Yesterday’s Revealing Moment at the Un-Mainstream DNC Freakshow

During the Democratic National Convention boos break out for the vote to reverse the party’s position on Jerusalem (September 5, 2012).

CNN’s Pannel of Anderson Cooper, John King, Gloria Borger and others take apart Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s untrue answers about the Democratic platform (September 5, 2012).


Keeping an eye on the political enemy – Arizona Democrats

You will rarely ever see us give the Democrats “ink” on the pages of Sonoran Alliance but I thought it might be a good lesson to show how Arizona Democrats are using talking points handed down by the DNC to raise money and dramatically adjust their messaging. Here is their latest message from their fear-spreading leader. You will see how Democrats are going to make the Tea Party the enemy in 2012:

  1. Associate Republicans in Congress to the Tea Party
  2. Make the Tea Party Movement look unreasonable
  3. Make the Tea Party Movement appear obsessed with frivolous obsessions
  4. Associate the Tea Party with Russell Pearce
  5. Make Russell Pearce the new bogeyman
  6. Present Arizona children as victims of Republican policy via education, health care
  7. Refer to congressional Republicans as hostage takers and extremists
Once they whip up their supporters into a frenzy based on lies, they go for the exploitation of their dollars. Sadly there supporters are too ignorant to discern fact from democrat fiction. This ought to make your blood boil, especially if you belong to a Tea Party.


Next year’s election is already shaping up to be an incredible opportunity for Democrats. 

New polls every week show that Americans are tired of the Tea Party Congress and its inability to lead

I’m confident we can win critical races throughout the state – but not without a fight. 

Last year was bruising — here in Arizona and all over America. 

The truth is, last year we were playing defense when we should have been on the offense. 

This election is going to be different – we have nothing to be scared of. The Russell Pearce Republicans are stuffing more kids in each classroom and kicking kids off healthcare. They’ve wasted time on Tea Party license plates and hunting for President Obama’s birth certificate, but haven’t lifted a finger to help create jobs. 

Believe it or not, the Tea Party Congress in Washington is even worse. These politicans held our economy hostage in order to advance their extreme agenda

We know most Arizonans are with us on the issues, but we can’t win without a strong grassroots organization to support our candidates. 

As chair, I’ve seen the incredible work that our dedicated volunteers, field organizers and country organizations do. 

We are now working together like never before to fund voter registration drives, candidate trainings and vote-by-mail programs. 

But you and I know these programs are expensive. I need your help to fund the early work that will allow us to win next year. 

The Arizona Democratic Party has launched a monthly giving program, DEM-AZ. This exclusive group of supporters is directly funding our grassroots organization. Every dime that we raise through this program is invested right back into voter registration, training volunteers and contacting voters on the phone and at their door. 

DEM-AZ members have committed to donate $20 per month to make sure Democrats have the organization we need to reelect President Obama, win a U.S. Senate race, take back critical House seats, and make historic gains at the state Legislature. 

Timing is critical on this – we can fight hard next year, but if we don’t build the organization we need now, we aren’t going to be able to get past the finish line. Having strong county organizations, well-trained volunteers and more voters is critical to our success. 

We’ve set an ambitious goal of signing up 50 new members to DEM-AZ this month. I hope we can count on you to be one of those new members. 

Click here to sign up and become one of the DEM-AZ members who have committed to building the organization we need to win in 2012. 

Thank you for your continued help and support. 

Andrei Cherny,
Chair, Arizona Democratic Party

Democratic Party Proposals are Meant to Help People

The State of Michigan is in real trouble. Faced with a the highest unemployment rate in the US (14%) and reeling from the continued demise of auto manufacturing in the state, it is refreshing to find some real-world answers to these daunting challenges.

Mark Brewer is the Michigan Democratic Party chairman, and he recently took the bull by the horns and came up with this 5-point plan to help struggling families and get the great State of Michigan back on track again.

From Mark’s Op-ed piece in the Michigan Oakland Press:

We’re facing record unemployment, a poor economy and an uncertain future. We need to be proactive in addressing these problems, and the Michigan Democratic Party believes its proposed ballot initiatives will not only help to get people back on their feet, but also stimulate our economy.  Our plan includes five proposals that put people first — ahead of the greedy, corporate CEOs who are responsible for our economic meltdown.

1. We’re proposing that all employers in Michigan be required to provide affordable, quality health care for their employees and dependents or pay a penalty. We have more than 1.2 million people in this state who do not have health insurance. Many of those people are employed but their employers do not provide health insurance.These uninsured and their children are either going without health care or are flooding our emergency rooms for health care, forcing those who are insured to pay significantly higher premiums. This proposal would not only save businesses money in the long-run, with better, healthier workers but would save all residents money and lower premiums.
2. We believe the minimum wage should be increased from $7.40/hour to $10/hour. A worker who is earning the current minimum wage while supporting a family of four is living below the poverty level. This is unacceptable. Someone who is working 40-plus hours per week should not be earning below poverty level wages. Study after study has proven that raising the minimum wage would not deter job creation in our state. These higher wages would allow businesses to save money long-term by having a less transient and more stable work force. Higher wages also would provide an economic stimulus.
3. We must increase unemployment benefits for those out of work through no fault of their own and close loopholes that prevent more than a quarter of a million people from receiving any benefits at all. Michigan’s unemployment benefits have not increased in years and are not keeping up with the rate of inflation. We believe increasing these benefits by $100 a week would provide more stability to our struggling families. We should extend the amount of time the unemployed can receive those benefits by six months. This gives these citizens more time to find jobs, or get training, and stay in our great state.
4. Cutting utility rates by 20 percent would be a significant savings to both consumers and businesses. Electric rates alone have skyrocketed more than 30 percent in the last six years. This is an unnecessary burden for our citizens and businesses and is hurting our economy.
5. A one-year moratorium on home foreclosures would address the emergency faced by tens of thousands of people who face foreclosure. Foreclosure depresses everyone’s property values and creates eyesores and havens for criminal activity. This freeze would allow banks and homeowners to work out problems.These proposals are just some of the ways we can help people in this state. We are all in this together and must unite to resolve this economic crisis.

And now you know why Michigan has the problems it does.