Sarah Palin Brings Feminism Into the 21st Century

by  Gayle Plato-Besley

The 19th century Suffrage movement led to the 19th Amendment and the right to vote for all women.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton died 18 years short of the ratification.  She also missed how 20th century feminism mutated into a distain of family, demeaning propaganda pushed on us all that children get in the way of life.  On one hand, Hillary and others can say it takes a whole village to raise a child, but if you bring those beautiful babies out into village square, free women lose substance. 

Governor Sarah Palin is not following the rules sisters.   Too many 20th Century ‘feminists’ gave up their pregnancies and burned their intimate unmentionables so Mrs. Palin could stand in her coveted spot. Palin should get good child care.  To parade her pregnant daughter and cooing four month old onto the stage while she celebrates her newfound candidacy, it’s not the Feminist Movement of Liberal Radicalism 

Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton put millions of cracks into the glass ceiling and here comes Governor Palin, busting the safety glass with a hockey stick- GOAL!   The donkeys cannot deny the big elephant in the living room.  Oh, and that’s Governor, Vice Presidential Candidate, Mrs. Elephant to you.

Once upon a time, back before the Civil War, was a group of active abolitionists fighting for rights of people of color.  Some of those freedom fighters also became the original feminists.  The Suffrage Movement was led by great women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.  Though written of before here, there is good reason to revisit why this new Vice Presidential candidate is so important. Stanton set the standard for true feminism. Sarah Palin is a 21st century abolitionist–abolishing the hijacking of feminism.  Suffrage sings on with Sarah.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton believed in a woman’s right to work, to own property, to custody rights, and most notably, she believed in a woman’s right to be a mother and a member of society.  Stanton felt parenthood was disrespected and children were seen as a burden: that take was an offense to her and exemplified the repression of all women. 

 We know of how  Barack  Obama stated that he did not want his daughters to be burdened with a baby.

The Safety Glass shattered this week in cloud of baby powder, with a hockey puck between the eyes of all liberal feministas.  This- Sarah: Plain and Tall, not only wears a bra it seems, but unclips for nursing.  Sarah  Palin celebrated he big family with all of its typical issues.   Sarah  Palin dares to show God has blessed her- through hard work, and also in His gorgeous, unexpected Glory.