Investigative Report Regarding Representative Daniel Patterson





Preliminary Statement

Michael C. Manning, Craig A. Morgan, Sharon W. Ng, and Danelle G. Kelling of Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP have been retained to serve as Special Counsel for the House of Representatives Ethics Committee to conduct an independent investigation regarding Representative (“Rep.”) Daniel Patterson (“Patterson”). The scope of this investigation is not limited to the domestic violence allegations made in the February 27, 2012, Ethics Complaint (the “Ethics Complaint”) filed against Rep. Patterson.1 See Exhibit 1 (Ethics Complaint). The scope of this investigation, as defined by the House Ethics Committee, is much broader. Specifically, we have been asked to (i) investigate and report whether Rep. Patterson has engaged in a pattern of inappropriate, indecorous, illegal, or unethical conduct in violation of law or the House Rules, and (ii) recommend a course of disciplinary action.2

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Rep. Daniel Patterson In His Own Words

Daniel PattersonSonoran Alliance intercepted the following email message from Arizona State Representative Daniel Patterson to his Democrat colleagues:

Colleagues — The allegations against me are lies. I have not been arrested, charged, served or invoked immunity.

It seems I am being blackmailed by a person with bad mental health problems and a violent criminal history I only recently realized the severity of. When I asked this person to please consider moving out of my house, to protect my daughter, she went in to [sic] a rage. She attacked me, but I never hit her.

The truth will come out. You should not rush to judgment, please.

Members, I ask you please to call me to discuss my side of the story, the truth.

Then there is this little tidbit from The Yellow Sheet Report:


Patterson also struck back at his caucus for calling for his resignation and filing an ethics complaint – moves that Patterson said were politically motivated. “Sometimes, they have a lynch mob mentality in politics. People want to elevate themselves by throwing someone else under the bus,” he said. Although he said on multiple occasions that he doesn’t hold anything against his colleagues and that he likes and respects Campbell and Hobbs, he said that he suspects they are trying to bolster their own political image at his expense. Campbell’s call for him to step down, he said, was driven by the fact that he was “one of the more independent members of the Democratic caucus, and some of the Democratic Party bosses in Phoenix don’t like that. Maybe they’re hoping to replace me with a yes-man who will toe the party line.” Hobbs, meanwhile, was seeking a cause to build her Senate campaign around: “Katie has always been a crusader on these types of issues. Maybe this is something she thinks will help her in her Senate campaign.” But, ultimately, he said, he works for his constituents, not his party leaders. Patterson attended the floor session today, but was only present to record his attendance. During the multiple COW calendars, he was not on the floor, but he returned for the third reading of bills.


Arizona House Ethics Committee to take up Rep Daniel Patterson Investigation

196 days ago, Sonoran Alliance called for the Arizona State House Ethics Committee to conduct an investigation on the behavior of LD-29 State Representative Daniel Patterson. That hearing will finally take place next Tuesday – exactly 200 days from our initial call. (Read Agenda)

Not knowing who finally conceded to this request for the investigation, this blog expresses its appreciation to that person for finally allowing these hearings to take place.

Where this will lead, is still to be determined but we believe that an indictment is likely to ensue by law enforcement authorities any day.

The frustration in all of this should be obvious. Everyone was quick to jump on Republican State Senator Scott Bundgaard over an incident that took place alongside State Route 51 last February, but no one dared raise the same complaint (except this blog and The Three Sonorans) over State Representative Daniel Patterson.

There was a blatant double standard.

Next Tuesday, Daniel Patterson will finally be in the hot seat and if Republicans want to be intellectually consistent in their practice of governance, they will need to prove to Arizona that justice is not only blind but that it’s courageous.

Jeff Rogers on Daniel Patterson

Here’s the text from an email that made the rounds among Democrats. Pima County Democrat Chairman Jeff Rogers authored the email which addresses the domestic violence problem with State Representative Daniel Patterson. 

From: Jeffrey Rogers [​]
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2010 9:43 AM
To: -X-
Subject: Patterson

-X-, I would truly appreciate it if you would not engage in any negative statements about Daniel. We already have a “safe” Dem seat in play in LD 28 because of Ted Downing’s move. We can’t afford to have another “safe” seat in play. This is not a primary. We most hold the seats we already have – especially since we have a legitimate chanced to pick up a Senate seat in 26 & 30 and a house seat in 30.

So, even if you have strong opinions about this and a strong friendship with his soon to be ex-wife, please don’t stir this up any more than it already has been.

Thank you.

It’s Too Late for Representative Daniel Patterson

For months, Sonoran Alliance has demanded ethics hearings into the behavior of Southern Arizona Democrat State Representative Daniel Patterson.

For months, no one in the Legislature has had the guts to hold hearings.

Last week, Democrats finally accepted the reality that Daniel Patterson is dangerous to their party and began calling for his resignation.

This may be a first for Sonoran Alliance and Democrats to agree on.

But it may be too late for Daniel Patterson.

Insider sources have revealed that Daniel Patterson will be indicted this week (probably Thursday) on several charges including domestic violence.

So again, we DEMAND that Daniel Patterson resign from the legislature and prepare to face the impending criminal legal case building against him.

Time’s up for Daniel Patterson and perhaps the courts will finally punish him and force him to own up to his anger problem.

Sonoran Alliance Calls for Ethics Investigation into Rep Daniel Patterson

Dear Representative Vogt,

On behalf of our readers and citizens across the State of Arizona, I am writing you to request an ethics investigation into the activities, behavior and legal residency of Representative Daniel Patterson. As you are well aware, Representative Patterson represents the 29th District of Arizona.

Over the last year and beyond, it has been revealed that Representative Patterson has engaged in behavior clearly unbecoming of an Arizona State Representative and Arizona citizen. Police reports, court documents and news accounts have shown that Representative Patterson has demonstrated a pattern of aggression, violence and resistance against other citizens, family members and even law enforcement. We strongly believe that the Arizona Legislature can no longer remain silent on Representative Patterson’s behavior and therefore call for a House Ethics Committee investigation into the behavior and legal violations of Representative Patterson.

Representative Patterson’s legal residency is also in question as it has been revealed that he no longer resides in the legislative district he is legally required to represent. We would also ask for a House Ethics investigation into this matter as well.

Whether this request for an ethics investigation must be initiated by a peer legislator in the House or may be requested by a citizen of the State of Arizona, is unclear. We would appreciate your attention into how this process can take place quickly.

Thank you for your time and service

Sonoran Alliance


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