoff election.

Initial Election Results on Tuesday

Election Results - Friday


Conservatives now have a reason to rally behind a conservative candidate who stands in complete contrast to the incumbent Williams who has managed to get re-elected in one of the most conservative Phoenix council districts. While on the council, Williams has cast several significant votes that have raised taxes on food, water, increased salaries for city unions and subsidized CityNorth.

Should Frederick win this critical race and Wes Gullett succeed in beating Greg Stanton for the mayor’s seat, Councilmen Sal DiCiccio, Jim Waring and Bill Gates will have additional strength and support to pass and implement meaningful city reform.

This race is critical and I would encourage conservatives in Phoenix to get involved in this race by volunteering and contributing to Team Frederick. I would also encourage some high profile endorsements from Congressmen Trent Franks and Ben Quayle for the one candidate who will work for true government reform.

Eric Frederick’s website is at You can also contribute to his campaign at this link.

[Election Results]

Phoenix election results: Republicans prepare to retake Phoenix

Yesterday, the City of Phoenix wrapped up its first round of elections by finalizing who will fill at least three council seats.

(See Results)

Former State Senator, Jim Waring and current councilmen, Bill Gates and Michael Nowakowski easily won their primaries with Waring overcoming interim councilman Bryan Jeffries and Gates fending off a challenge by Steven Gross. Both districts traditionally elect Republicans but in District 7, Democrat Michael Nowakowski won handily against conservative populist challenger, Janet Contreras.

In District 1, it appears that incumbent Thelda Williams may hold on to the 50% plus one votes to win re-election from newcomer conservative challenger, Eric Frederick. Frederick’s supporters are holding out hope that uncounted ballots will deprive Williams the 50% plus one margin for Frederick to continue into a runoff election against her. Ballots will continue to be counted with an unofficial final result announced Friday.

Union-supported Democrat Daniel Valuenzuela may have anchored 42% of the vote in Council District Five but he most certainly will face a runoff against either Republicans Brenda Sperduti or Eric Sloan. At last count, only 27 votes separated both Republicans with Sperduti holding the lead. Tea Party activists had high hopes for Charlie Ellis who finished in 4th place.

But the real excitement occurred in the Phoenix Mayor’s race where Democrat Greg Stanton won almost 38% of the vote. Grouped behind him were five Republicans who combined, secured the remaining 62% of the vote. Republican Wes Gullett captured the highest number of votes at 20.54% guaranteeing him a spot in the runoff election. Following Gullett, were former councilmen Peggy Neely and Claude Mattox. Tea Party candidate, Jennifer Wright, who entered the race at the last minute finished with 11.47% of the vote with unknown Anna Brennan finishing last with almost 5% of the vote.

Republicans now have clear choices in the runoff election to be held in November with Wes Gullett at the head of the ticket. (Incidentally, I believe we broke the story of Wes Gullett entering the mayor’s race right here on Sonoran Alliance.)

Greg Stanton is known as a progressive San Francisco-style liberal Democrat which allows Wes Gullett to run the remainder of the campaign demonstrating a far more mainstream approach of governing the 6th most populated city in America. If Republicans consolidate votes from each of the other campaigns behind Wes Gullett, it is very likely Gullett will be the next Mayor of Phoenix.

Now my editorial.

It’s time to solidify support behind Wes Gullett. Phoenicians cannot afford a liberal progressive mayor like Greg Stanton. Stanton would bring a San Francisco, Gavin Newsom governing-style to Phoenix which would ultimately bankrupt the city. The good news is that Councilman Sal DiCiccio and Bill Gates have another conservative voice and ally on the council in Jim Waring. Should Thelda Williams win re-election (which appears likely) having Jim Waring join the team of conservatives will hopefully put pressure on Thelda to behave herself on votes regarding taxes on water, food and corporate subsidies.

Heading into the runoff set for November will be an exciting exercise in rallying behind a mayoral candidate who is dramatically ideologically different from his liberal Democratic opponent. Depending on who earns second place in district five will may also spark some excitement. Republican Eric Sloan could turn that race into a union vs the taxpayers campaign but a Sperduti win would deflate conservative hopes for reform against the union candidate, Valenzuela.

For those who find their campaigns at the end of the line, don’t rule them out of future political endeavors. This may very well be the beginning for several of them. Politics is oftentimes seen as a war of ideas and their campaigns may only be one battle in the effort to win the overall war.

Congratulations to Wes Gullett, Jim Waring, Bill Gates and the Democratic opponents! Thanks to those who gave it their best effort: Peggy Neely, Claude Mattox, and Jennifer Wright. Now it’s on to the runoff election in November in the battle for Phoenix.

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